Techniques Of Being A Good Writer

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Being a good writer is no child’s play. It takes a lot of work, continuous effort and time to master the art. Nevertheless, it is possible to become an excellent writer and remain relevant in the art. All you need to know are the techniques of being a good writer which are simple but require discipline to adhere to.

The following are seven techniques you can follow to become a good writer and to keep improving your writing skills.

1. Read more

One mistake most writers make is spending a lot of time writing and neglecting reading. If you want to become a good writer, select great authors, and read from them.

2. Practice Writing

As you read more to learn, also put your skills into practice. Make use of every opportunity you get to write. Practice writing in different fields and areas.

3. Jot Down Ideas

As a writer, you need to have a device or notebook to jot down ideas anytime they come. Ideas may come to you at the time you least expected, it is better practice to write down so as not to lose them.

4. Create a routine

Chose a certain time of the day when you can write without distractions. You can decide to stay in a quiet room in your house or visit a library. Whichever place you chose, make sure you can concentrate and have your mind fixed on your task. This will help to improve and keep you disciplined.

5. Have a plan

Even though you are encouraged to write any time you have the opportunity, you should also set out time to plan how and what to write.

During your planning time, brainstorm on topics and create formats for them where necessary. This will make the main writing easier and faster for you. Many professional writers make use of this tip to remain top in their game.

6. Ask for feedback

One of the important aspects of writing is getting feedback. You need to know what your readers feel about what you have written. Getting feedback will also help you know if you have communicated your message clearly and see what additions your readers have to make.

You can also get professional feedback from other writers or editors. This will help you identify errors and areas where you need to improve.

You should, however, learn to take criticism in good fate. Don’t get mad at every negative feedback you get. Instead, see the correction in it and find ways to improve.

7. Revise your work

After spending a lot of time writing, reading your work again to check for errors might seem tedious but it is necessary. Revising your work can help to put excellence in what you do. It helps you identify the errors and take them out before any other person reads them.

Learn to go back after writing, check for grammar and spelling errors. Also check for sentences or phrases that seem confusing and correct them, take out unnecessary and fluffy words.

In summary, writing is an art that needs to be constantly nurtured and improved. The techniques of being a good writer are not limited to the ones listed in this article. You should search for more techniques and apply them.


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