Unbreak My Heart

Unbreak My Heart – Episode 9

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Unbreak My Heart – Episode 9


© Miriam Edem


Fummi got home and settled down on the sofa but Nonso was all she saw. She heaved at that and decided to change up but her phone began to ring, she picked it up and it was Nonso calling.


“Wow just when I wanted getting you off my mind,” she whispered and picked the call.


“Hello sir, she said.


“Hello ma, I am so sorry for leaving quite early,” Nonso said.


“I told you it was fine, I handled the student well you don’t need to worry,” Fummi said.


“That was so sweet of you. Ermmm have you eaten?” Nonso asked.


“I just got home so I haven’t, I was with my friend,” she replied.


“Okay I think I have to hang up now so you’ll concentrate right?” Nonso asked and she laughed.


“Concentrate with what? I don’t feel like cooking, besides who am I going to eat with?” Fummi asked and her countenance changed.


“Its just me now, she continued with a low tone and Nonso felt she was down.


“Can we sit out please? I’ll get something for you to eat,” Nonso said.


“Nah don’t worry, I gat snacks and I am okay with it. okay bye,” Fummi said and dropped the call.


She slowly leaned on the wall as her father enlargement photograph was just looking at her.


“How are you daddy? Is brother okay? I hope there’s food there to eat? Fummi talked to the photograph in tears and ran to the room..




Nonso kept calling Chioma number but she wasn’t picking up.


“You need to go now, Chioma said to Festus on bed.


“Too soon? I want to be with you baby,” Festus said and cuddled her but she pushed him off.


“I don’t want Nonso to suspect anything, he has been calling and he may want to visit me to ask why I am ignoring his calls. You’ve gotten what you want right? Now leave!” Chioma shouted and Festus sat up looking at her.


“What? You think what you gat is so rare that I can’t get it any where if I want to huh? Is that what you think of me that I only came here to sleep with you? Fine suit yourself,” Festus angrily said getting up and got dressed while she sat silently looking at him.


“Nonso’s love, do you know her? Chioma asked when he was done dressing.


“Why asking?” He asked not looking at her.


“Because its difficult to believe what you told me, i want prove and I want to see it for myself so I’ll get over it,”Chioma said and he looked at her.


“Are you sure about that? Because I doubt it,” Festus said.


“I want something to hold on, I want to see it in Nonso eyes that he really loves that girl,” Chioma said.


“Then what? You’ll clap for him and walk out of his life?” Festus asked.


“Do I have a choice? Now where is she?” Chioma asked and he heaved.


“You know I can’t tell you that now, I’ll be betraying him,”Festus replied and she scoffed.


“Are you kidding me? Will you just be betraying him or you’ve long betrayed Nonso?” Chioma asked.


“Fine you win, the girl works with him in the same school,” Festus said.


“What’s her name?” She asked.


“How am I suppose to know? I haven’t met her before, Festus said and she nodded.


“so is she a teacher there or something? She asked and he rolled his eyes.


“Look miss, I don’t know how the gate of the school looks like, I have no idea okay. I have to go now, take care,” Festus said, pecked her and left.


Chioma stood up and locked the door after he left but couldn’t stop pacing around,


“Do you really think I will let you go Nonso after all this years then you must be joking. You can’t dump Chioma this way for a low class Yoruba girl Never! Watch me fight back cause you started this,” Chioma said in anger.


Her phone began to ring and it was her mom calling, “hello mom, she said.


“Sweetheart why is your voice that way? Did you have a fight with Nonso again?” Ifeoma asked.


“Looks like mom, can I trust you and promise you won’t tell dad this, Chioma said.


“What is it? Anything darling, Ifeoma replied.


“Nonso is cheating on me mom, he doesn’t want to marry me,” Chioma said and burst out crying.


“What! What rubbish is that after all this years! Ifeoma shouted.


“Mom it hurts but i won’t let him do this to me, I will fight back,” Chioma said.


“No no no dear don’t do that. You gat men waiting and wishing you will just say yes to him, forget about that idiot please don’t do anything funny,” Ifeoma said.


“But I love him mom, mom I know Nonso loves me but something went wrong somewhere. I won’t throw those years away I will fight back,” Chioma said.


“Chioma my daughter don’t do that I beg you, he doesn’t deserve you to begin with. Please come dear i miss you,” Ifeoma said.


“I am so sorry mom but I have to do this, don’t worry everything will be fine and please don’t tell anyone about this,” Chioma said.


“Chioma my dear please come back, you’re schooling remember,” Ifeoma said.


“Mom I still have 2 weeks left, don’t worry mom I’ll be fine and greet dad for me, bye mom,” Chioma said and took a breathe in.


“If you’re not gonna love me Nonso, then who? She asked herself smiling.


Festus arrived and met Nonso with Frank talking, “where have you been man? Nonso asked.


“Chilling somewhere,” Festus replied.


“That you didn’t pick any of our calls because you were chilling? Frank asked.


“What’s the big deal huh? I am back right? And that matters now, I am going to bed, Festus said.


“This early? Frank asked.


“I just want to rest my head, Festus said tapping Frank and left.


To be continued


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