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I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 96

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I Want A Home – Episode 96
®18+ SNVL
© Ireti Adedipe

Flashback back; one hour ago.

Two hummer jeeps drove crazily across the road and blocked the taxi Charles was inside.

Two guys drop down from each jeep with a pistol and head straight for the taxi whose driver had freaked out at the mere sight of the crazy jeep that almost collided with them all of a sudden.

The guys opened each back door and ordered Charles to come out instantly while the driver of the taxi was asked to turn down.

Charles freaked out at the sight of the gun and quickly come out, he raised his hands and quickly obeyed when the men ordered him to enter one of the jeeps.


“Take the cloth off his head and wake him up” Sunny instructed the two men behind him and sit down as the men moved immediately to take up the cloth on Charles.

They waited for a moment as Charles gradually become conscious and finally open his eyes while Sunny spoke up without wasting any moment.

“Hey !! Remember me?” Sunny asked as Charles faced him with bewilderment, staring at the figure before him.

He maintained the look for a moment with confusion clearly showing on his face as he noticed the rope on his body.

He looked around him afterwards and made glances at the guys in the room.

“What is it you are called?” Sunny asked impatiently as yet Charles was still looking around the whole place.

He sat properly and made a mean face when Charles eventually turned to him with fright.

“Hey.. I asked what is it you are called?” Sunny repeated impatiently as one of the guys in the room tuned up to answer the question for Charles.

“He’s called Charles Hervey boss”

“How long have you been away?”

“Hey !! I said how long have you been away?”

“Five months boss”

“Hey do not answer my question, I think he’s got mouth to speak for himself” Sunny suddenly rose and flared at the man answering his questions when Charles himself was still looking confused, scared and baffled.

He held the man’s neck with anger and snared at him with rage, he pushed him aside impatiently as the man put on an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry boss, I didn’t…”

“Shut the fuc..k off and get out bruv” Sunny shouted and gave him a hard slap on his shoulder.

He waited for some seconds as the man quietly made for the door without a word, he then turned to Charles immediately.

“Five month” Charles mumbled out with fright. He stared at Sunny again after a glance at the door that was closed by the man ordered out.

He widened his face and finally recalled what he had been trying to remember when he woke up.

“Please don’t kill me, please I…”

“I’ve got no intention in killing you, I’ve been looking everywhere for your friend but I can’t find him. Now if I get straight to the point, where is Steve?” Sunny asked interruptedly almost the moment his phone began to ring.

He ignored the phone ringing in his pocket and maintained his look at Charles who gave no immediate response.

The phone rang and he never buckled, he was still staring at Charles with annoyance when the phone began to ring again.

“Hey Sunny, I need you to get over here. I’ve got something to show you” the caller voice sounded on the phone immediately he picked out the device to answer the call.

“Where are you?” Sunny asked.

“At the car park”

“I wasn’t sacked, I resigned willingly” An aged man was telling the two men sitting on the long sofa opposite the sofa he was seated.

He was an old man in his late 80’s and he was putting on a white face cap on a white singlet. He had his legs crossed and placed on the only center table at the middle of the room.

The room wasn’t as pleasant and good but the furniture and items inside were still manageable despite that its all seem old, including the sofa in it.

The two men sitting on the long sofa were Detective Cougar and Prosecutor Colan. They were both dressed in a casual style but they looked fitted as ever.

“Nobody thought Metlife could got up real quick like that gentlemen. I was one of its employees when the company started with little vision many years ago. I could remember we started the company in North America, as at then we manage a very small building Kim rented for startup.

We had little or not enough, insurance wasn’t even a chance as at then but we were still cool with partnership from companies that were of same interest with us. The first year of the business had no gain because Kim employed too many staffs, there were other businesses he ventured in aside the Insurance company he founded so he was unable to pay his employees and he loses”

Most of the employees however resigned after a year and few months when Kim couldn’t pay up but few of us stayed. I and few other employees who decided to stay took it upon ourselves to help Kim out with his business.

We all managed and agreed to help out by gathering whatever each of us had in stock in other to keep the company running when it was about to crumble only for its first year.

So then we met with Kim one day and we told him about it. Excuse me”

The old man was saying and paused, he coughed and continued again, each of his words were picked slowly as the two sitting men listened to him attentively.

They waited a bit for him to continue what he was saying and watched the old man carried the cup of water placed on the center table.

They waited and watched him drink the water till he dropped the cup and continued again for a moment while they listened well.

“We told him we wanna help as his employees but Kim turned us all down. He wanted none of our help with any of his business so we all had to back down” The man continued and made a chuckle afterwards.

He looked at both Detective and prosecutor who were looking at him and he smiled, one related to another chuckle.

“As at then, I know Kim as a good man, fervent, kind and easy going. He was a widower and he had a little Son. Everything about him was good even though he made no huge progress on any of his personal business.

Few months after he rejected our offer, he got more resignation letter on his desk and more the following week until he was left with four employees including myself.

Of course he was so devastated, the death of his wife had really made an effect along his business failure.

Most of his properties got sold and everything else to pay the debt he owed on the business he had ventured unto. He failed totally, but to cut my story short, few weeks after he was almost done with everything he owned, I do not understand how its happened but he just suddenly rose as high as ever.

