The Voice

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The Voice

The Voice

Byl Alabede Jude Oluwabamise

Detective Cole is an anti crime fighter who was specifically trained in hand combat and a professional in the use of guns. He rose through the ranks rapidly and became the hitman of the CIB.

He lived a carefree life and was happily married to a young beautiful woman who triggered his success in the force but his success was suddenly cut short when his travails started with an unsolved crime . The cataclysm of the crime enhanced a voice to surface which terrorized the state and frustrated Cole. It was an anonymous voice which couldn’t be traced to its source. Through the voice, many lives were lost and there are still many more to be lost.

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Detective Cole who was bent on getting to the root of the case was injected with an amnesia virus which wiped his memory off the case. It became a mystery to unravel, an arduous task to the whole of the CIB department.

Who could be behind all these?

Find out in this intriguing story.

The voice.

Starts 13-05-2020

To be posted on weekdays only

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