Reborn In Darkness

Reborn In Darkness by Tisa Phiri

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Reborn In Darkness – Introduction

© Tisa Phiri

“Hey girl lets go out it`s break time now.” Felicia Called her friend carrying her back pack and walking to the front of the class her flayed short skirt for the uniform wagging from one side to the other as she tried to make an impression on the guys as always was her habit.

“Wait up ba guy naimwe, let me park my books you know guys from this class are always stealing books” her friend Ritah responded rushing to park her English exercise book.

“Where is this girl?” Felicia asked peeping outside as she waited for Ritah to finished parking her books.

“She was called by Mr. Mutale. I tell you that teacher irritates me, he`s so broke and drunk and don’t know why he insists on making our friend his girl” Ritah teased as she approached and they both laughed.

“ Yeah he has no idea what kind of men we want to hook up with, men loaded and driving posh cars, not broke teachers who cannot afford a pizza” mammama never! “Felicia shouted as they walked to the school tuck-shop.

“So tell me any lucky finding that kind of man girl?” Ritah Looked at Felicia With a serious face this time.

“Hey guys wait up!” Called Pamela, before Felicia could answer the question

“Hey girl, how did it go with Mr. English?” Ritah teased with a laugh looking at Pamela

“Oh dear it was horrible that man has no class for sure. You should have seen his yellow teeth close. Yucky, so gross!” she responded making a face.

“So what does he want this time?” Felicia asked.

“Ooooh …. You are so beautiful, I know it’s forbidden but every time I look at you my heart skips, you are one of the cutest girls in grade 12 at this school and can give you a good life when you complete. Be my girl And I will spoil you” Pamela mimicked her teacher with gestures.

The girls laughed loudly clapping their hands.

“The man is in love” Ritah shouted

“Love my foot” Pamela giggled

“ I told him if he ever calls me again I will tell the head on him and he shivered like a little boy. Nonsense. Anyway, what’s up with you two? What were you gossiping about in my absence?” Pamela asked her friends about changing the subject.

“Well, I was asking Felicia what happened to her weekend plan of hooking up a rich sugar daddy” Ritah Smile, her eyes at Felicia.

“Oh my dear it’s bad, it’s like I am no longer that fresh anymore. I couldn’t find anyone sensible even at church. Only broke men eyed me” she laughed

“Did you say church? Since when do you go to church my friend you are a joke. ‘

Well, I had to try right? Who knows some rich daddy would eye me” she smiled

“Mmmmm I think we need a plan to hook up rich fellas girls” Felicia Suggested after the girls bought some snacks and sat under a tree talking.

“What kind of plan dear. Our school days are almost over and if we are not careful we will end up broke like other girls. Or worse still dating these breastfeeding boys in this school” laughed Pamela

“Mmmm that no thank you, you guys tell me something sensible” she shook her head

“ Okay let’s get home and think about this tomorrow we can share ideas on how best to get hooked to rich sugar daddies. The best idea will be taken and implemented. Deal?” Felicia told her friends.

“Yeah, deal” they both responded.

“Let’s go before that madam comes to class you know how that b***h acts like she has made it in life” Ritah murmured referring to their Mathematics teacher.

“I hate her “Felicia Laughed.

“no, I hate math and that woman`s guts” added Ritah as they walked back to class.



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