He’s debt were paid off, his business continued in many folds and he moved the company from North America to San Francisco in just one week”

The old man mumbled out with confusion clearly on his face as he explained. Detective Cougar and the prosecutor glanced at themselves and turned to him.

“You’ve just gotten to the part we’ve got our questions sir, we know you resigned few weeks after the company was moved to San Francisco” Prosecutor Colan spoke.

“Why did you resigned?” Detective Cougar asked.

“I had to resigned gentlemen, the impact of increase was massive. It was so suspicious after I and the other employees made investigations thinking a corporate organization or a bank had loan Kim financially but it was so devastating to discover Kim got the massive increase illegally.

There were different records of transactions, drug lords and powerful people turned the company to a vault, embezzled money had no trace and there were series of assets and records of top most secret organizations that affect the world globally”

The old man explained with shock, he widened his brow at the men and from his looks, it was as if the shock was still fresh and taking a full ton on him.

“They tried to exterminate us. We the rest of the employees”

“All four of you?” Detective Cougar asked with curiosity, noticing the look on the old man.

“Yes. We were old employees who knew too much, we helped Kim alot until we discovered a particular secret organization had their record with us. Thus, Kim sent men to kill us quietly”

“This organization, we’ve heard about their fairy tales abit but what do you know specifically about them?”

“All I know is they are top secret organizations called Seth. They obviously control many countries in the world and their members are top most powerful people in the world”

“These records, what can you say about it?” Prosecutor Colan asked.

“I know only few things about it but I have a close friend who knows much and can tell you everything you need to know”

“Oh and how can we get in touch with him?”

“Anytime you want, he’s just about seven blocks away from here” the old man answered.

7:46 pm

About four Lexus jeep containing Lord Nathaniel’s men were moving with speed on the highway road.

Lord Nathaniel himself was inside the third jeep with three men, all of them equipped to the teeth.

There were about 200 pounds of cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and opium inside the boot of the third jeep. Hence, explains the need for weapons and the levity of the jeep speed.

The four vehicles were moving in extreme speed and they had been on like that one and half hours ago.

Soon, there was an instruction of a slow down from the leading vehicle finally after more than an hour.

“We are approaching position, stay grinded” one of the leading men inside the first vehicle said into his chip.

The vehicle turned to another side of the road and the other vehicles followed. The new road was un-tarred with different bushes at the sides and the whole speed was however reduced.

Soon, the first vehicle slowed down and alighted. The three other vehicles behind it slowed down likewise and alighted.

“My lord, we are in position. Permission to proceed?” The voice of the leading man at the first vehicle sounded on lord Nathaniel earpiece.

“Do we have other parties in sight?” Lord Nathaniel asked.

“Yes my lord, they are here”

1:06 am

Maidenfrem University.

Boldly written was the University name at the border entrance.

The whole place was entirely pure and filled with lights as if it’s broad daylight.

The border entrance was empty and the gate of the university was locked. Of course no movement of cars or person was expected at that time of the night.

Few security officials were at the small placement under the big concrete gate and one of them was seen walking around the border gate.

About some metres away to the border gate was a vehicle parked, Steve, Derrick, Jason, Margot and Jakoby were seated inside.

Derrick sat at the driver side, Jason at the front side when Steve, Margot and Jakoby were seated at the back seats.

“There are only two entrance into the place and they are same with exit. The place would be less guarded or not guarded at all that’s why we have to get inside and get out within 20 minutes. Their library is not difficult to locate as stated, it is very much close to the Admin block”

Steve announced as they all watched the border entrance and everything around. The security who was walking around had stopped and was now seated.

“Derrick and I would proceed to the other border gate while Jason and Lord Margot would get in through this gate. Jakoby would be our eyes inside and he’d be inside the vehicle” Steve added as they all listened. He met the eyes of Margot who looked at him immediately he mentioned her name, reflecting the Lord before the name.

She smiled and formed her brow when Derrick looked at her face through the rear mirror even though Steve pretended he didn’t see her look at him.

“Good. Let’s do this” Jason spoke up and nodded. He opened the door and got out before Derrick who was still looking at Lord Margot got outside too.

Margot opened the side of the door and got out before Steve who was seating at the middle got out too, leaving only Jakoby inside the vehicle.

They all nodded in affirmation before Steve and Derrick began to walk away while Jason and Lord Margot took another direction.

“We shouldn’t be trusting her Steve, she’s a drug lord and could betray us” Derrick told Steve as they both head to another direction, watching Lord Margot and Jason walk away from the vehicle.

“Margot is not the only one I can’t trust Derrick, I can’t trust the ex soldiers likewise. What we are dealing with is much bigger and I do not expect loyalty from any of them” Steve was saying when a message pop up on his phone.

“Nathaniel just fall into my trap, I hope the deal is quite intact?” the message boldly shown on the screen.

To be continued..

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  1. This sunny juz amazes me. How would he think of kidnapping charles when there are better pple to kidnap. He ….. Seems his sojourn from death hasnt taught him anything.
    what is gonna happen to nathaniel?
    action on the next episode i believe. Todays episode is short ooo for the interval of a week

  2. Lord Margot play d role of JOEL. Hope the message is not Distraction. Steve nd his group stay safe

  3. Can't wait for the next episode to commence this story is one of my favourite in this site but due to lack of updates from the writers I lost interest, but I think the writer has earn back my interest with his consistency. More ink to your pen bro

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