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The Vipers Girl

The Vipers Girl – Episode 5

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The Vipers Girl


By Hossana Isaac O.


(Hossy Korean Series)


Chapter 5





I tossed and turned in bed. Waiting for Bad Boy to return with my teddy. I sat up and played with the hem of my nightie. I laid down again and covered my face with my palms.


Me: come already. I’m feeling sleepy!


I frowned and tried to cover my eyes but the lights were still on so I opened them again.


I looked at the door expecting it to open but it didn’t. I sighed and covered my face with a pillow then closed my eyes




Bad Boy


I climbed up the stairs with the teddy in my left arm. I think I spent about thirty minutes in the living room.


I opened the door to her room and saw her figure on the bed


I moved to her and a pillow was covering her face


Her nightie didn’t cover her well, her thighs were exposed


I squatted down and ran my fingers on her thigh, close to the spot where the bullet hit her. It was almost healed up, she should be able to limp now.


As a bad boy, I rubbed my full hand on her smooth white thighs. I smirked and squeeze it.


I guess she felt it because she adjusted her legs and covered herself properly. I cracked and stood up, tucked the teddy under her arm and covered her with the duvet. I turned off the lights and left the room


I got to my room and met a message on my system, telling me that the house I was supposed to spend the night before I changed my mind caught fire. The men inside died and some were badly injured


I wasn’t totally surprised. I knew that Ron was unto me again


Me: I don’t have your time now. But I’ll definitely teach you a lesson






Me: what! What do you mean by that?


Kick: we’re sorry boss, but Bad Boy wasn’t involved in the fire


Me: how? How could he dodge it?


Kick: boss, before you sent us on this mission, I told you that it wouldn’t work because Bad Boy can’t just be defeated by little means. He’s more dangerous than you think


I clenched my fist


Me: so what do we do now?


Kick: I suggest we wait for an opportunity sir. I hope you know that Bi-ryeom is our inside man now?


Me: yes, I know. Tell him immediately that he should give us every single detail about Bad Boy


Kick: yes boss


He bowed and left


I sat down and felt intense jealousy and hatred in me






I opened my eyes and inhaled the sweet morning air. I sat up and yawned


Me: good morning


I smiled and looked down. I saw the teddy bear and smiled brightly. I took it and kissed it


Me: good morning teddy


Bad Boy must have brought it while I was asleep


I closed my eyes to say my prayers


Me: Lord, thank you for waking me up this morning. I pray that you will make my day beautiful to your glory, in Jesus name Amen


I opened my eyes and took my crutches then stood up. I went to the bathroom and washed up then went downstairs.


When I reached the entrance of the kitchen, I was greeted by a sweet tasty smell of food


I turned to the dinning and entered in. I saw Bad Boy eating, he was wearing black pyjamas. I stood gawking at him. He looked up and saw me


Bad Boy : hey princess


My eyes widened


Bad Boy : why are you just standing there? Come on let’s eat


I swallowed a lump in my throat and walked to the table. I sat down and bowed


Me: good morning sir


Bad Boy : come on, eat


I nodded and uncovered my food


I began to eat but I was stealing glances at him, wondering why he was looking so happy today


Bad Boy: I wont be at home for a few days


He took a glass of water and gulped it down


Me: why?


Bad Boy : business


I wanted to ask what type of business but I knew he wouldn’t tell me about it. It might be something illegal


Me: and you have to be away for days?


Bad Boy : yeah. Why? Would you miss me?


I stopped chewing and stared at my food


He chuckled and I looked at him


Me: I can’t miss something like you


Bad Boy : you’ll miss me. I’m sure


I shrugged and continued to eat


Bad Boy : your wheel chair is in your closet


Me: oh, I even forgot about it


I drank water and he stood up looking at his phone


Me: are you leaving now?


He smirked


Bad Boy : are you missing me already?


Me: what? No!


Bad Boy : see you in one week


He moved out of the chair


Me: one week! What do you want me to do in this huge house all by myself in one week!


