Quarantine Love – Episode 8

Quarantine Love – Episode 8

� Kayode Odusanya

They had yellow pap and akara for breakfast the next morning, which was ready by the time David woke up at 8:30 am. He was surprised she had woken up so early to cook after going to bed real late the night before. He was equally shocked that she knew how to make pap and akara, he would have pegged them a cereal breakfast kind of family.

After breakfast, they all went outside to wait for David�s mom. She had insisted on coming over, even though she knew she wouldn�t be able to gain entrance into the house. Through the little space between the gate and the wall, she was able to see and talk to her daughter for a few minutes before going back home. They were expecting the people from NCDC around mid-day. Caroline had kept in touch with them on a personal phone number one of the men had given her.

They were all in the living room watching TV when they heard a knock at the door. Caroline got up, and David had his eyes on her as she walked to the door; he liked how the sky blue jeans and white t shirt she had on fit her body. His heart skipped a beat when he heard Ahmed say the people that came yesterday had come back. It was like being about to get the result to an AIDS test. Caroline stepped out of the house, and he could hear her talking to some men. A few seconds later, they were walked into the house. The sullen look on Caroline�s face and the fact that the two NCDC men had face masks on gave him the answer to the test even before they spoke.

The men were talking now, but he couldn�t hear anything. There was a ringing in his head. He suddenly felt the strong urge to throw up. �I�m sorry�� He said as he got off the couch and rushed to the restroom. He barely made it to the toilet bowl as vomit gushed out of his mouth; he threw up pap and small chunks of undigested akara over and over. Caroline was by his side, sitting on the toilet floor as he continually threw up, till there was nothing else to throw up but water. He wondered why she wasn�t scared of getting infected, then he thought of the fact that they had kissed yesterday, and she might have thought there was no use staying away from him now. If she was going to get it, she would already have it by now.

He stood up to wash his mouth by the wash hand basin, and sat back on the cold tile floor. After a few seconds of silence, he said, �I knew it. That dream was telling me something.�

�David�� She started to say and stopped to take a deep breath. �The dream could only become a reality if you believed it.�


�What I�m trying to say is�� She was saying and stopped when she heard voices outside the door. �I still don�t believe their result.� She said in a whisper as they got off the toilet floor and headed out to the living room.

�We are going to keep this place locked down while we take him away for treatment.� One of the men said as he got off the couch, as if signaling that it was time to go.

�Wait, what of Mr. Ayinde? Why didn�t come with you today?� Caroline asked.

�He had other things to attend to.�

�Can I see the results?�

The man laughed at Caroline before saying, �Are you questioning our competence?�

Caroline didn�t say anything back, but pulled out her phone. �I need to speak with Mr. Ayinde.� She said and started punching a number in her phone. David had been standing by Caroline�s side, but sat down on the couch closest to him. It was obvious he was exhausted.

The other man still sitting, opened a file on his lap and said, �Is your name not Anthony Johnson?�

�What? No.� David replied with a puzzled look on his face.

The man looked back down at the file. His colleague also walked over to take a squatting position by his side to examine the file. �You�re sure your name is not Anthony Ayodeji Johnson?� The man asked again.

�No. That�s not my brother�s name.� Toluwani said with a bold voice.

The men kept going through the file, looking confused. Caroline had been on the phone all the while, and then she said, �Okay, hold on� and walked over to hand the phone to the man with the file.

�Okay sir. Sorry for the mistake. We picked up the wrong file.� The man said and handed the phone back to Caroline. �I�m sorry. We�re sorry.� He said, facing David with a forced smile on his face. �My boss has confirmed your test results came out negative. We picked up a wrong file.� He said and David let out a sigh of relief.

�Sorry. We will be leaving now.� The other man said and they started making their way out of the living room. Caroline escorted them out, while Toluwani ran over to where David was seated and held him in a tight embrace with a big smile on her face. Kehlani stood opposite them, smiling with missing teeth.


After the men left, David wanted to call his mom right away, but Caroline suggested they surprise her instead. At noon the four of them headed out. It was cloudy outside and a little windy, but it didn�t look like rain was going to fall anytime soon. Toluwani and Kehlani led the way on the sidewalk, while David and Caroline walked behind them chit chatting.

When they ran out of things to say, he turned to look at her for a second, looked away, and then looked at her again. �What?� She asked.

�Your eyes.�

�Oh, I have contact lenses on.�

�Oh, that makes sense. I was going to ask what happened to your glasses.� He said and she smiled. �I know you had glasses on when I first saw you, unless I was dreaming.�

�No, you definitely weren�t dreaming.� She said with a little laugh.

�I can�t believe all that happened in 24 hours.� David said.

�I know right; It feels like it was 24 days.� She said.

They walked in silence for a few minutes till Caroline stopped and said, �Alright, we are at the midpoint. I think we can stop here.� Kehlani said bye to her friend and walked over to her sister�s side.

�You�ve been to our house before?� David asked her.

�Yes, a couple times. Kehlani gets dropped off from school at your place sometimes.�

�Oh. I didn�t know that.�

�So�Umm�If this was a movie, this would be like the last scene right?� She said with a smile.

He laughed lightly before saying, �You know I don�t have to leave today.� He looked at her as she bowed her head to avoid making eye contact with him. �Do you want me to stay?�

�Umm�Yeah, kind of.�

�Okay. I�ll find an excuse to tell my dad.� He said and she smiled at him. �I think I owe you a date. We kind of skipped that when I ended up on your couch.�

�A date would be great.� She said between laughs.

�Okay then. I�ll call you later in the day.�


They were about to turn around and head in opposite directions when Toluwani said, �You forgot something.� Caroline and David looked at her confused. �You forgot to kiss.� She said and they couldn�t help but laugh. When they got quiet, and neither of them moved, David put his hand around Caroline�s waist and pulled her in for a kiss. �Eww!� Kehlani and Toluwani echoed as they covered their faces with their hands.



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