Unbreak My Heart

Unbreak My Heart – Episode 11

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Unbreak My Heart – Episode 11


© Miriam Edem


Chioma called up Nonso telling him she just arrived.


“Okay take care of yourself okay and greet everyone for me, Nonso said.


“Alright take care too, Chioma said.


“I will bye, Nonso said and dropped the call.


“Who was that? Fummi asked.


“Erm my relative, he came to see me. You know my mom sent him to see how I’m faring, Nonso said.


‘Thats too loving of her, you’re lucky,” Fummi said.


“What makes me lucky? Nonso asked.


“You have a mom, not just a mom but a loving mom who cares about you. I see the way she do call and I just wish I had same experience, Fummi said.


“You know what, let’s not talk about this okay. Don’t consider yourself unlucky, for me I think your children will be more luckier than I am, Nonso said and she smiled.


“They won’t go through all that I’ve gone through. I’ll make sure they’ll be a better me by far, even if I have to walk naked to make that true, Fummi said and Nonso nodded.


“Hum that’s sweet and appetizing to hear. I’m inspired, Nonso said and she laughed.


“Of course I won’t let them suffer. What about you? Fummi asked.


“I share in the same dreams. But just imagine if we are together in that boat, that will be more better you know, Nonso said and winked at her.


“You’re not serious. You Igbo’s that doesn’t play with ladies from their place, Yoruba doesn’t even stand a chance, Fummi said.


“Is that what you think? Nonso asked looking at her.


“Exactly, sir you are marking the book wrongly, Fummi said pointing at the book and he saw he placed the red biro on a wrong place.


“Ouch this is all your fault, Nonso said.


“How is my fault nau? She asked.


“Because you’re getting over me already, Nonso said concentrating on the book while Fummi smiled at that.


The guys called up Chioma and they just stayed at Ede too. Chioma happily met up with them to talk things out.


“What’s the girl name and do you have her picture? The guys asked.


“I don’t know anything about this girl but she’s very close to my guy. If you see any girl close to my guy then that will be her, Chioma replied.


“We can’t make mistake in this, you have to be sure, One of the guy said.


“OK I can describe her for you. She’s dark, she made this scanty kind of hair, not too tall and she’s not fat, Chioma said.


“Owk, can I see this guy picture? One of the guys asked and she showed Nonso picture on phone.


“Please be careful in this, I don’t want him to be involved, Chioma said.


“Sure we are best in what we do. He works in the school you earlier told us right? The guys asked.


“Yes, she replied.


“OK we will check them out today. They haven’t closed yet, the guys said checking the time.


“Alright thank you, use this for a start, Chioma said giving them money.


“Alright, we’ll hint you later, the guys said………..




Done with school for the day, Nonso decided to see Fummi off at home for the first time.


“Are you sure about this? She asked


“Why not? She asked.


“Nothing, though I wanted dropping at Jumoke place else she won’t be happy I passed without saying hi to her, Fummi said.


“Wow that will be good, we’ll chill there for a bit before I drop you off at home, Nonso said and Fummi eyes bulged out knowing Jumoke won’t let her be when she sees Nonso with her.


“We don’t have to go there, you need to return back early, Fummi said.


“Am i complaining? I know this your tactics but today I am prepared for you. Oya let’s go, Nonso said taking her hand and left the gate.


The guys were just at the gate pretending to be talking among themselves, “that’s him, one whispered.


“And that should be the girl too, another said and they watched as Nonso insisted on taking a bike while Fummi wanted trekking.


“How many bikes are we stopping? Fummi asked.


“Bikes? Just 1 jare, Nonso said and stopped a bike.


Fummi climbed on it and Nonso followed and the bike took off while the guys climbed on their took and gently drove behind them..


They arrived at Jumoke work place, but she couldn’t stop smiling and Winking at Fummi.


Nonso bought plates of food and drinks for them while they talked for a while.


Done eating Nonso got up, ‘I am going to your friend place, today i must know her place,” He said.


“I agree with you, thanks for visiting, Jumoke said.


“Its nothing, oya let’s go,” Nonso told Fummi.


“Bye, see you later,” Fummi said to her.


“Bye darling, Jumoke said smiling at her and they left.


The guys patiently waited outside, they saw them got into another bike and they followed..




Chioma called up the guys as she was so nervous in the hotel room.


“Yes there are going home now and we’re following them, one of them picked up.


