Unbreak My Heart

Unbreak My Heart – Episode 10

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Unbreak My Heart – Episode 10


© Miriam Edem


The next morning Nonso left to the hotel to see Chioma and he found her packing.


“Hi, good morning,” she said when he got in.


“Why were you ignoring my calls?” Nonso asked.


“I am so sorry, my phone was on silence and I slept off quite early. I saw it this morning and I was about to call you,” Chioma replied.


“You’re leaving?” He asked.


“Yea its 1 week already and mom called yesterday saying I must come back that she’s missing me already,”Chioma replied.


“And you didn’t care to tell me?” He asked.


“I am sorry, Chioma said leaving the bag and crossed her hands on him.


“I was to stay for just 1 week remember? I didn’t even know it will be over today,” She continued.


“Okay so what time are you leaving? So that I’ll get something in the bank for you,” Nonso asked.


“Nah don’t worry about that because I’ll be leaving now,” she said.


“You mean if I didn’t meet up, you would have gone without me seeing you?” Nonso asked.


“No, I wanted going to the…”


“Still I have the right to know! Nonso shouted.


“Baby I am sorry, Chioma calmly said and he heaved rubbing his head while she held him tight looking at him.


“Tell me you love me one more time, I want to hear it from you before I leave, She said and he looked at her.


“Please don’t bring this now when I am angry you are just surprising me with this. Are you done parking? He asked.


“Baby you saying that doesn’t have anything to do with you telling me you love me. Why are you putting up excuses? Don’t worry about my packing, I will take care of it, Chioma said but Nonso kissed her instead.


“Take good care of yourself, greet every one at home for me and call me when you get there, he said touching her cheeks.


“You haven’t……….”you know I do, I have to run to school okay, Nonso said, pecked her and left the room.


Chioma stood shaking her head when he left, “he couldn’t just look me in the eye and lie that he loves me, that makes it more interesting, she said and left the room to go after him.


She saw him entered a bike and she did too asking the bike Man to follow him, they all arrived and she saw the school he entered.


She nodded and asked the bike man to take her back.


She arrived at the hotel, took her bag and left the hotel to another one still in the area, then she sat thinking of what to do.


“I need to be sure first and know the girl he fell for, then I’ll know my next step, she said and left the hotel to the school dressing simple and covered a face cap so Nonso won’t easily notice her.


She kept asking student where she can find Corper Nonso but they all told her they don’t know such a person.


“Where can I find the teachers block whatever here? She finally asked and they pointed at the building for her.


She slowly walked up to it and saw a lady sitting beside Nonso talking and laughing happily with him.


“I’ve seen this face somewhere, she said to herself but can’t remember where.


“Sir the time is up,” Fummi said to him..


“Ma let’s go, Nonso replied and they laughed getting up while Fummi helped him with the books.


Chioma stood beside the building and she watched them holding hands together as they walked to the classroom and her anger was fueling up.


She got back to the hotel shouting angrily and threw things around.


She took her phone and dialed a number, “baby what’s up? A lady voice came on phone.


“Girl I feel like going crazy right now, Chioma said pacing around.


“Eh? Calm down first what’s the problem? Just talk to me, the voice on phone said.


“Imagine Nonso, just imagine Nonso cheating on me with a small girl. A girl that hasn’t reached my standard, look at the insult, Chioma said and the lady burst out laughing.


“Na today you sabi say yansh dey for back? So men that cheats on their wife with an ordinary maid at home nkor?” The lady asked.


“Oh God! I thought he was different. You need to see this girl babe, very dark with tattered hair, girl look at me na. What will a guy want that he will go so low to that extent with such a girl,” Chioma shouted.


“Babe calm down o before blood go rise climb your head for nothing. Men are all cheats, na today your eyes come clear ba?” The Lady asked.


“Abeg I wan treat that girl small lesson before i leave this place. Just small make she taste me see say nonsense no good,” Chioma said.


“Be careful o, beside wetin be your plan?” The lady asked.


“I don’t know na, you sabi say I never do anything like this before so I no sabi,” Chioma replied.


“Where you dey sef?” The lafy asked.


“Osun o, Chioma replied.


“Ah I get person for that osun na, shebi na just small touching ba you wan touch am?” The lady asked.


“Babe abeg just small, if e pass that one she fit die, Chioma replied and the lady laughed.


“Now you dey fear? Anyway i will hook you up with the guys so you’ll tell them what they need to know. Babe calm down okay, no be today this thing start so take am easy, the lady said.


“Thank you love, you were the only one i know that can help me, Chioma said smiling already.


“Awnn I’m blushing, I’ll send your number to them right away so you guys will talk, the lady said.


“Thank you, we will talk later, Chioma said.


“Ill be waiting, the lady said and the line went dead while Chioma jumped in joy…………………


Done with the class they returned back to the staff room with one of the student helping them to carry the books they submitted.


“The students are picking up, I feel so fulfilled now, Fummi said to him after the student left.


“Yea, the way they all rushed to answer questions with joy, ahh I couldn’t believe it, Nonso replied.


“And that’s because you came here, she said smiling.


“And maybe because I choose you as the right partner too, Nonso said looking into her eyes and Fummi shyly looked away.


To be continued


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