The Vipers Girl

The Vipers Girl – Episode 7

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The Vipers Girl


By Hossana Isaac O.

Hossy Korean Series

Chapter 7

�?Bad Boy�


I sighted the house where the voices were emanating from. I was so angry that my anger deafened my ears to what they were still talking about.


I even turned it off unconsciously


I raged towards the house that looked like a normal house.


My detector would have beeped if they were any weapons in the house.


I screened it and it was totally free. I saw Fedora’s car and one other bullet proof car standing outside.


I grinned evilly and kicked the door.


Two people were seated on the cushion.


Ron and Fedora who was seated on his lap. The people standing were guards and I guess the one in the middle is the one taking orders from Ron.


They looked shocked to see me, mostly Fedora.


I glared at her


Me: b***h……


The guard standing in the middle tried to make an attempt to kick me but I just dodged and he kicked the wall. The room was too small for anyone to run. But Ron was quick to find his way out


I even thought he was going to fight me but he didn’t, he just tried to escape through the back door.


I shot at the two guards and then turned and shot the one who kicked the wall.


It was now Fedora


I turned and faced her terrified figure on the cushion. She tried to stand but I kicked her down with my foot and then I laid it on her tummy


Fedora : Bad Boy, please we can fix this. We can talk this through


Me: one mistake that I did, is bringing myself to trust a snake like you


Fedora : you only trusted me because you’re a snake too. Aren’t you a viper? The leader of vipers?




She looked away, she was breathing heavily


I removed my foot from her tummy and pointed my gun directly on her pubic bone


I was already squatting


Fedora : please Bad Boy don’t do this to me. Think about our times. Think about the times we always f**ked


Me: don’t worry, you won’t miss me. Because you’ll be f****ng the devil in hell


I shot her and she screamed loudly with her eyes widened.


I stood up and shot her boobs


Me : make sure the devil sucks your boobs too


I turned around and walked out.


I saw that my car was completely burnt down and the bullet proof car was no longer there


Me: Ron, today is not your day yet.


I moved forward and called one of my cars. It traced my location using GPS and auto drove itself there within minutes. I hoped in and drove off




How did he find us?


I always knew that Fedora is stupid. She is too free with Bad Boy. She doesn’t know who he is


She takes him for granted


Why couldn’t she just scan herself for any gadgets?


Why did she make everything so suspicious?


That b***h almost ruined our plans. Thank goodness Bad Boy didn’t know on time.


He would have ruined our second plans too


Me: Kick! Are the explosives ready?


Kick: yes, there are already pitched in


Me: good, we set them up tonight


Kick: yes boss




Well I’m back to the slums. This place sucks… Yuck!


I can’t believe I’m no longer used to the place where I was born.


But it’s better than Bad Boy’s mansion. At least I have peace of mind here and I won’t get jealous seeing two lovers having sex on the dinning table


But I feel a lot has changed here. Just few weeks that I left and I feel like a stranger. I don’t even know what to do.


My bags are in a shop owned by my mom’s only friend.


I told her I was coming back before going into the streets. I passed through the exact spot where I got shot and smiled.


Me: you’re the reason why I’m limping


I walked round and came back to the shop when I became tired and hungry.


I took some water and drank then offered to help the lady sell her goods.


I stayed in that shop for hours until I couldn’t take the hunger anymore. My tummy was grumbling.


Maybe I should go and pluck the pear at our former house. I’m sure the landlord will let me


I took permission from Mrs Han Woo and went to our former house.


The landlord was surprised to see me. He said I looked fresh and different.


I laughed and told him I got a job as a maid in a rich man’s house. And that it was change of environment that made me look better than I was.


He smiled happily at me. I pretended as if I was going to see the people at the back but I was just thinking of the fruits.


I greeted them and plucked four ripe pears which I kept in a bag and left


When I arrived the shop, I hurriedly washed them and took one then hid the three in my bags to avoid sharing them


I began to consume the pear fruit like my whole life depended on it.


Is this what hunger feels like?


Gosh I almost forgot what hunger felt like just because of Bad Boy’s mansion


�Bad Boy�


Me: whaaaat?


Leon: it’s surprising why they had to attack that house. No one even knows it’s yours and you hardly go there. Why were they so dump enough to bomb it?


