What’s The Most Stupid Thing Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Has Asked You To Do?

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Happy Weekend! This question was asked on a forum, here is a compilation of the answers some people gave.

Starbeg:– Mine was when my girlfriend invited me to her parent’s house. She persuaded his brothers to excuse us and took me to her parent’s room to have her on their matrimonial bed.

I even asked her to take me to her room, but she insisted I do it right on her parent’s bed that her room is untidy. I was tempted to try it, but I had a second thought and left to the sitting room.

XhosaNostra: — This one guy I was dating was a biter, which I really didn’t like, so I’d fiercely object to being bitten because I bruise easily & needless to say, it’s painful/weird. He was so into it, that he wouldn’t be able to climax unless he bit me & since that was out of the question, he’d ask me to bite him instead. So every time we’d get to it, I’d have to ready my teeth for a salty bite. It made me to dislike salt & vinegar flavoured chips because that’s what he tasted like

Noblebrown7:– Once dated a girl who usually come to my place with a gun in her purse. Then one day, she asked me to help her keep it. I told her that my room isn’t an armory mbok.. If it’s bible & church hymnaries, fine, I’ll gladly help you keep it, but definitely not a pistol. THE RELATIONSHIP ENDED THAT DAY.

FriedTurkey:– A girl I was once involved with was batsh*t crazy.
During sex she would always ask me to choke her until she passes out, and I will always shout NO! I can’t be testing my village people.
One day while she was riding ontop, I decided to get freaky, stretched my hands to her throat and choked her a bit. This girl instantly became possessed by unclean spirits, went from zero to hundred in 5 seconds, started riding like crazy, twitching uncontrollably.
Next thing I knew, she took a pillow, covered my face, and started choking me back while shouting “please babe, pass out for me babe!”. I just threw her away and ended the relationship there. Iss nor me you will kill.
That’s the best, weirdest, and scariest sex I’ve ever had.

EXLOVER:– I’m always irritated when a girl tells me she’s seeing her period, so this very day my girlfriend (ex) ask me to watch her wearing her pad while she’s fixing it on her kpekus or else she won’t date me again, I refuse to do such. But we continue our relationship sha.

The second one is a girl we both find ourselves sexually attractiv, so we decided to practice our sexual fantasies, so she gave me a head, and she ask me to suck her kpekus, immediately i carry my head near the kpekus, jeez I almost died, that was the end of sex.

How will it be like on an obituary picture, the guy died while sniffing kpekus? Gosh, my village people for shame for me

Randy100:– I was opportuned to get one 18years old girl with perky bøöbs. I promised her heaven on earth just to bring her to my house. She finally agreed and came on sunday evening oh. When it was time for me to chop and clean mouth, she made a request that shrinked my erected She said I should dance naked for her while she video the whole thing. An elderly young man like me.

Dreyton36:– There was this girl I met on Facebook, I was in Dubai then
Base on some cars that I shipped home , I decided to spend some time with her
I invited her over to an hotel make man bleep small cuz Arab countries ehn , woman na gold
You must owe better money before you go bleeep confirm one
So, she came to the hotel , trust me John Thomas don already stand
As she bend for doggy, my favourite position, I slide into her DM grin
Mehn that horrible smell like Pomo water wey them soak for 2yrs
I no free pull out so that she no go feel embarrassed
I continue Las Las na so tears just they drop for my face like oppressed houseboy
She even get mind they shout Bleep me harder, na so the tears they rush for my eyes
After that day i block he

Theevilone:– I dated this girl in school and we lived together in my room so na steady bleeping, sometimes we go don bleep like 3 or 4 times before noon so to some points if I want to bleep she will be avoiding me and I managly slid into her and bleep her later she told me she prefer it by force that I should start raping her that she enjoys it

Secondly my current babe will always want me to bit her nipple very hard but me Gann dey fear

Thirdly the last girl I dated in school will always ask me to bleep her so she will sleep earlier and wake earlier for her early morning lectures and will ask me to tell her when I want to Cum so she will touch her clit and Cum together with me lol .

ArticleBeast:– Anytime I am bleeping her… When it is close to when she want to cum she will be singing hymn or saying forgive me father for I have sinned. I asked her why, she said she used to see a man in white garment appear to her during sex.

I just ended the relationship codedly.

Jezking:– So I met this girl who I really wanted to make out with. She was wild, I could tell and I have never done wild.
I came over to her place and saw her dad, and as a sharp guy, I quickly wanted to go but she insisted I stay.
After dinner we started making out in the sitting room and yes her dad was right there.. She kept saying “its fine, he wouldn’t even notice and even if he does he doesn’t mind ” as for me, I was scared ni….
And when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Her Dad joined in. Now this sounds like a crazy fairy tale or a sh*tty porn movie, but trust me it was real as hell.
At first I didn’t mind, but later her dad started touching me carelessly. I being a very smart somebody didn’t wait for things to get more nasty I decided to take off.
Later that day I went through our previous chat to see if I ever accidentally mentioned I am a bi sexual. Right then, I stumbled upon a truth and dare game we played…where she said “I dare you to have sex with my dad”.
I remember reading it, but I can’t remember why I just ignored it completely.
But that is one crazy sh*t I always wish I never experienced. I mean I can’t even understand why I was there after the father joined and why I waited for him to touch me before running and the most annoying part was that I wasn’t even high.

Dicktion:– This particular one’s my ex
Dunno if she was possessed or more but she’d always ask me to spank her till her ass cheeks reddens. This very day I spanked till my hands were burning and even though her ass cheeks were as red as an iron that just came out of fire she kept on asking for more. I had to end the nonsense and move on I can not Coman kill my hands

AceDave1:– wheneva I called this gal her papa use to pick her phone 1st bf passing it to her, I do ask why but she told me she always put the phone on the table in the sitting room. as time goes on I begin to make some findings but nothing of such, she love it raw and missionary is her favourite, ,

19 years and her pvssy is already wide I do ask her how come the land too big but she said her first bf got a very huge johny and that always weak me, I was planning to go and buy p***s enlargement

the tin always makes me weak fvcking 19years gal and she won’t shout or cry and then am 25

one day am fvcking her really bad wanted to make her shout and am about to cum going very fast,

finally she shout “daddy daddy daddy daddy” immediately my brain pick from there daddy keh

las las she confess to me her dad have been fvcking her since she was 17

I really feel for her cos by the time she get marry her pvssy go don become Canaan land

Drizzy5001:– My girlfriend can very funny and crazy sometimes, I invited her over to my room because I stay off campus, while she stays in the school hostel, she came that night , after dinner we were laughing and gisting grin , na im this girl release mess for the room o sad, I attempted to run out, grin but she dragged me by my boxers back to the bed , saying that we must inhale the fart together, cry she hold me tight , I almost suffocated.. after the thing smell finish, she come begin dey laugh..I swear fear girls o hmmm

Truthspoon1:– I was in 300 level and she asked me to buy her dog of 40,000. Me wey dey chop #50 beans with #50 naira bread


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  1. mine is my ex telling me to suck her clitoris b/4 sex wit her as i carry my mouth near dere is lyk a 3yrs dead fish naxoo i dey vomit o

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