7 Signs That Your Girlfriend Will Lead You Into Poverty

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Some girls are just naturally destroyers of destiny. When they come to you, things just start to go down the drain without you even noticing. And when these happens to boys, most times they are blinded by love and do not even know the signs.
However, if you are  observant, careful and overall prayerful, you should be able to know that this girl you’re about to date or you’re dating currently will lead you into penury. I have listed below the signs which you should look out for.

  • She depends on you for most of her needs. 
Hey! You’re dating and not married yet. There should be a line. Even when you’re married, a responsible woman will always try to do somethings by herself and involve you in only those things that are your responsibility or where she really needs help. When a girl depends on you for monthly subscription, money for textbooks, money for hair, money for clothes, money for shoes, then you should know that she might wreck you especially if you’re a low income earner. I’m not saying you can’t buy these things if you have the money but when she depends on you for them, RUN.

  • She doesn’t care whether you spend on yourself on not. 
Imagine your girlfriend seeing you on a worn out sandal and she’s wearing a very expensive shoe and she’s still trying to force you to buy another shoe she needs for a party at weekend. Or you haven’t subscribed for a month because of lack of money and she’s aware of this but she’s reminding you of her own subscription which is yet to finish without thinking of a way to share hers with you. That girl is trying to use your head, RUN.
  • She offers to sleep with you everytime she needs money.
This girl has seen you as a “mugu”. If she makes a request from you and you complain about not having money, she lures you to bed, hoping that you’ll accept to give her the money during or after the act. Please, RUN.
  • She is never concerned about how you make money 
You keep giving a girl cash and and keeps coming back for more without wanting to know how you get the money, or without asking to know how you take care of yourself after giving her the money. She is a destiny destroyer/gold digger, RUN.
  • She spends all her money on frivolous things.
This might be a little tricky and I may not say RUN because a girl may truly love you but has the wrong background or mentality and would always waste money on unnecessary things, it might not even be so much of your money she’s wasting. What you need to do is to try and educate her aright and let her see that life is more than those things which she spends money on but if she doesn’t change, don’t keep up with her because she’ll soon start wasting your money after finishing hers. You can now RUN.
  • She is lazy and not ready to work
If you meet a lady who doesn’t like to work but loves money and loves to buy expensive things. You’re about to add a liability to your life. Let me tell you what will happen when you’re unable to provide her the money; She would open her lazy legs for every d**k and Harry to come in as far as they promise to provide her needs. I don’t think I need to blow a whistle here for you to RUN.
  • She never spends her money on you.
When your girl has never thought of getting you gift, no matter how little it is or even fund one of your outings, you should start to see signs that she’s not going to help your future and you should RUN.
I’ll stop at this point. Let’s discuss, what do you think?
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