Her Bodyguard

Her Bodyguard – Episode 20

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🕵️‍♂️🖤Her Bodyguard🕵️‍♂️🖤

(In love with the Mayor’s daughter)

🖤Episode 20🖤

Callie’s POV cont’d🖤
‘What do you mean by I’m getting engaged to Thomas?!!’..i asked with my voice already hoarse from the shock of the news…

Dad just smiled and kissed my cheek..

‘Look sweetie the Cullen’s are a very influential family and they have been a part of we the Rodriguez’s,what better way to strengthen our bond than to marry their only son Thomas who you have been friends with for ages??,please Callie i beg of you’…He said and tears flowed down my eyes…

What am i going to do??..

I can’t say no to Dad??!!..

Regan’s POV🖤
Twenty minutes later
I put on a plad designed shirt and a pair of my worn out boots..

Maggie came into my room with a tray of food and a note..

I smirked and opened the little piece of paper only to see;




I should talk to Callie??..


‘Regan come downstairs’..i heard the Mayor say and adjusted the collar of my shirt..

I went downstairs and saw a woman of about 50,a man of about 55 or 60 and their son who i guess should be my age mate..

28 or so..

‘Hey Jessica,Thomas and Stanley meet Regan he’s Callie’s bodyguard’..The Mayor said and they nodded in acknowledgement..

I sat by the arm chair and my eyes darted to Callie..

She didn’t look happy one bit…

‘Callie how’s your modelling career going??’..Mrs Jessica asked and just as it happens she managed to force a smile…

‘Well it’s going great by the way I received two awards for best international model of the year’..she said..

‘Ohhhh that’s great our Tommie also won best business man of the year’..Mrs Jessica squealed..

Oh God when will this meeting be over..

Callie and i basically look uninterested in whatever they had to say.

‘Well without further a do let’s go to the main point,Callie are you willing to marry Thomas??’..The Mayor said and that’s when my ears rang..

Callie and Thomas??..


What is going on?!!..

I gazed at her and she gazed back..

No words were said but our eyes said it a…

You wouldn’t do this Callie💭..

‘Yes father I’m willing to marry Thomas’..

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