Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love – Episode 5

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Forbidden Love – Episode 5

© Francis Agamah




The following week, Fafa attempted to convince my father again to allow him to marry me. He wanted to perform the traditional marriage rites before traveling to Britain to offer a specialist course in Medicine at the University of Exeter on a Scholarship.


As if my father was waiting in anticipation of him, the moment he entered the house, my father spotted him. He hurriedly went inside his room, opened one of his old lockers and brought out an old pistol, and made the gun ready for firing. At that point, Hell broke loose in the house. I blocked the entrance of my father’s room to prevent him from coming out of the room but he pushed me away like an unwanted animal and advanced towards the door.


His intention was evil. I tried all that I could to pull him away from the entrance of the door .He got angry and gave me two quick slaps on my face. I tried again to push him off the door but I couldn’t overcome his strength even at the age of fifty-Five. My last resort was to shout to Fafa to retreat and that was exactly what I did. I shouted, “Fafa, Runnnnn!!!!!!!!. Fafaaa! Run! Run!!, Run for your life!!!


(Narration from Fafa’s Point of View)


I heard Abena’s voice in the distance. She was warning me of something. I sensed the danger and began to run speedily towards the entrance of gate and then I fell down. I picked myself quickly from the ground and surged forward. Her father aimed the gun at me and pulled the trigger. He missed by an inch. My heart missed. I could have been dead if that bullet were to hit me.

I was almost at the gate. Just a few more paces and I would be out. I prayed I will exit the gate before her father attempted another shot.

Then her father shot again just when it was left with a few inches for me to leave the compound. I felt something hit me hard sending excruciating pain through my body. My blood began to drip and I fell onto the ground flat. My vision blurred and I knew no more.




{Narration from Abena’s Point Of View}


The bullet hit Fafa at the gate. He fell on the ground without an “Awwww.” He convulsed and twitched in agony in his death throes as his life ebbed out of his body. What was left was the lifeless body of a young promising man I would have died for, a young man who represents the very definition of pure, unblemished love to me, a young man who stole my heart through no fault of his. Unable to withstand the murder of my lover before my very eyes, my heart stopped functioning for a second and I collapsed on the bare ground.


I later opened my eyes to see myself on a hospital bed, as to how I got there I could not tell immediately but the look on my parents faces made me remembered what had happened. The first words that came out of my mouth were, “Fafa! Fafa!! Fafa!!!


“Where are you?” Oh Fafa, My Love!, Please come back to me!!


My father entered the room. He stared at me wordlessly. My heart was filled with anger when I saw my father because he had taken my lifeline, my soul mate – my heart, My love.


My anger transformed into vengeance when my father called me saying “Abena, Please forgive me. I am very sorry for all that I put you through.


[Narration from Abena’s Father’s Point of view]


I knew I made a fatal mistake. I shouldn’t have shot that innocent boy. Now I have wounded my daughter’s feelings forever.   I tried to make amends by saying, “I only wanted to protect you but I guessed I was wrong. Fafa was not a bad guy. I hated the tribe he came from because my first girlfriend who was a Ewe broke my heart after I showed her immerse love, even sustaining serious injuries in an accident just because I was visiting her. She later got married to her tribe man – a Ewe man. Since then I vowed I would have nothing to do with Ewes and I never ever let go of that stereotypic mindset. Please, my daughter, forgive me”

Abena blurted out her anger on me, “How could you be so heartless? Why? Daddy, why? You have successfully taken all that I had from me – my happiness, my heart, soul and my love. Your apologies will not bring back my boyfriend. I am sorry but I can never forgive you.”


I was arrested and later released on bail to appear before the court in two weeks’ time. I knew how the Ghanaian justice system worked. I just need a good lawyer. I was an ex-soldier and that gave me an added advantage. The more Abena saw me, the more her bitterness for me grew to the point that she stopped seeing me as his father. To her, I was an enemy. I don’t blame her because I knew how it felt to be in love. Akpene, my Ewe Ex-Girlfriend had taught me that lesson


To be continued


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  1. Abena's father was heartless..Simply bcs he suffered heartbreak from a particular girl now informed his hatred for everyone from dt tribe…He shld be killed too.

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