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The Voice

The Voice – Episode 8

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The Voice – Episode 8

A story by Alabede Jude


Hours ago

Cole was in Mr Akinola’s office, he had his head bent low in a way which seemed like he was being reprimanded.

“Cole!”. The DG called with an angry venom in his voice but that didn’t shake Cole a bit.

“What is this am hearing.. huh?”

“Sir!” Cole interjected. “believe me, I have no hand in the murder, it was only a ploy to set me up”

“You think its a set up?” Mr Ryan asked doubtfully.

“Yes sir”

“But who would want to set you up over this case? or do you have a rival?”

He himself hasn’t thought about it, but come to think of it, who would want to set him up?

For what reason?

“No, I don’t think I have one” Cole said shaking his head . “I enjoyed living a carefree life, a life free from trouble nor rivalry”

“Then the question is who is behind this?” Mr Ryan said..”Or do you think it could be the forensic?”

“I can’t really say because I ran another test myself and the result was the same”

The DG took a deep breath, stood up and faced Cole.

“We have to be more careful, one of us might be a mole, working with the killer”

A knock sounded on the door and the door opened almost immediately, a young man of about 25 years old walked in, dressed in a police uniform. He was dark, tall and muscular in shape

Both the DG and Cole gazed at the man surprised.

“You two look surprised” the man said and sat down on a chair beside Cole without greeting.

The DG and Cole quickly regained themselves and sat down.

“I know you weren’t expecting me this soon but I have to be here” the man paused and look at their faces, he could tell they were not happy about his arrival.

“Anyway, I’m inspector kunle from the state CID police, hope am welcomed here”

“We know that already” the DG said.

“Oh sorry, its just for official introduction… you know” inspector kunle said.

“I’m detective Cole” Cole said extending his hand for a handshake.

“Its a pleasure to meet you sir” inspector kunle said and shook hands with him.

“I heard you are in charge of the murder case” inspector kunle said..

“Yes, any problem?” Cole replied.

“No, not yet for now.. ” he said and dropped a case file on the table. “Can you transfer the case to me?” Inspector kunle asked looking at Cole in the eyes.


  • •••••••••••

Cole’s device gave a beeping sound while he was in the elevator, he checked it and saw the video footage of the bug he planted on the Gateman’s wrist. He had slid the tiny silver bug into the man’s wrist when they both shook hands which was unknown to the man. He could see the man conversing with Emily.

Emily? what’s Emily doing there?

The elevator door opened and he stepped out to meet agent Bola who was waiting patiently for him.

“Haclve you seen Inspector Kunle?” Bola asked as they both walked down to Cole’s office.

“Yes I have, he want me to handle the case over to him” Emily’s jaw dropped, surprised.

“What game is he playing?” agent Bola asked but Cole didn’t reply, he was too engrossed with the video footage he was watching.

“what are you watching?” agent Bola asked and immediately snatched the device from him.

Cole quickly retaliated, and went for it but it was too late as agent Bola held it with a firm grasp.

She checked it whilst running, she suddenly stopped and looked back at Cole who walked in a depressed manner.

“Don’t tell me you bugged her”

“No.. I didn’t, I bugged Alex Dollinger’s gateman only to find out that Emily also wants to interrogate Alex” Cole replied catching up with agent Bola and they proceeded into the office.

“Have you interrogated Alex?” agent Bola asked as they settled down on the chairs respectively.

“No I haven’t, I wasn’t granted entrance”

“So you went without me .. huh? .. what am i your assistant for?” agent Bola asked ln a playfull manner.

“Sorry mumu, i just had to go”

“But wait, you said you didn’t?” agent Bola asked alarmed standing up.

“what’s the problem?” Cole asked surprised.

“we have to do that now or we file an arrest” agent bola said and sat down back.

“we? or I?” he asked with a crooked smile.

“No we joor” she smiled back. ” then later, we go for lunch together” Cole hummed, “let Nora catch you, you are good as dead”

“let’s go joor”

They both walked out to the carport, hopped into the car and drove off. Cole joined the lane driving slowly, he watched many other cars sped past him but he was less perturbed by it.

Driving at a low speed wasn’t his thing but today’s own was uncalled for. He enjoyed driving at maximum speed always hitting the 220km/hr, he wouldn’t carry last if he were to feature the fast&furious guys in a race. He tried reminiscing about his past life but it was void, blank and blunt. Nothing came to his head, but he knew who he was anyway.

A detective, but in the past he couldn’t tell who he was, and nothing seem to trigger his memory to remember, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t. It was like reading a blank book.

“Hey Cole watch out!” agent Bola shouted very alarmed and terrified but Cole seemed not to hear at all. She kept on shouting but still, nothing entered his eardrum. It was when she hit him at the back before he regained himself. He looked up and a terrified look appeared on his face. He was about running into a tall building. He quickly long pressed the break and swerved left in a swift turn. The car screeched and it halted.

“That was close!” he said exhaling deeply.

“what were you thinking before?” agent Bola shouted hitting him hard on the shoulder.

He winced and contorted his face in pains.

“ouch! that hurts!” he said rubbing his shoulder.

Cole’s phone suddenly beeped, the screen lights came on, he took the phone from the dashboard and checked it.

An image appeared, it was a lady strapped to a chair with bomb tied on her stomach.

“Emily!” Cole gasped out of shock and fright.

To be continued…


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