“God I am so scared, please be careful, she said and the guy dropped the call.


“Why is she disturbing this way? If she doesn’t want us to do this job let her tell us jare, I don’t like what I hate, the guy driving the bike said.


“No too vex na, maybe its just her first time and she no sabi say we dey best with anything we dey do, one of them said.


They saw the bike man carrying them slowed down and they quickly stopped the bike and got down.


They slowly strolled to the compound and saw Nonso entering the house.


“OK thats where she stays, one said nodding.


“Will it be today? Another asked.


“Who has such time to waste? Iets finish this once and for all, the one who seemed to be their leader replied……..


“Nice house you got here, Nonso said looking around while Fummi tried lighting the lantern.


“Simple for a girl like me,this is just what I have, Fummi replied after lighting it and heaved not knowing what next to do.


“That’s them right? Nonso asked pointing at the photograph on the wall and she nodded.


“Thats my dad, and thats my bro, all late now, she said and Nonso looked at her.


“Erm what can I offer you? I didn’t know you’ll be coming today I would have prepared something for you, Fummi said and he smiled.


“Seriously? But we are ate Jumoke shop maybe next time,” Nonso said.


“You mean you’ll come here again? She asked.


“Why? You don’t want me to? He asked.


“No thats what I mean, She said fiddling her fingers.


“Maybe next time I’ll visit you won’t be this scared and it won’t be in the evening, Nonso said approaching her while she gently went backward.


“Scared? No am not, I am just…” Nonso placed his finger on her lips.


“Is there anything you’re not telling me? You like me right? He asked.


“What… What are you saying? Fummi asked and he laughed.


“Just joking, I have to go now, Nonso said going outside already.


“OK I’ll see you off then, you won’t get a bike that quick here, Fummi said.


“OK if you say so, Nonso said and she locked the door behind and left with him.


The day was beginning to close on them that they couldn’t see the guys standing beside the house.


They strolled for few minutes and a bike approached, Nonso stopped and hopped on it waving at her.


“I’ll see you tomorrow, he shouted.


“Sure, thanks for today, Fummi shouted back and felt relieved.


“Wow why was I that scared or was I anxious? She asked herself as she walked back home.


She got into her compound and brought out the keys when she saw guys walked into the compound.


Fear gripped her as she rushed to open the door but the guys held her and covered her mouth.


“I’ll help you open the door, one whispered to her and got the key, opened the door and pushed her in locking it.


“Please what do you want? I don’t have anything to give to you, Fummi shivered as she saw the guys looking at her though their face was partly covered.


“We are just doing our job, one said and passed a blow to her……………………




“Fummi! Jesu what happened here? Fummi what happened to you! Jumoke who dropped by that night shouted shaking her as she met Fummi on the floor with wounds on her body.


“Fummi please talk to me what happened here else I’ll scream my head off, jumoke shouted and Fummi gently opened her eyes.


She could barely see Jumoke because her eyes were heavy.


“Who did this to you nau who did this? Jumoke asked crying already as she tried getting her off the floor.


Fummi tried saying something but her lips were heavy too, “don’t bother yourself I’ll let your uncles know about this, Jumoke said and wanted leaving but Fummi held her hand and shook her head.


“OK I’ll call up my mom that I will be sleeping over here okay, Jumoke said and called up her mom immediately.


Done with the call she quickly locked up the door and ran inside to get a bowl and towel to clean up Fummi.


She boiled up water to press her wounds and wanted leaving that night to get her drugs but Fummi refused.


“You need it girlfriend look at you, what animal did this to you! Jumoke shouted but Fummi eyes was closing.


“Are you feeling sleepy or you’re fainting? Jumoke asked confused but Fummi gently laid her head on Jumoke laps and slept off……………


Chioma was just restless in the hotel room and she kept calling the guys but they were not picking up.


“Hey I am finished! She screamed and called her friend.


“Calm down, maybe they are busy that’s why they can’t pick the call. Don’t worry I’ll call them, she said and dropped the call and immediately the guys called.


“What happened to you guys? You almost gave me a heart attack! Chioma shouted.


“Keep your voice low young woman because next time I won’t do business with you again. Why are you bugging us with calls? In fact, the job has been done now stop bothering us! The leader shouted and ended the call.


“Hello hello! I hope you didn’t get me or Nonso involved in it! Chioma screamed looking at the phone.


To be continued


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