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My Birthday Party

My Birthday Party – Episode 28

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A story by Miriam Edem


“Finally its over, I think its time I go home now, John said and Patrick shook hands with him.

“Thank you very much, Wont you stay still tomorrow? He asked.

“No problem, John replied.


“Where’s Alfred? Oliver asked.

“He followed the policemen, John replied.

“Hi, Nice to see you and happy birthday, Stella said to Winifred.

“Thank you, your sister? Winifred asked Oliver and he smiled crossing his hands around Stella.


“Sister I’ll say too and a very good friend of ours who helped us so much in accomplishing this, Oliver said.

“Wow thats so brave of you, thank you again, Winifred said.

“Its no problem. So can we start our own party? I believe nothing was ruined right? Stella asked.

“Yes it was, and there is no party for me anymore not when Lily is so angry with me. I need to go home to talk to her, Winifred said.


“We’ll go with you, they said.

“I think I should do this alone, Winifred said.

“No, because no matter how you will explain to her, she will always blame you which we have to go with you. Don’t worry, Oliver said and Winifred had no choice than to accept.


Approaching the house they heard Lily screaming from afar throwing things around, they saw few neighbours outside begging her to open the door.

“Lily, lily open the door its me Patrick, he said hitting the door slowly but there was silence.

“Lily please I am begging you open the door, its me, Patrick said again and the door was open.


They rushed in at once and locked the door behind them, “are you here to pick your things? Lily asked when she saw Winifred.

“Please I am so sorry but I swear I was planning on a way to expose Joseph so you’ll get out from this mess. That was why I became friendly with him so I can get close to him again and get proof against……….”you have no excuse girl so stop telling me s***! Do you think I would have turned a blind eye if you had told me who Joseph really is huh? Lily shouted.


“Joseph is smart, he would have turned things around and then I’ll look like the bad person. I considered all of this before I decided not to tell you, please I am begging you forgive me, Winifred went on her knees.

“Just get out of here before I’ll do something I’ll regret! Lily shouted and Patrick stepped forward looking at her.


“If you won’t forgive Winifred, I guess you will do same with me because I kept the truth from you also. But will you blame us? You were so in love with Joseph and that got us scared you might not believe us and he will get to know about this and come after us, so Don’t blame us for not telling you the truth. But we were working on a way to expose him which we have. Joseph didn’t only hurt you, he did more with Winifred because he was the reason for all her breakups and the death of Duke. He attacked I and Oliver just for his own selfish gains so stop being angry with her because she ate her own part of his hurt. Please forgive her, Patrick said while Lily stood in tears and then looked at Winifred whose face was bowed crying.


“I don’t think I can do this now, I am very disappointed no one really knew what Lily could do. Yes I loved Joseph, but I am not senseless but you guys made me more senseless and stupid, Lily said and walked out of the house.

“Pleaseeeeeee! Winifred cried out and Oliver held her.


“Let her be, you know your friend right? I know she will come around, Oliver said.

“Thats right, she loves Winifred and won’t get angry with her for so long, Patrick added and Winifred looked at the scattered house and nodded.

“I guess I have to do this now, I am so sorry for the sight, Winifred said.

“Common girl you can’t do this now, you need to rest, Stella came in.

“I won’t let Lily come back to sleep in this house in such a condition, I have to do this, Winifred said.

“I know Lily won’t come back here, Patrick said.

“If you want you can sleep at my place, girl you need to rest and this can wait till tomorrow okay, Stella added.


They escorted her down to Stella place “please help me find out where Lily will sleep this night, Winifred said to them as they were about leaving.

“I already did and I am meeting with her there, don’t worry she’ll be fine, Patrick replied.

“Thank you, Winifred said and they left……….


There at home the guys were so quiet, “erm I wasn’t expecting this mood from us, we should be rejoicing right? Johnson asked bored with the atmosphere.

“I know, but I can’t help but think about Winifred. Nothing hurts her most like the way Lily was mad at her, I felt it, she was broken, Oliver said.

“To be sincere, Lily had a point. She should have known her friend by now, maybe she wouldn’t have reacted the way she thought Lilly would. She was wrong about her, John said.


“Maybe your right, but she’s saying all of that because Joseph told her himself. Would she had taken it that lightly without no evidence against Joseph? Alfred asked.

