I Can’t Stop Thinking Of This Guy

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There’s this guy I met in school and there has been this connection between us. We have gradually become friends. I find myself staring at him most of the time and when he tries to catch me, I hide my face. I have also observed that he stares at me a lot too and smiles and then says hey to me.

We had a small talk in school too. I didn’t know he stayed in campus too so one night when I was going out to read, I saw him, like I couldn’t believe it because I thought I was not going to see him again after they declared the two weeks strike, till it was called off. So I was really shocked and happy when I saw him. Then he hugged me and I hugged him too and held him tight.

So he then asked if this was my room and I told him yes. He told me he just escorted his friend that just finished cooking for him. I felt bad hearing that because I felt they had something more. So he then asked me which church I’d be attending the following day, I told him and he said okay and told me good night. He didn’t even ask for my phone number. I wonder why he didn’t.

The other day he just saw me and didn’t talk to me and i felt bad for that. So after that day I saw him and he was just busy staring at me and smiling and I wasn’t really in the mood for that but I still stared back. He then told me hey and passed. He was with his friend and I greeted him too and passed.

So the last day I saw him, I was coming back from church and was hoping I’d see him again one last time before I traveled. Lo and behold, I saw him coming towards me with some of his friends. He then hugged me and we had a small chat. I was still hoping that he’d collect my number, still he didnt..

I dont know if he wants to have something with me or not since he’s yet to ask for my number..

Please guys I need your thought on this cuz I really want to go into a relationship with him..
I want to know if he likes me or bidding his time or just playing around.


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