The Vipers Girl

The Vipers Girl – Episode 6

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Chapter 6




�Bad Boy�


I left Rosa sitting on the car and turned to face Fedora fully


Me: I thought you said you were going somewhere? Why aren’t you there, and how did you get here?


She turned her gaze to me


Fedora : I got another call that the meeting wouldn’t hold so I returned to the hotel only to see your car leaving. So I just followed you


She moved closer to me


Me: okay, but you should have called me


She kissed me and wrapped her arms around me. Her eyes moved to Rosa then back to me


Fedora : sorry, so you actually have a house here. And you didn’t tell me you had another lady here


Me: let’s go back to the hotel


Fedora : no, let’s just go inside. What’s the need of going to a hotel when there’s a huge house?


Me: no, we can’t stay here


She frowned and removed her arms from my shoulders


Fedora : why? Is it because of her? Are you having an affair with her?




Why is Fedora suddenly acted too serious?


Since when did she care about my affairs


Sometimes, she even used to watch me having sex with other girls and she’ll be laughing and making fun of them. Since she’s the expert


Rosa jumped down from the car then muttered ‘ouch’


I guess her leg hurt her a little


Rosa: we’re not having any affair. You guys can stay here. I promise not to disturb. Good night


She held her teddy bear and walked away slowly. Fedora’s eyes followed her suspiciously


Fedora : Bad Boy, there’s something fishy about that girl. Who is she?


Me: can’t talk about her now.


I carried her and sat her down on the car. I removed her jacket and made my way to her body








Bad Boy has a girlfriend


And I didn’t know


If I knew, I would have left a long time ago. I don’t want to cause problems for anybody. And I don’t think that girl is going to like me at all. She looks so evil with those tattoos and piercings


Like a Korean witch �


I went straight to my room and sat on my bed.


I played with my Teddy’s nose and kissed it repeatedly


My tummy began to grumble


Me: I need something to eat again


I stood up and walked downstairs to the kitchen. On getting there, I saw a terrible scene


Bad Boy having his girlfriend right on the dinning table


I quickly removed my eyes and entered the kitchen.


Gosh, why would they do such a thing.


And isn’t that supposed to be private


Why does it have to be the dinning room, and the table of all places?


I grabbed some short cakes and some milk then tiptoed out of the kitchen. I was still limping and was very slow in walking


I took a glance at the table and they were still in their dirty business. The sounds Fedora was making were deafening.


Aren’t they even ashamed of the maids or workers?


I hurriedly climbed the stairs though I was slow and the things in my hands didn’t let me walk fast enough in case it will fall or spill


I finally got to the end of the stairs and took the turn to my room


I almost fell when I saw Fedora standing in front of me


I screamed and staggered a little


Fedora : hahahaha, are you that clumsy and scared easily?


I balanced myself and stared at her with the plate of cakes in my right hand and the glass of milk in my left


Fedora : how do you like your stay here?


I didn’t answer her


Fedora : you know, you should definitely leave anytime soon. I’m just warning you against Bad Boy


Me: I don’t understand


Fedora : Bad Boy is wanted all over and whosoever mingles with him is wanted too


Me: so you’re wanted?


She laughed


Fedora : I’m just warning you because you’re so innocent and inexperienced. And not a word of this discussion to Bad Boy


She glared at me sternly and I nodded. She smiled and took one of my cakes


Fedora : bye


She walked away


My eyes followed her down the stairs.


I gulped and went into my room.


I heard her words in my head again


�Bad Boy is wanted all over and whosoever mingles with him is wanted too�


I sat on my bed and suddenly gained maximum appetite


Unlike other people who loose appetite when they’re sad, depressed or angry… I gain maximum appetite instead


I begin to eat like a glutton so within a few minutes I had already consumed nine cakes and my glass was already empty


I climbed the bed and hugged my teddy bear


Me: maybe I should even run away and be safe because I’m really scared






I tossed my head to the right and closed my eyes as Bad Boy was moving in and out of me


I opened my eyes and saw the girl sneaking into the kitchen


I smirked and held unto Bad Boy’s shirt


Few minutes later, I saw her leaving the kitchen


Just then Bad Boy released


He pulled out and gave me that evil grin of his. I sat up and kissed him


Me: let me go upstairs and change


He kissed me and I got off the table which was already in disarray


I hurriedly moved into the elevator and went to stand over the stairs because I know she took the stairs


She eventually came up and I confronted her and told her to leave


Not because I care about her existence in this house but because I don’t want her in my business




�Bad Boy�


I lighted a cigarette and sat in the living room watching TV.