“I wanted telling her but I know she won’t believe me seeing the way we broke up and she was still angry with me. I wouldn’t have stand a chance either because Joseph has this way of upsetting her and making her smile immediately. I mean his charms was strong on her and I don’t blame Winifred from hiding this from her, Patrick said.


“But I guessed we used a wrong date, I wasn’t planning it this way for her, Oliver said.

“Maybe no date would have been more perfect than this. Winifred and Lily will be fine I am very sure of that, please I have to rest my old bones now, Alfredo said yawning.


“A second please Alfred. I just want to thank you all for your support, in fact I feel blessed to have you around as friends. You have made me understand that with love and unity as a team, anything is achievable. I can’t believe we brought down such people within a short time and so easy, and you guys did it not me because I didn’t even know what to do. Thank you so much friends, I wish Stella is here so I’ll personally thank her too, Oliver said.


“Guy its fine, in fact it was fun, Johnson said smiling at him while Alfred tapped him on his shoulder, “I really loved this game trust me, so don’t thank us, Alfred said to him smiling.

“I had no idea of this, but the few days I’ve stayed here, I saw the friendship you guys had and I strongly believe this will end well. So I guess its nothing, what are friends for anyway? John asked.

“Thank you, Oliver said smiling.

“Well i was just a simple investigator but somehow i came to fall in love with this game, and i am so happy it came out good. Its good to have experience right? This is the best experience I have ever had and i can’t wait to play this game again, Johnson said.

“No no, no one will play it again please. Thank you all so much and don’t worry, the party will be a full house, Oliver said.

“Ahhhh that’s sure, but let that be when the ladies has settled their differences, John said.

“that’s right, now goodnight, Alfred said getting up to His room.

“Rest in peace old bones! Johnson shouted at him and Alfred removed his shoes hitting Johnson hard with it.

“I wish you the same mad man! Alfred said………………..


Winifred changed up to the clothes Stella gave to her but she sat on the bed with a sad face.

Stella met with her and heaved when she saw her mood, “thinking about Lily, Joseph or Oliver? She asked sitting beside her.

“You’re right, I feel responsible for everything. Joseph was a good guy, whatever made him turn this way is what i can’t tell. Can love truly be this way? Winifred asked and Stella sighed.


“No doubt he did love you, but love shouldn’t be the reason he should hurt you this way and deny you of happiness. Look girl, you took him as your family, that made him very special and you shouldn’t feel bad about anything because he brought this to himself. If he really and purely loved you, he should have let you go and be happy for you, eventually he will find his own love and be happy again. He shouldn’t have gone this way, Stella said.


“Does he have a chance to leave that place? Winifred asked.

“I have no idea, Stella replied and she nodded.

 ” why are you thinking about Oliver? Stella asked and Winifred heaved.

“I am just happy he had my interest at heart not minding what Joseph did to him. I thought he was gone but he was just there for me, I don’t just know what I’m feeling now, Winifred said and Stella smiled.


“Love, you are just feeling Love thats it, Stella replied.

“Love? Isn’t it too early? Winifred asked.

“Love doesn’t ask why neither does it consider the time. It speaks anytime it wishes without asking for your permission. So what do you feel, do you love him? Stella asked and Winifred stood up pacing around.


“This is not my first time in love, but what i feel in my heart about Oliver Is just something different. Yes i love him but………. “But what? You feel he doesn’t love you too? Stella asked and she nodded.

“What if I am only a best friend? Winifred asked and Stella smiled at her.

“Darling why not just rest your head first, you had a long day today, Stella said hitting the bed.

“OK I’ll try Lily number just one more time, Winifred said taking her phone but lily phone was switched off.

“OK can you sleep now? Stella asked.

“OK goodnight, Winifred said to her.

“Good night dear, Stella replied and they laid on the bed…………………


Lily slept in the guest house that night, but she couldn’t stop thinking of what happened, tears kept rolling freely and she got up looking outside the window.

Memories of Winifred flashed and she kept wondering if she was the one at fault here, “would I have handled it well if she had told me about this? But you should have told me Winifred, Lily whispered looking at the picture she took with Winifred on her birthday………


To be continued


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  1. Hmmm, whispered is not ay fault, if she told u, u may not Believe her! nice oneπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

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