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Devil In Red

Devil In Red – Episode 61

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Devil In Red – Episode 61


© Goddy Francis


Evening arrived and Mitchel helped me close for the day. We hold hands and walk out of my office , the eyes almost made me trip cause everyone was just staring at us.


” Gold..” Anderson calls.


” I’m outside.” Mitchel whispers and kiss me on the cheek before walking out.


I inhale and walk to meet Anderson who’s standing next to Kimberly. I saw the eyes that follow Mitchel out of the company. Crazy boyfriend freaks.


” Hi , guys.”


” You’re closed for the day ?” Anderson asks.


” Yeah. Why ?”


” It’s 6:pm.” He retorts smirking at me.


” Yeah , that’s my closing hours.” I say to him . He’s really pissing me off. It would be worse if Anderson ever becomes the manager , Kiki’s gonna crumble.


” Mitchel looks hot. Did you guys fought ? He was….” I cut Kimberly shut with my forefinger in the air.


” We need to talk..” I take her hand and pull her to a corner.


” So , what part of knock before entering you don’t understand ?”


” Come on , I’m sorry…” She plea.


” **** me… Are you s***ting me ? Dude , it’s like a habit to you , you find it hard to knock each time you come into my office. I always think you’re peering.”


” No.. Jesus . Fine I’m sorry. Most times I’m just overexcited to check on you.”


” Kimberly , I don’t like it. I need some privacy and I won’t take it if you keep on intruding into my office without knocking my door. I don’t wanna get angry at you.” She nods and smiles.


” Thank you..” I roll my eyes at her and she giggle.


” Gold…”


” Cam..” I avert my gaze at him as he smiles.


” You’re closed ?” He asks.


” Yeap.”


” Is Kiki in ? I really need to talk to her about vacation.” I said.


” You’re traveling ?” Kimberly ask.


” Yeah , I’m traveling and I really wanna stay and work but…”


” Mitchel won’t oblige , I get it. It’s okay , I will talk to Kiki , she’s out. And you should call her too.”


” Sure thing boss.”


” I’m jealous. Where can I find my own Mitchel ? It’s really painful Tobie is gone…” Kimberly says and she’s right , I totally forgot is dead.


” Later guys , gotta run.” I wave at them and rush out of the company.


Mitchel was standing outside when I showed up. Infact he was pacing around.


” I’m sorry..” he roll his eyes and open the car for me.


” Okay . What’s gonna happen to my car ?”


” I’ll send Tom to get it. Get your ass in.” I scoff and entered.


He shut the door and turn around to enter the driver’s seat.


” Where are we going ?”


” To a place.” He replies without sparing me a look.


He starts the car and we’re on the road.


” You talked to Kiki ?” He starts a conversation.


” Nah , talked to Cam instead , I’m gonna call her.” He nods and tap on the wheel lightly.


” What’s gonna happen to your mom ?”


” She’s been calling like forever and I can’t answer now . I know what she wants to say.”


” What does she wanna say ?”


” A lot of terrible words. Trying to remind me that I’m taking a wrong step and then she might even start cursing. I’m just gonna talk to her once I return from this trip.” I sigh and rub my thumbs together.


” I’m gonna talk to her too. She needs to understand I’m really sorry.”


” It’s pointless , she’s still mad at you , and I really don’t want her to stay mad.” He sighs and smile at me.


” I understand , it’s okay.” I nod childishly.


The drive continued as the car halt outside a house. The house Is wow and weird part is it has a gate and an electric fence.


” We’re here.” I inhale and smile to this house. Without being told I knew it’s mine.


Mitchel takes my hand and pull me inside. The gates parted even before we got closer. We entered the apartment and the gates locked by itself.


” Wow ..” I examine the house and the car parked outside , this was too much.


” It’s beautiful.” I tell him as we walked inside.


The decors were expensive and really fancy. A large TV multiple white couch and a transparent wall. I can’t live here alone.




I walk out of the car and stare at this beautiful beach house. We’re in Florida , the girls and I dream place to have summer vacation. After that crazy issues, I really haven’t talked to Perkins literally.


I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone till I try to revive from my emotional breakdown.


” Wow.” I utter looking intensely around.


This is breath taking. To what i get to understand , I think Mitchel spend a lot of money on houses and cars than normal stuffs. This is crazy. I walk into the apartment and smile to this well made apartment that is just decorated with ornaments. White should have been Mitchel’s favorite colours , I think it fits perfectly to everything.


” You can go back to New York. We’ll be fine..”  Mitchel said to Tom who avert his gaze at me.


” You’re sure boss ?” He asks looking at Mitchel.


” Yeah , I’m sure. It’s for a weak.” He reply without any further emotions on his face.


Tom nods and drop the bags on the floor.


” Later , Gold.” Tom flash me a warm smile and look at Mitchel.


” Later , boss.” He turn and walk out.


I sigh and cross my arm to look at Mitchel who locked the door. He’s so crazy.


” So , why did you send him away ?” I furrow my brows at him. He chuckle and pass me a smug look.


So seductive.


” I wanna do a lot of silly things to you..” he says taking a step close to me.


I open my mouth to talk but it obviously disappointed me. I widen my eyes and smile shyly. It’s been long we’ve really been close , like intimacy close. He stops in front of me and touch my chin as he pull me to his bosom to kiss me.


