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High School On Love – Episode 13

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I went to the management office straight.And take permission to go home and luckily it wsd granted i get to class take my bag then to my locker pick my phone and call my driver to pick me.After waiting at the pack for like 10min my driver came i quickly get into the car and he drive out of the school.

“Is there anything wrong with you leya” my driver ask.

“Nothing just a little headache” i reply him i can’t tell him what happen he might tell my parent and daddy might withdraw me from lil high school to another school.Getting home i have to maintain a pale face so my mum will believe me my dad will be at work already.

“Leya what happen” my mum ask.

“Sudden malaria mum” i reply her.She quickly hug me tight i love my parents.

“Sorry love quickly go to your room and have a bath let my tell the maid to prepare you something to eat” she said.

“Alright mum” i said and walk to my room.

Now am not in favour of Michael again am i even he is favor before we are just friends now i will do anything i can to clean Michael feelings from my heart if it did not work i will withdrawal from the school but for now i have to stay at home if only for a week am not going to go to that school.I suddenly feel hot i think i cold bath a cold bath would help.I off my cloth and get into the bathroom i open the shower as water pour on my body from my head to toe i don’t even wear a shower cap.

“Leya” that is my mum.

“Mum am in the bathroom” i said.

“Leya have been here for like 20min and you are in the bathroom anything wrong” she said.Uhn…have use that time here i don’t know have spend that time in the bathroom.

“Nothing mum” i reply her.

“Is my food ready” i ask her.

“Yes” she reply.

“Okay when am done i will come down to eat” i said.

“No,the food is here already” she said.

“Thanks mum” i reply as i raise up my hand under the cold shower.I heard the slam of the door my mum is out.


We get home after school hours andra just walk to her room she is trying to avoid me.I decide to go to her room to beg her when i get to her door there is a cardboard paste on her down with a write of “I want to be alone” goosh andra am sorry but leya is at fault.I knock the door but no reply .

“Andrea please open this door” i said.

“According to your history they said you have power you can use the power to open it since you are blind to see what i wrote on the door” she reply me.

“Okay,am sorry andra but is not my fault” i said but no reply.Chris and Smith walk to me.

“Andra open the door” Smith said but no reply but we could here the sound of water maybe she is in the bathroom now.Smith use his hand to control the door and the door open.Andra is not in the room but in the bathroom.

“Sis” Smith called.

“Smith am in the bathroom you can come in” she reply him.We all get in to see her inside her jacuzzi she feel it with water and sleep inside in a mermaid form no wonder she tell Smith to come inside she raise up her head to see me.

“Michael i don’t want to see you” she said.

“Am sorry andra you know i hate lieing” i said.

“And” she said.

“Leya lied to me she is at fault here” i reply.

“And did you know why she lie to you” Smith said.

“No” i reply him.

“She try to protect her pride” Chris said.

“What are you guys saying” i ask as andra use her tail to splash some water up.

“Leya have feelings for you Michael but when you said you have a crush she feel bad and decide to stay away from you so the feeling will die up” Chris said.

“That why she said she want to be alone” Smith said.

“I did not know all this” i said.

“Even if you don’t know Michael she beg you and you disgrace her” andra reply.

“I did not disgrace her”i reply.

” Then what was that you turn your face to her did you know how she run like someone been chased by ghost”Smith said.

“She even fall down and stand up again….Poor leya” andra said with a pityful face.

Now am dumb.

“Now you know her feelings don’t she finally lost her pride” Chris said.

“I pity her” Smith reply.

“Guys i have feelings for leya” i broke out.

Andra raise her head up like someone who just hear a good news.

“You say” Chris said.

“I like leya guys just that i don’t know how to tell her or should i say am looking for a best way to tell her” i said.

“What are you waiting for call her and tell her to meet you up somewhere so you can solve this mess” Smith said.

I walk out to call leya but she is not picking my calls.

I go back to andra room and tell them she is not picking up.

“I will call her then” andra said.As she take her hand chain she look at us as we all get out of the bathroom to her room.She come back later in a white botton up gown.She pick her phone dial leya number and place it on her ear.

“Hello” she said.

I feel relieved at least she pick up her phone now.


“Hello”i said to the phone.







“Why don’t you tell her” Chris said.

“She said she don’t want to hear anything if is about Michael” i reply.

“Michael if you have forgive her this matter should have not been like this” i said facing Michael who stand up and just left the room without saying anything.


I know what Andra call me for maybe i should look for another way to beg Michael i know that is what she want to say but am not ready to beg him again i have decided am going to forget you soon Michael thou it going to be hard.I heard someone come in it most be my mum i quickly close my eyes like i was sleeping i don’t want to talk to her now because if i do i might cry and she will know everything i don’t want her to know.


When i get home i could not help but thinking over and over on how Michael face turn to something i don’t see well when he shout at leya am not sure of the thing because he is not facing me but am sure his eyes turn..


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  1. Nice.
    Thanks for the update but please can you make the story understandable I mean you should indicate who is talking in the story like……. Leya POV
    Andra POV and so on please

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