Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love – Episode 4

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~At Home~


At home, I remembered Fafa’s proposal. It filled me with great trepidation. I knew Fafa was a good man but his tribe and what my parents’ reaction would be sent cold shivers down my spine. I moved towards my bed but saw myself wobbling in the web of fear.

I was gloomy because my father had vowed never to allow any of his three daughters or son to marry an Ewe Man.

He always echoed it in our heads day in, day out and I knew his prejudice will never allow him to see Fafa from an objective view point. To him, if you are an Ewe, you are disqualified from the potential suitor race for his daughters, even if you were God-sent. Alas, love had no boundary. I have fallen madly in love with a Ewe Boy and to me, it’s irrevocable, because a revocation of my relationship with Fafa will tantamount to a betrayal of his love.


In order to keep my relationship a secret from my father, I made my friend Afua to promise me never to let any of my relatives or even my father know about my love affair with Fafa. Fafa and I came out with flying colours in the Final Exam with him been crowned the overall- best- student -of -the -year.


Our Graduation was very stupendous. My parents were very happy and proud of me for chalking such a great success. Since I did Business Administration, they promised to support me do my M. Phil in Business Administration to become an Administrative service Manager. As the days went by, my love for Fafa grew Stronger and stronger and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I would be caught by my dad, the veteran of the Second World War. I needn’t wait for long.



{Narration from a third person’s Point of view}


Be careful who smile to you. He or she may be a fake friend in disguise. People who you thought were your friends may be your secret enemies. Fake friends show their true colours when they don’t need you anymore. They don’t keep their words. They talk behind your back and your worst enemies are their best friends.


Unknown to Abena, Afua had become Jealous of her relationship with Fafa because he was a handsome, intelligent and a humble guy who was seen as a national Hero.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to get a stable relationship with other focus-less boys, she tried to seduce Fafa. She cooked and brought it to him, she visited him at odd times, she feigned sickness and asked Fafa to come and see her, she wore provocative dresses like bare-back, show- your- stomach, I’m aware and other dresses that amplified extreme body curvature. Unfortunately, she was not naturally endowed with pulchritude and the dresses did nothing to accentuate her physique.


Then she changed her tactics, after realization dawned on her the most effective way of drawing Fafa’s attention was through the Christian line because Fafa was a staunch Christian. She became a by-forced born again, attending series of church programmes, all nights, prayers, conventions, healings, even joining the choir to sing just to impress Fafa.

Hmmm. It’s sad to say, all her efforts came to a stone end. It was a complete Fiasco. Fafa remained disenchanted by her so- called religious charades.


Then She tried to bad-mouthed Abena to Fafa telling lies that Abena was a flirt, she had chains of abortions, she had epilepsy, she was cursed by her grandmother. She didn’t truly love him, her father hated Ewes. At least, the last statement was true. Abena’s Father abhorred Ewes but her intention was not to warn him but to dissuade him from marrying Abena, her friend.


Seeing that she couldn’t break the robust bond of love between the Fafa and Abena, she decided to break the oath she had sworn to Abena and leaked the secret of Abena’s love affair with Fafa to her Father. My dear Reader, at that point, the battle line was drawn and the story had just burst into life.

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(Narration from Abena’s Point Of View)


I was preparing dinner one evening when I heard an angry, manly voice calling out my name,” Abena, Abena! Abena! Where the hell are you!!!? I rushed out to meet my father.

“You miscreant!!!, You are dating an Ewe boy called Fafa. I warned you repeatedly against that backward, narrow minded tribe. Before I could open my mouth, he gave me a hot slap that felt like thunderbolt. “Oh, No, “Daddy had finally become aware of my relationship with Fafa, the Ewe boy. “Thanks to Afua. God would forever Judge her, “I cursed her.


A good friend always safeguard her friend’s secret. Afua surely wasn’t one of them. She was a bad friend who pretended to have my interest at heart, while secretly, envying me. I’d rather have an enemy who admits they hate me, instead of a friend who secretly pull me down. From that point on, Afua became my enemy.


My dad again gave me a stern warning never to see Fafa again despite all that I said to convince him about my love for Fafa. He shouted, “If I ever see you with that Ewe boy again, I would not hesitate to kill you both. Upon all the good men in this world, is it only an Ewe man that you have to love?”

“But are Ewe men not also men, what is wrong with dating them?” I asked.


“Shut up, and don’t question me, “he shouted at me.


I told Fafa about the incident and he decided to take the bull by the horns by seeing my dad. As I expected, my dad drove him out of the house with a stern warning, “STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER! YOU SCALLYWAG.” WICKED PEOPLE, JUJU MEN!!!!


For about two weeks, I didn’t hear from my love one. I became disturbed by this development and decided to pay him a visit. After all, Mohammed have to go to the mountain if the mountain would not come to Mohammed.

When I went to Fafa’s house, I was stunned to see a young light brown skinned lady in his room laughing meekly with him. My heart sank.


“So this is what you are busy doing, frolicking around with ladies? I thought you are different but it’s obvious all Ewe men are the same, a band of cheats who chase anything in skirt, “I said angrily.


“I turned to the young lady and said “You boyfriend snatcher, who are you and what do you want with my boyfriend? “She looked surprised but I didn’t care.

Fafa said, “Abena, you don’t need to worry about Vivian, she is my……”


“Sister?“I cut in. “liar, I know it. How many sisters do you have? Maybe my dad’s admonition about you is true after all.

Without waiting for further explanation, I pounced on the young lady and began beating her but she proved stronger and defended herself, the result of which was me having a sore eye. Had Fafa not intervene in time, She would have hurt me more.

Unreasonable jealousy is a betrayed of trust. As it turned out, I later found out that Vivian was Fafa’s Cousin but she was staying in Aflao and only came to visit him when she heard Fafa had won a scholarship to offer a specialist course in medicine in Britain.)


I felt greatly embarrassed and I apologized to Vivian for my irrational behaviour. “It’s okay, dear, what you did showed how deeply you love my cousin and I really admire your courage to fight for what you valued, “Vivian said.


I spent the night in Fafa’s room till day break just to test him one more time. Fafa didn’t make a single attempt to even touch my fingers, let alone my genitalia.

From that point on, I vowed in my heart that I would never marry any other man except Fafa even if it meant death to me. It’s either him or no one else. My Father must understand this was a matter of the heart.


Prior to coming to the University, I listened to my father’s advice not to date a Ewe Boy. He recommended a certain Fante boy by name Frimpong Kwame for me and being an obedient child, I decided to give him a chance. The moment I went out with him, I knew he would be a bad boy but my father seemed to trust him. He ended up taking away my pride as a virgin and tore my heart to shred by dating another girl.  Since then, I decided never to allow my father to influence my choice of marriage partner. Fafa was a gem of a man who never asked me for sex before. I vowed I will never leave him. Yes, Not even the cold face of death could be made me change my mind.

The incidence that occurred the subsequent week really put my vow to the test.


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