I part my lips and received his lips on mine. I miss this familiar scent and all that. He guard me to God knows where as we kissed. My skin heat up in response as I tug tight to his shirt. He hold the hem of my dress and take them off. I’m left with only underpants and bra as he continued guarding me.


I moan on his mouth as we kiss desperately. I hold his shirt and pull it above his head. He lifts me up and step on the stairs. I don’t even know how we got there. My legs are around his waist as he climb the stairs with me on his arms and my arms are around his shoulders.


He opens a door to a room as he shut it with his legs. I take a breath as I felt my back on the bed. He smirks and grin at me. His eyes is covered with desperation and lust , and love too. He kiss my thighs and my skin tickles. His hands move under my laps as he kissed my laps moving up to my stomach. I wince absently and bite my lips.


I arched my back so he could unhook my bra and he toss it aside quickly. He lock eyes with me as they avert to my breast. He take in my nipples as I squirm under him. His mouth his warm as he move from right to left on my breast. He kiss the space between my breast as he kiss to my stomach , holding slightly to the waistline of my pants.


He look up at me again and pull them down my legs. My breath hitch and i moan in pleasure silently , I gasp when I felt his mouth on my sensitive part down my legs. I squirm and poke my nails into his skin. My skin is hot and it responds to every of his touch.


I chew on my lips and moan his name as he continued teasing my sensitive part with his tongue. I hold the sheets a bit and moan loudly. He stops and kiss my thighs, his teeth slightly brush against my skin and I wince in pleasure.


He moved his hands to my breasts squeezing on it. He lean forward and kiss me. He was fond of this crazy eye contact when making out. I hover on top of him and kiss his hard stomach slowly. He chuckles a little and smile at my face. He grab my waist and pull me up to kiss him again. I’ve lost my breath and I don’t care.


My skin heat up more as I lower myself on him hissing in pain as he penetrate into me. I move up a little and sit back on it. My hips collide with his body as I begin to grind slow. His hands grip on my thighs tighten as I move back and forth on him.


I moan silently and cry too , it’s awkward. I sit up a bit and plant butterfly kisses on my shoulders holding my waist helping me move a little bit fast on him. I squirm on top of him as we kissed again. His eyes move to my bare chest as he take on my nipples slowly. He move on top of me and settle my back on the bed properly.


He kissed my neck slowly as a new hunger arose in him. He pulled out a little and thrust back gripping to my arm above my head. It was always slow with his eyes locked on mine and that takes my breath away. I cry slowly and moan his name a countlessly times.


His other hand release my other arm from his grip as he slayed my legs better. I locked eyes with him and moan in pleasure . His touch made me whimper and moan silently. He kissed my shoulder and then my neck as he lean against me breathing. He trail his fingers on my hips , I felt his lips brush against my already wet skin.


” I love you…” He whispers.


He look up at me as our lips clasp together, gently sucking on them. I breathe in and hold him tight like he was gonna leave.






I smile to nothing in particular and cuddle myself. My eyes slowly parted and I’m alone in bed. I wipe my eyes and reach for my phone , it’s almost evening since we arrived.


I move the blankets aside and I’m still naked. I chuckle to nothing and stand up finding my way to the bathroom. I smile to this exotic bathroom and the bathtub too. Jason didn’t notice me, it seems his eyes were closed.


He slowly turn his head to my direction and smile slightly. I sigh and get inside the bathtub finding myself on his bosom with my back against his chest.


” You’re okay ?” He ask holding my waist with one hand and brushing the other on my legs.


” Yeah. Was surprised i couldn’t find you in bed.”  I reply and look at him over my shoulders.


” Thought I needed a warm bath on a tub.” He Chuckles and kiss my shoulders. That crazy feeling again.


I smile and turn to look at him holding on to the edge of the tub behind him so as he’s in my cage.


I flash him a smile and look at his ears. He’s startled to what i was staring at. I hold his ear and pull out one of his tiny earrings since it’s two.


” I wanna borrow.” I wink and he Chuckles.


” Lemme help ” he snatch them from my hand while I return to my position sitting with my back against him.


He removed mine and kept them aside replacing them with his. They are so tiny but pretty and sort of glows.


” Thanks..” I say to him over my shoulder.


He smile back and pull me closer to himself.


” You’re okay ?” I ask , cause his looks is disturbing, like someone who’s thinking.


He didn’t say a word instead he look into my eyes and stroke my cheek with his fingertip.


” Is there something he isn’t telling me ?” I thought.


” You’re beautiful…” He says and force a smile.








I’m worried and guilty. I felt like telling her the bad news the doctor told me. I’ve been thinking about it since, I reasons i didn’t notice her walk into the bathroom.


I sigh and smiled at her. She’s gonna hate me , fight with me again if I dare tell her she won’t be able to give birth. I don’t want that to happen. I’m not supposed to kill her joy after such long time.


Where will i even start from ?


” Do you wanna say something ?” She ask while I stare at her. My conscience is pricking me. What am I supposed to tell her ?


” Jason !” She snap at me.


I look away and lower my head backwards with a sigh before sitting up to look at her.


What’s definitely gonna go wrong ? I clear my throat and look at her cute black eyes , she’s smiling with her brows furrow.


Here I go…



To be continued


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