My brain dropped to my feet. Fedora had told Ron about my house. And they ganged up against me to bomb it while I’m inside. She was the one who told them about that house


Thank goodness I didn’t go there today, but I sent one of my men to park my car there and bring the second one.


Maybe they thought I was the one who drove in, that’s why the house exploded at that very minute


And no one survived.




I wonder how many things Fedora told them


I can’t trust anyone ever again


I have to go and celebrate over a failed mission by Ron


I took my keys and stood up. I went to my car and wanted to start it when my eyes caught sight of a remote control




That is for a wheelchair


Oh no!








Bad Boy didn’t survive it.


How would he survive it when it took him unexpected.


He was bombed immediately he drove in




He thinks it’s wise to have a house where no one knows. He doesn’t know that every man has a downfall.


I’m so happy


This calls for a celebration




I woke up with pains in my neck. I had begged Mrs Han Woo to sleep in her constricted store because there was no place for me to spend the night.


I stood up


Me: good morning


I kissed my teddy and opened the door and window of the shop. I arranged the goods and swept the floor before going out to brush my teeth


I came back and wanted to eat my pear when she came.


I quickly tucked it back in and stood up


Me: good morning ma’am


I bowed and she touched my hair


Mrs Han : good morning Rosa. How are you doing


Me: I’m fine ma’am


Mrs Han : I hope you slept well


I nodded


Mrs Han : here, eat this. It’s bread and milk


I took it and bowed


Me: thank you so much


I sat down to eat and she looked around the shop.


Mrs Han : I see you’ve set the goods. Thank you


I smiled and began to eat.


This milk is too light. Is this really milk?


The milk I took last was thicker and smoother and sweeter


�Bad Boy�


I threw the bottle of liquor on the wall and it shattered and fell into the heap of broken bottles on the floor


I took another bottle and opened the cover then gulped down all the content. I coughed and began to hit the table with my fist.


Leon: boss, you’re killing yourself. You’ve heard three bottles already


Me: no….. It’s four


Leon: four? That’s enough boss


He pulled me up and took me to the cushion. I sat down and tried to open my eyes but the lights were really hurting my eyes


Leon: when did you start getting sad over a mere house? Did you keep something valuable in there?


Me: yes…. Rosa


Leon: what’s Rosa?


I fell down from the cushion to the floor and closed my eyes




It was midday  on my third day in the slums


I walked through the streets to the mill so I could buy some flour for Mrs Han Woo.


I got to the mill and saw a group of girls talking and laughing


I looked aside and wished they could disappear


I sluggishly went towards the mill and they stopped talking and looked at me


Suddenly they started laughing


Nam Soo : hey! Rosa, why are you limping like a frog?


Mara : haha, she’s bad luck you know, she got shot and taken away, the shock killed her mother, she was thrown out of the house they rented and she ran away the night of her mom’s funeral. Because she was the cause of her death


They laughed and I got paralyzed.


So I was the reason why mom died?


She was shocked at the expense of my own accident and that shock led to her death


So I killed ama?


My tears began to flow.


I felt my knees weaken and I began to experience knee jerk.


I’m truly bad luck. That’s what I am. Shouldn’t I just kill myself? I’m so tired of living alone in this lonely life of mine


�Bad Boy�


I woke up the next morning like a normal person. I felt light and hungry.


I ate like never before and entered into a new car which will make it hard for me to be recognized


I want to go and visit Rosa’s mom


And tender my condolences over Rosa. If only I knew what was going to happen, I wouldn’t have allowed her to be in that house


I drove to that area and looked out at the people who, if they knew it was me would be running helter skelter.


I drove towards the cemetery through the local mill. There I saw a girl who looked like Rosa. I only saw her figure and not her face


I wanted to restart my car when I heard a girl calling Rosa. I winded the glass even lower and listened to them.


I heard everything they said and how it affected the girl who was already crying


She’s Rosa. It has to be her.


I stepped down and ran to the girl who was about kneeling down. I grabbed her and held her to my self.


She began to cry even more, muttering the word mom


The four girls who were making jest of her froze. I angrily glared at them


They tried to run but I shot them all


Rosa screamed at the sound of the gun


She looked up at me with her teary eyes


Me: don’t worry, I didn’t kill them. I only shot their legs




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  1. Wow, a big surprise for me. I didn't expect to read another new episode. Thanks a lot. This story is amazing

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