The Prince Of Gentrica

The Prince Of Gentrica

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Over 100 years ago, there was a powerful named Gentrica which was ruled by the most powerful Adorjan himself.

Adorjan was feared and respected among all men and women, young and old. His powers extended beyond the city and he controlled all forces, both the dark and light forces around the terrain.

The Prince Of Gentrica

It happened suddenly, Adorjan became power-drunk, he intimidated everyone with his powers. He took the wives of his subjects and other junior kings. He raped the young girls and he oppressed the young men.

He continued his reign of terror for several years until Gentrica until the rulers of the spirit world got angry and destroyed Gentrica. Adorjan vanished into thin air, escaping judgment and he was never found. His family was banished from Gentrica forever.


120 years after, Gentrica could not recover from the terrors of Adorjan. They were unable to have a king and there was no longer peace in the city. The inhabitants had their lives cut short.

 A prophecy finally and it named the young man Adelmo as the next for the throne. Only when Adelmo is crowned King can peace and normalcy be restored to Gentrica.

But there was something stopping Adelmo from becoming King. There was someone alive whose blood had to be spilled before Adelmo could be crowned. That person was Adorjan’s descendant who has been given the same powers Adorjan has from the Spirit world.

Adelmo is the only one who must find this person and spill the blood. Spilling the blood of that descendant would represent spilling the blood of Adorjan.

Adelmo on his quest to find Adorjan’s descendant falls in love with a beautiful woman who he is willing to lay down his life for. Adelmo has to choose between the love of his life or the peace of Gentrica.


Will Adelmo ever save Gentrica? Or will he pursue his love and leave Gentrica to become totally destroyed? Find out in this beautiful story


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