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My Birthday Party

My Birthday Party – Episode 29

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A story by Miriam Edem


The next morning Stella slowly woke up and didn’t find Winifred on the bed, she got up checking the toilet but she wasn’t there.


She left to the kitchen and saw her there, “awake already? She asked behind her.

“Yes good morning Li……, sorry good morning, Winifred replied and she smiled going closer.

“Good morning Winifred, you should not be doing this nau I can take care of this, Stella said.


“This is what we do everyday I and Lily, Winifred replied and her phone began to ring.

“Sorry I’ll go get that, Winifred said.

“No problem, Stella replied as Winifred left the kitchen.


“Hi good morning, Winifred said.

“I hope I didn’t disturb your sleep? Oliver asked.

“Not at all I was awake already, she replied.

“Will you be going to school? Oliver asked.

“No I don’t think I will, not after what happened yesterday. I don’t know how I am going to face my course mates who came to my party for the very first time to see such mess. I don’t know what they will think of me now, Winifred said.

“Don’t disturb yourself too much, I’ll be there soon, Oliver said.

“Okay, what should I prepare for you? She asked.

“Anything, wait, do you want to prepare something for me? Oliver asked.

“Sure, are you coming with your friends? She asked.

“If you want me to, he replied.

“There’s no problem, Winifred said.

“Seriously? Then we’ll be there soon, Oliver said.

“Don’t make it too soon, see ya till then, She said.

“Bye dear, Oliver said and the line went dead.


“End the smile and tell us something joor, Johnson said.

“Winifred will be preparing something for us to eat, so we have a date, Oliver said.

“We or you? John asked.

“We have a date, so we’ll be there soon, Oliver said.

“So you mean I shouldn’t eat this morning? Johnson asked.

“Good question, Alfred added yawning.

“I didn’t stop you guys from eating o but you see this mouth, Winifred food will get in there first, Oliver said.

“That’s your business, Alfred meet me in the kitchen, Johnson said.

“Who and who? Do you think I am eating that your concoction again? Alfred asked.

“I will continue to say this, thunder will fire you! Johnson shouted and they burst out laughing.


“But that food purge me o, see as my belle dry, Patrick said rubbing his stomach.

“Jealousy, can your girlfriends even huh? Johnson asked smiling.

“Just get out from there and finish that food. Remember to waste food is a sin o, John said.

“Whatever! Johnson said and left to the kitchen.


“Guys I’ll be back, let me see how Lily is doing, Patrick said putting on his shirt.

“You don wear pampers? Johnson shouted peeping at them.

“My friend get in there and lock yourself till you finish that food mad man! Alfred said to him.

“Are you going to join us at Stella place? Oliver asked him.

“Yes so don’t wait for me here, I hope I will be able to convince Lily to go with me there, Patrick said.

“Ahh please do so and I’ll be so grateful, Oliver said.

“OK see you later, Patrick said and left the house………….


“Its Oliver, sorry I should have told you this first, Winifred said to Stella.

“Told me what? She asked.

“I invited the guys over to come here and eat, I don’t know if its okay by you, Winifred said.

“Seriously? Why are you still standing common let’s start doing something, Stella said.

“ERM I was thinking what are we going to cook? Winifred asked.

“Rice nau please don’t go to the soup area, Stella replied.

“OK but I have a problem……….. “Go in there, on the table, get the fidelity bank ATM and withdraw, Stella interrupted her.

“Urghhh not that because the bills will be on me. I am not with my clothes and I………….. “Baby girl get in there and put on any clothes you want, Stella interrupted her again and Winifred smiled at that.

“Thank you, Winifred said and fled from the kitchen…………..


Patrick arrived at Lily door and knocked on it, she gently opened her eyes and found out she slept off on the floor.

“who’s there? She asked.

“Its me, Patrick replied and she slowly got up and opened the door.

“Good morning, she greeted when he got in and he locked the door behind him looking at her.

“Erm am sorry i’ll go wash my face now, Lily said trying to clean her face with the back of her palm.

“I’ll do that for you, Patrick said and took her hand leading her to the bathroom.


He gently washed her face and pointed a brush and a toothpaste for her.

“That’s not mine, she said.

“I know, you left yours at home so I got you a new one when I was coming because you will need it, he said putting the paste on the brush.

