Oga Awua

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(Oga wey dey for khaki:
Why u cum dey hold me
Like say I hold your car keys?)
If we are observing shelter in place
Should that imply not to go to our workplace?
We are the Dead, buried alive;
In hunger & anger —without 5 alive
Only a madman will point a gun at a living dead
You hold my arm, seizing me down, not to find my daily bread

(Oga awua, Fela’s Zombie
If na dem send you work, apply ur number 6
No dey do like say u be *Dondi)
We are the keepers of this dead end
Do not fit yourself into their greedy àdìrē
Free us. And let’s sell out our sachet waters
To the hands that’ll let out water of life
Afterwards, I have turned myself Lágbájá
What else do you want —palaver?
You want me to stay at home, turning leper,
Without no daily meal, no figured paper?
_What a mere shattered dream!

Oga awua,
Do I look like snake in the grass?
If not. Are you after the thing in my bras?
If you don’t let your filthy hands go off me
I will clamour for help, and charge you to the court of He:
That you deprived me of my daily meal

©F Ayodele Mojisoluwa


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