The show was on music talks and all those stuff


I saw the maids arranging the dinning area and one of them was glancing lustfully at me


I smirked and faced the TV.


By the way where is Rosa?


Is she asleep already?


I stood up to go upstairs but Fedora came back and pushed me down


Fedora : where are you going? To go get me?


Me: uhh


She sat down on my legs and cuddled me


Fedora : tell me about your recent activities


Me: which one exactly?


Fedora : everything


Me: well I kidnapped the president’s daughter


Fedora : I know


Me: and I smuggled in weapons for your dad


Fedora : I know that too


Me: I threatened to throw a bomb blast


Fedora : I know…


Me: then what do you still want me to tell you?


Fedora : OK, just tell me what next you are going to do


I pushed her away and stood up then went to the bar


I poured myself a drink and took it one shot


She stood up and walked to me


Fedora : you’re not gonna answer me?


Me: I wanna lay low for now. I don’t intend on doing anything yet


I kissed her lips and then poured myself another glass of wine


Fedora : okay baby


We went to the cushion and began to fondle each other


A maid came in and immediately turned back when she saw us


We laughed and continued with each other






I woke up the next morning and went down for breakfast. I had breakfast alone and I was glad because I didn’t want to see Fedora again


I went back upstairs and changed into something casual. I wanted going outside when I saw Bad Boy and Fedora walking down the hallway


I went back into my room and sat down.


I began to feel really bored with nothing to do


I checked through the window and looked down at the cars and everything including the workers


I was getting a little bit entertained but I frowned when the two lovers walked hand in hand to a car


I felt a little bit angry


Why do I have to see them all the time?


And Bad Boy doesn’t even remember I exist anymore


Do they love each other that much that they’re always together?


I went downstairs when their car drove out. I turned on the TV and watched for about two hours


Then I got up again and went outside the house for the first time in about three weeks.


It took me a few minutes to convince the security guard that I was just going a few metres away from the vicinity


I looked around and saw that they were other houses around with similar designs and looks.


I don’t think they know that Bad Boy is living with them


Anyway, according to that maid she said he hardly visited the house.


Me: so it’s because of me he now lives here?


I looked back at the house and smiled a little before going further.




�Bad Boy�


There’s something weird about Fedora these days. She’s a little bit withdrawn and hiding some things


And she asks too much questions lately. It’s also mainly about my activities


There’s something she’s up to. It’s high time I become the viper that I am. As wise as a serpent






Me: I’m going to see Dad. Will be back later


Bad Boy : what time?


Me: I’ll just call you anytime I’m coming. Where will you wait for me?


Bad Boy : here


Me: aren’t you tired of this hotel room?


Bad Boy : no, I’ve got other work to do


I kissed his cheek.


Me: bye bye


I walked out and took my car to a casino to meet someone who’s not my dad


I moved to the inner room and saw him sitting down with a class of beer � in front of him


He stretched his arm and I moved to him


He kissed my neck and I giggled


Man: so any news?


Me: no, but we can take action anytime soon


Man: I can’t wait to see him down


I unbuttoned my shirt and modeled myself for him. He gladly took me up to a bed and fully removed my dress






I waited to see if they would come back but they didn’t come back that night


Not that I want to see them, but I just want to see Bad Boy


I admit it, I kinda miss him. Especially when he’s drunk


The next morning, I saw strange movements outside the house. The men were looking strange and it seemed as if they were monitoring


I got scared and went back inside. I felt like calling Bad Boy to ask if it was his boys but I didn’t because I didn’t have his number


I felt uneasy when the movements were getting too suspicious


I went into my room and packed my bags




�Bad Boy�


Fedora is going out again. This time I’m going to find out where’s she is always going because I know she doesn’t know much people around here


I planted a chip in her dress that would record everything being said


She left and minutes later, I heard voices in my computer. I listened and found out that she was working against me


I got so angry that I almost threw the computer away


I searched for the location of the voices and grinned


I took my gun and moved out


Me: RIP Fedora!


To be continued


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