“Thank you, she gently said.

“No problem, now open your teeth, he said and she burst out laughing.

“Seriously? Nah I’ll do that myself, she said trying to get it from him but he held her.


“Its not a new thing right? Because I remember we always do this until we got separated, Patrick said and Lily countenance dropped.

“I… I…Pat…… “It’s okay, I don’t know about you, but for me nothing has changed, Patrick interrupted her.

“You mean? She asked.

“I didn’t stop loving you, Patrick said and a tear dropped from her eyes and she left the bathroom immediately.


“Patrick we shouldn’t be talking about this, not now please, she said when he followed her out.

“when Lily? I was separated from you and Painfully watched you pushed me away and loved another man yet I waited. I had to join that team to bring Joseph down so i can be with you, now you think we shouldn’t talk about this? Patrick said.

“You shouldn’t have love me anymore, not after what I’ve done. I don’t deserve this, Lily said.

“That wasn’t your fault and my heart understood that and patiently waited. What can you say about that now? Should it continue to wait? How many months or years is left just tell me, Patrick said and Lily lips was shaking in tears already.


“I am so sorry, I was too blind not to see what you were going through. Winifred was right, I only think about myself, I am so sorry, Lily said.

“I don’t think that’s true, the Lily I know cares for her self and others. At that time the situation was different and you had to believe what you see, but just as you told Winifred, you didn’t know all about me and you easily believed i could cheaply cheat on you that way,  Patrick said holding her.

“I am sorry, I am so sorry, Lily broke down going on her knees.

“That’s enough please, you’ve cried enough, Patrick said taking her up and hugged her tightly while she cried on him.


After a while he took her to the bathroom and insisted on brushing her which she kept laughing in the bathroom just like old times.

“I’ll leave you to take your bath now, Patrick said and slowly left the bathroom.


Minutes later she came out and saw a cream on the bed with a gown, “you bought this too? She asked.

“Yes, that was yesterday night after i left you. You didn’t bring anything with you down here and i hope you haven’t changed your lotion?, Patrick asked but Lily was just quiet thinking of something.


“What are you thinking of? He asked going close to her.

“Winifred was right, you always make me happy. I can’t really place my finger on what exactly i saw in Joseph, she said and he smiled.

“Winifred loves you so much you know, you made her cry the whole night, Patrick said and she slowly sat down on the bed.


“I know cause I felt it too, I feel i should respect her judgment why she refused telling me the truth because she actually tried to make me not accept Joseph but i couldn’t read the signs, Lily said.

“So what are you saying now? Patrick asked smiling.

“I am trying to say that, i can’t wait to meet my bestie soon. I’m missing her already, Lily said.

“Thank you, Oliver will be so happy to hear this, Patrick said and hugged her.


“Wait, Oliver? Is it the Oliver i know? She asked.

“Yea Winifred boyfriend to be, He replied and her mouth flew open.

“Wait, but he broke up with her and left what happened? She asked.

“He never left, we brought down Joseph together but he was actually hiding even from Winifred because Joseph was haunting him same way he did with me, Patrick replied.

“Christ! Gosh that guy is a b****** and let’s not talk about him anymore. Have you eaten? Lily asked.


“Nop, but let’s say we’ll be going on a date soon, he said.

“This early?Don’t worry i can order for food here for us, Lily said.

“Nah its gonna be a surprise, he said.

“Okay, i can’t wait, she replied rolling her eyes.

“Wait, Are you still going to be on a towel? He asked.

“Yes i feel cool this way, she said and they laughed at that…………….


Winifred returned from the market soon, “we are so lucky, I was able to see what i needed this early, she said to her as she saw her cleaning the house seriously.

“OK I’ll join you in the kitchen soon please, am almost done, Stella replied and Winifred nodded to leave but Stella stopped her. “Thank you Winifred, she said.

“What for?  Winifred asked.

“I don’t know but i feel different today. I can’t imagine its me doing all of this though its once in a while, Stella replied.

“Oh please I have nothing to do with your different feeling today, she said smiling.

“Are you sure you have no hands in this? Stella asked an Winifred burst OK laughing.

“Don’t worry I’ll join you soon okay, Stella happily said and Winifred left to the kitchen………..


Last episode will be released only except I get 100 likes in a hour.


To be continued


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