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Circle, Accra – Episode 7

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Circle, Accra

Episode Seven  (Wine Glass)


Femi was standing at the door; she wore a straight face and a little grin across it


Shuga: Oh come don’t be shy, give me a hug


Femi walked over to where she was and fell into her arms, Shuga embraced her firmly, she buried her nose in Femi’s neck and took a deep breath


Shuga: Nice perfume


Femi: Thanks Ma’


Shuga: Yesterday, I called you several times; I wanted to tell you to stay home because of the rain


Femi: Yeah, my phone was not with me when you called


Shuga: That’s fine, so have a seat, let’s talk


“I know you have had enough time to think about my job proposal, I have been waiting desperately for your reply, and today you are here, and I know very well you have a final decision”, Shuga said


Femi: Yes Ma’, I have made my decision and ready to work with you, I will like to work here


Shuga: Woow, that’s nice, I am very happy, your presence here I hope will benefit us, We have a lot of rituals we perform to initiate Ladies into our business


Femi: Rituals? Which kind of rituals are you talking about?


Shuga: Oh, don’t be scared, just some pledges and immunization against some diseases you know


Femi: Immunization, Oh cool


Shuga: And I want you to be very sincere here, I mean about your status, being Virgin or not?


Femi: Errrm, I am not sure whether am virgin or not


Shuga: You lose to be virgin if you had had sex


Femi: Yeah I have, but with ladies, I had girlfriends in Benin and Nigeria


Shuga: Wooooo, haven’t you being with a man before?


Femi: Not so much


Shuga: Oh okay


“ But what you must know is, working for me means you don’t need a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you would be paid well, I mean you enjoy twenty percent of every customer you satisfy, playing as a lesbian will give you a commission of twenty five percent” Shuga explained


Femi: I wouldn’t like to play as a lesbian here, just guys


Shuga: Oh, then you will enjoy twenty percent commission


Femi: I don’t think so; I think we will have to negotiate this, as business partners


Shuga: Lol, Femi, you see those ladies out there, they all enjoy below twenty percent, its non-negotiable


Femi: I will be cool with thirty five percent


Shuga: Are you listening to me at all? I said we don’t negotiate over what you get, you take what you are given


Femi: Oh, okay, then I think this discussion is over


Shuga: Over?


Femi took her bag and made way for the gate, she was not in for “You take what you are given” type of business; she was about getting out when Shuga called her back


Shuga: Thirty percent, nothing more


Femi: I’ll consider that


Shuga: Deal?


Femi: Yeah deal



Shuga was restless, for the first time a lady has challenged her on the commission, she tapped her feet continuously on the ground, and she felt like a loser.



Tequila was restless, she thought Femi has spent more time in there with Shuga, she also knew Femi was being stubborn in there, she kept looking at Shuga’s office hoping to see Femi appear, but the more she waited, the more she never came out.


“So tell me, why don’t you want to meddle with ladies, you told me you have been with ladies before. Is it a decision you just made here or what? You know, you can make more money outta that, I mean doing both men and women” Shuga advised


Femi: Yeah, I just want to get a whole new experience you know, so, I’ll stick to men for now


Shuga: Do you smoke, or drink or do anything illegal


Femi: Oh none of them


Shuga: Tonight I’ll send you to one of my wealthiest clients; you will like him, but make sure you come over immediately he is done with you


Femi: Oh soo early?


Shuga: Of course, I told him you’d be coming, he’s driver is waiting outside, you should get going


Femi: Okay


Femi rose up and took her bag to go meet the driver, but Shuga spoke again


“Oh, not soo fast without a toast to my new employee

She handed a glass of red wine to Femi; they both raised the glasses in midair before taking them

Femi drank the content of the glass; she might have been tasty this whole time


“I felt something brush against my throat” Femi said whiles rubbing her throat


Shuga: Yeah, that’s the fruits that flavors the wine, nothing strange, you should get going now.


Femi: Oh okay, nice wine anyway


Shuga: And hey, don’t waste time talking to anyone out there, the driver is waiting


Femi: Okay


Tequila saw Femi appear from the office, she sighed a relief and watched her closely, Femi seem to be giving her signs she quickly interpreted, She knew her friend was already in for her timeout, she was a bit disturbed, she felt she just sold Femi into slavery.

After forty five minutes of driving, the driver pulled into this massive mansion at Kanda, he motioned Femi to follow him and she did, walking behind him steadily and clutching her bag with both hands, her face revealed her fears and nervousness


Woow, I’ve never seen you before, are you new? A man in his sixties bust out in a loud voice which sent Femi stammering for words


Femi: Yea ye, yes Sir


Man: Don’t be scared, come, take a sit, you are soo beautiful to be in this game


Femi: This is my first time Sir


Man: Woow, come, let’s go to my room


Chief was a widower; he decided not to marry after he lost his wife some twenty years ago, his only son lives in Canada with his family.

As they walked to his room, he made a call to someone who Femi believes might be Shuga, Chief had asked to accommodate her for the night.

Her eyes came to life, she just got business rolling.

To be continued……


Danny Biitka©



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