He began to laugh


Bad Boy : I know you want me to stay. Just admit it


Me: gosh, you’re misinterpreting me. You know what, why don’t you just stay there for two weeks. Take all the time you need


Bad Boy : good, now you’re talking


He moved away and I frowned at my food as if it is the reason for my anger




ad oy


I got into my car and zoomed off into town. I stopped by a shop and decided to buy a pack of cigarettes. Not that I didn’t have it, but I just felt like terrifying some people


I got down with my gun tucked into my trousers. My black shades were reflecting in the sun. My shoes were thick black leather boots and my outfit was pure ruggedity


The people in the store stared at me. Some people began to move away. I smirked and went to the counter


Me: a pack of cigarettes


The lady hurriedly brought it and I paid her


I slowly moved out and entered into my car. I looked through the rear mirror and saw two men looking at my car and entering into their own car. I lighted my cigarette and slipped it in. Then I watched their car intently


It didn’t move


I started my car and slowly moved out. They started their car too and began to follow me


I laughed and zoomed off. Their car too began to run faster


I zoomed by the woods and suddenly stopped, but I acted as if I didn’t know they were unto me


I got down and sat on the bonnet of my car. Their car zoomed in and parked right in front of me


I was smoking and operating my phone


They stepped down and pointed their guns at me. I didn’t even look up


One of the guys spoke up


Guy: you might wanna say your last prayers


Guy2: we know you’re alone so don’t try to scare us


I looked at them and dropped my cigarette


Me: who sent you?


I stood up and walked to them


They immediately fired shots at me. I saw it coming with the help of my dark shades.


I ducked and used my right leg to kick their two legs and they fell down. I stood up and held my waist, though I was actually ready to grab my gun from my trousers.


They stood up and tried to shoot me again, I kicked the first guys wrist and his gun fell down. The other one began to fight with me


He kicked my tummy with one leg and punched my chin


I used my two fists to punch his lower abdomen and then pushed him hardly on his tummy with my leg


The other guy had already carried his gun


He pointed it to my face and smirked


I raised my hands in surrender


He cocked the gun and I immediately bent down my raised hand


I held his fingers and pinned it to the gun


I twisted it and used his hand to pull the trigger on him


The bullet went right through his head


I dropped my cigarette and looked at the two bodies.


The other guy wasn’t dead so I squatted beside him


Me: should I leave you alive? Or kill you?


He groaned and rolled away


Me: okay, I’ll leave you alive. Go and tell whosoever sent you that you didn’t succeed


I got up and entered into my car then zoomed off






Bad Boy isn’t expecting me today


But I’ll surprise him by coming


He’ll be so thrilled


I walked down the stairs of the airplane and strolled into the car my dad sent to pick me up


I went home and met him. He was happy to see me but I just wanted to see Bad Boy


I called him immediately




hey babe


where are you?


why are you asking? Are you here already?


you don’t have to ruin the surprise you know


just come to my house, downtown. I’m waiting for you


I chuckled and hung up


I got into a car and drove to the house


I stepped down and strolled in, some of the guards tried to stop me


They must be the new recruits


The old ones know me


I didn’t argue with them. I just let them call Bad Boy


When they finally let me in, I went straight upstairs. I removed my sunglasses and gently opened his door


He was on the bed with his phone.


Me: hey


He looked up and smirked


Bad Boy : it’s been awhile


I smiled


Me: yeah I know


I pulled off my shoes and climbed the bed. He stretched his hand and pulled me


We kissed and he removed my jacket. He dropped his phone and cupped my b**bs


Bad Boy : fuller


Me: yeah


He dropped me on the bed and took his shirt off. I was busy unbuckling his belt


Immediately my phone rang.


I would have ignored it but I was expecting a call


Me: one minute


I tried to move but he pinned me down


Bad Boy : you know that doesn’t work on me


I gasped as he patted my legs and moved into me






I want to check the garden out today. Well, I hope he has a garden


I already wore a blue dress and sat on my wheelchair. I wheeled myself outside through the back door and luckily, there’s a garden


I looked through the pretty flowers. I got to a particular one that got me crying


It was mom’s favorite flower. She loved it so much


I used to steal them for her from people’s gardens.


