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I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 93

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I Want A Home – Episode 93
®18+ SNVL
© Ireti Adedipe

Three well-weapon equipped men stood behind Lord Ruiz has they all await the arrival of inspector Kelvin who was fast approaching them in a car some distance away.

The men were dressed like agents and they stood akimbo, watching their surroundings and everywhere in arrival of the inspector who were now very much close as they wait patiently.

Soon, the car came to an halt and the inspector stepped out. He closed the door and began to walk towards the leg way where he could meet up with Lord Ruiz.

“Good day Lord Ruiz” He greeted as he walked closer to the drug lord.

“Nothing is good about the day Kelvin” Lord Ruiz answered him with a faint sigh when the inspector stopped right in front of him.

“There is a disturbing moment I needed to look into”

“What’s that your lordship? Is it about the attack weeks ago?”

“Fairly not Kelvin, you’ve helped enough by dissuading the cops, and may I ask what the police force had discovered about the attack so far?”

“Nothing yet your lordship, two different attacks happened that same day. We had a report from the arm forces that there was an illegal planned transportation of missiles away from the country. The army had to take charge and an immediate curfew was declared by the government. Nothing as such happened thereafter but it was believed that the criminals might have stopped their plans due to the entire coverage by the military”

“hun, well, have you come in contact with Steve Jones?”

“Not yet but I would catch up with him in due time”

“hun well, I met with Steve Jones personally four days ago and he made me an offer”

“Offer !! Kelvin rephrased.

“Yes. He wants me to eliminate Nathaniel in exchange for…” Lord Ruiz said and stopped. He looked at Kelvin’s eyes and maintained a stares.

“In exchange for what? What are you not telling me?” the inspector asked inquisitively and stared at lord Ruiz the same way.

“That’s why I called you Kelvin, I’ve got few things to tell you, please come with me”

Jason, Jakoby, Derrick and Steve with a Doctor were standing behind the bed Joel was laid as they watched the doctor administer treatment for Joel.

Margot was sitting on the bed close to the one Joel was placed on, she had bandage on her wounded elbow and a slight one on her shoulder. She was also watching the doctor while he administer treatment for Joel.

The room they were inside was a little big, shady and has different kinds of old furniture’s in it, the chairs as well as the beds.

“Ehm. This man would need to be taken to an hospital, the bullet wound would not heal if he remained here” The doctor announced and broke the silence in the room four minutes after he scanned through Joel’s body.

“I thought you said he’ll be fine” Steve spoke up.

“Yeah but he might develop total internal injury with his level of wounds if he isn’t taken to an hospital for proper treatment” the doctor turned to them and answered.

“What are his chances of survival?”

“If I have to be sincere, he’s chances of survival in here is equal to zero, there are better equipment he will be examined with only if he’s taken to the hospital”

Steve made a faint sigh and crossed his arm as the doctor spoke and turned to them. He nodded and made a glimpse at Margot as Jason talked to the doctor.

“We understand your concern Doctor. He’d been taken to an hospital as prescribed, thanks for your help”

“Okay then.. Can I take my leave now?” the doctor asked.

“Yes, you can go” Jason added as they all watch the doctor stepped towards the box tools he brought, he returned all the tools he used into the box and closed it, he carried and got out of the room while they all watch him leave.

“How do you feel?” Steve spoke up as the door closed. Jakoby and Derrick moved to the bed Joel was laid while Jason pulled a chair to sit.

“Huh.. I am good” Margot on seeing that Steve was talking to her answered. She faced him and placed her legs on the bed, she also made a glance at Jason who pulled a chair.

“Good” Steve reckoned and nodded.

“Guys. We’d get out of here in an hour, Derrick please get the car ready” He announced to everyone in the room.

“What about Joel? How do we move him?”

“We’d move him as necessary, this place could be discovered in no time and we need to be alert always” he answered Derrick’s question.


“The news is everywhere dammit” Franklin slammed and made his fist beside Valentine.

Three men were with them in the room and each were working on a laptop.

The identity of the men who attacked his place were still unknown and especially Franklin was getting more impatience.

They were behind the three operators and remained in silence until three minutes when the door to the room opened.

Abu stepped inside the room with an android phone and stepped close to Valentine.

“I found them” he spoke up as Valentine and Frank turned to him. He quickly stepped forward and hand over the phone to Valentine.

Val collected the device and stared at the screen, a picture of lord Nathaniel was displayed on it.

He made a smirk and a wicked chuckle followed.

Harrison William and his wife were forcefully made to sit down as directed by Lord Nathaniel.

A television set was about some distance away to them and a life broadcast was on air.

Khora and the two men who brought in Harry and Dorcas stood behind one of the sofa.

Mrs. Dorcas let out a scream as the dead body of her son was shown on the news bulletin.

She held unto Harrison who felt disarray watching people gathered round the dead body of his step son while few police officers arrived the scene. The scene was paused and a clear picture of Douglas was shown.

He’s skull was found deformed on the ground and the news caster continued the report.

“The police are still investigating the cause of his death which it is still believed that he fell from the top placement of the building according to what the police found out, the cause of his death remain unknown but the police are under investigation.

Earlier on, there was an explosion at Chairman Harrison William multimillion mansion where dead bodies were found everywhere. The whereabouts of Chairman Harrison and Mrs. Dorcas William remained unknown and the police had began a tour. Stay tuned as we bring you more reports”

The news ended and the TV turned off. Lord Nathaniel dropped the remote and smiled when Harrison turned to him while his wife screamed.

“Nathaniel you will regret ever doing this” Harry barked on the seat.

“Uh really? I am just getting started” Lord Nathaniel said with a smirk and tapped his fingers. Khora stepped forward immediately with a digital video camera and one of the men behind the sofa grabbed Mrs. Dorcas neck from behind. He pulled her up from the sofa and point a pistol on her head, he hit her from the back and pushed her towards Khora, he made her go on her knees instantly and he turned behind her with the gun directly on her head.

Harry tried to stop them but two quick slaps landed on him from the second man behind, he tried to stand up too but the man dragged him back and gave him a slap on his face.

“You better corporate and do whatever I say you do” Lord Nathaniel spoke up to stop his wrestle.

“What are you doing? What the fu..ck do you want to do?” Harry barked as he breath profusely. He widened his face just as Lord Nathaniel smiled.

“What I want you to do is very simple, you are going to look well into that video recorder and you are going to tell the world Valentine, the founder of Zee’s Xpress was behind the explosion in your mansion and was also behind the death of your step son” Lord Nathaniel announced.

“What?” Harry exclaimed and nodded negatively just immediately the man holding unto the neck of his wife tightened his grip on her head, making her sound in pain.

“Never, I would never do that” Harry shouted and frowned just as Lord Nathaniel suddenly burst out in laughter.

The pitch at which he laughs reflects that of mockery and anger. He was still laughing and everyone of them watching him except Dorcas who was pinned down when he suddenly stopped at a point like a crazy fellow.

“You are going to do as I say Harry” Lord Nathaniel spoke in anger.

To be continued….

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  1. Inspector Kelvin in this s***.
    Mehn, that's giving Valentine an edge oooooo.
    What deal was struck.
    Valentine does not know what is in store for him.

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