Her favorite color is red and that’s why hibiscus


is her favorite


I stayed in the garden watching butterflies and bees playing with the flowers that I didn’t even know it was already lunch time until a maid came to call me




Bad Boy


I lighted a cigarette and tried to move it into my mouth but Fedora collected it and kissed me instead


We were both lying naked in bed but were covered by a blanket


Me: I can’t trade my cigarette with a kiss


She laughed and kissed my chest. I took the cigarette into my mouth and began to smoke.


She was kissing my tummy down


Me: don’t turn me on again


Fedora: what if I do? You’ll just do what you can do


Me: do you have any idea what I can do?


Fedora : hey mister, I’ve seen every action of yours. Either with a woman or with a gun


I laughed and pulled her aside.


I took my shorts and wore it then strolled into the bathroom.


I decided to tell her to join me, probably for another round so I moved to the door.


She was on a call so I decided to let her be


I wanted to close the door when I heard her saying ‘I’m with Bad Boy already, okay…. You can count on me”


I closed the door and stood there.


Who was Fedora talking to?






I’m feeling really bored in this big house. I want something fun to do other than watching TV


And I’m tired of sitting down always. I miss walking


Or maybe I should try and exercise the way Bad Boy said I should.


I rolled to a pillar and held it firmly, then I stood up, hugging it.


I moved backwards a little but I felt like I was carrying tons of metals under my waist. My legs were so heavy


I moved round the pillar and jumped to another pillar. I walked round it again


I repeated this until I went round about five pillars.


I held a window frame and walked round it to another window. The fresh breeze blowing outside tossed my hair around


I smiled, determined to go round the house.


Whenever I got tired, I sat down on the ground for a few minutes


Workers passed and I waved at them. I looked up into the sky and mentally waved my mother


I got up again and continued until I reached the back door. I entered inside and managed to walk to the front door where my wheelchair was


I was so exhausted and was breathing heavily


I wanted to sit down but I needed something cold to drink


I thanked my stars when a maid walked in


Me: please… Please… I need… Something to drink… I’m dying


I sat on the floor and she chuckled and bowed.


She went to the kitchen and returned with a tray containing a filled glass of orange juice and a large juice box. Some cakes were also on the tray


I hurriedly collected it and gulped it down




Bad Boy


It’s been three days with Fedora and damn I love this girl


No single minute without pleasure. Seems she upgraded.


Right now we’re in a hotel room, she’s making a phone call in the bathroom and I’m waiting for her


I haven’t even called to check on Rosa.


Maybe I should check up on her tomorrow even though she said I should take two weeks


Fedora came back


Fedora: hey, bad news. Gotta go meet my manager over some things


Me : you’re leaving?


Fedora: yeah


She walked towards me and gave me a kiss


Bad Boy : are we meeting today again?


Fedora : I don’t think so. But I’ll see you tomorrow


Me: okay


I kissed the tattoo on her neck and released her


She wore her clothes and left


Shortly after, I wore my clothes too and decided to go and see Rosa






Truly practice makes perfect


I’m already limping and I don’t really need crutches or a wheelchair.


I wish I could see Bad Boy and tell him I can now manage to walk on my own


I don’t even have his number, nor a phone of my own


I hugged my teddy and limped outside into the dark nights


The house was fully bright with lights everywhere


I sat down at the facade and played with my teddy ears


The gate opened and a car came in.


I watched hoping it was Bad Boy


He came out and I smiled happily


I stood up and called him


Me: Bad Boy!


He looked surprised


I limped towards him and he smiled


Bad Boy : you finally started limping


Me: yeah, I exercised like you said


He leaned on the car


Bad Boy : so did you miss me?


I frowned a little


Me: no


I turned to go but he pulled me back and laughed


Bad Boy : do you know why I came back?


I shrugged


Bad Boy : because I miss you


My cheeks turned red


But I pretended as if those words didn’t affect me


Me: you’re drunk again


He laughed and made me sit on the car


Me: why are you in a good mood today?


He cracked and lighted a cigarette.


He began to smoke and it was disturbing my breath


I was going to tell him to stop when someone called his name from the gate side


We looked and a girl came forward


Bad Boy : Fedora? What are you doing here?


Her eyes fell on me


Fedora : who’s she and why are you two staying like that?


I swallowed a lump


This is definitely not a good first impression on her side





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