ANJIÁLA – Episode 32

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ANJIÁLA – Episode 32


© Bunmi B Gabriel


It has technically been almost a month since we found the last stone. Anji was worried something was wrong but she could do nothing at all to control it. She was shooting a video for her new song. Zander was with her as usual, she carried him everywhere because she was scared something funny will happen if she’s away. My job was to watch him while she shoot the video.

We were in a forest, somewhere quite far from California. Her song had something to do with the a forest thingy, I’m not sure because I don’t really like music, neither am I good with kids. I sat there watching him play with the new puppy Zino bought for him. A great Dane I think. My phone rang, it was Zino.

‘Hey, what’s up?’

‘Nothing, I’m just staring at Anji.’

‘Where’s my brother?’ I looked at him and smiled.

‘Here, he’s playing with Zain’

‘Is Anji watching him?’

‘Why? Do you want to talk to her?’

‘No, you. I want to make sure someone is watching him because he has a bad habit of running off.’ I bit my lip. ‘Is Anji there with him?’ I was bored, I needed to talk with my boyfriend.

‘Yeah, she’s here.’ I lied and bit my childishly. He sighed.

‘Okay, I want to tell you something and you know her, her ears are too sharp.’ I nodded even though he couldn’t see me and stood up.

‘Anji, Zander, I’m going for a work, don’t move.’ I ordered him. Zander stared at me confusedly. ‘Laugh and day White Pemline stop.’ I mouthed.

‘Why?’ He mouthed back. I pouted, he shrugged and laughed. ‘White Pemline, stop tickling me!!’ He laughed. Zander chuckled.

‘I’ll get away now.’ I hurried away from them, sure I felt bad but I just couldn’t help it.

I don’t know how long we talked but by the time I returned, Zander was gone. I panicked, if he got lost, Anji would never forgive ma and Zino….! I’m doomed. I ran off trying to find him, I called out his name many times but no answer. I was sweating badly as I searched deeper into the forest, my heart threatening to rip out of my chest.

‘Zander!!!! Zander please if you’re there, answer me!!!!’ I was crying bitterly too. ‘Zander!!!!’

‘Abbiana!!!!’ I heard her yell in my head. ‘Where’s my brother?! Why is he scared?!!!!’




I ran around the manor trying to find her scent, it didn’t exist. She had a way of blocking out her scent. I had to find her, her father was gone, I couldn’t lose her too.

‘Have you found her?!’ I yelled at the beta and the first search party.

‘We couldn’t track her down. She’s out of the borders.’ He said softly with a frightened bow. Oh God! Lyn was the only one who could find her once she ran off but he was nowhere to be found. I was going crazy, absolutely insane. I can’t lose my husband and daughter at the same time!

‘Mommy, have you found my sisters?!’ My other little girl cried hugging her teddy bear. ‘Where’s my twin sister?!’

‘She’s coming, just hang on Lumi.’ She only cried more and hugged her brother.

‘Mom, where’s dad? Can’t you call him back? He’ll know how to find Luna.’ Kristofferson suggested. He’s my first child and only son, seven years old.

‘Your dad can’t come, he travelled.’ I lied. ‘And I can’t mind link him.’ I felt so helpless.

‘I want my sister!!!!!!!’ Lumi screamed, the ground froze. I didn’t need her breaking into her monster winter mood, things were hard enough already. She wasn’t a werewolfess but she was full ice.

‘Just calm down,’ I cried helplessly. If the missing Luna was ice related, it would have helped but she had no single trait of winter in her, all magic and no wolf. Kristofferson on the other hand was his father’s replicate….

“Stop thinking and find our pup!!!’ Wynter yelled, she was pacing in my head. ‘Our mate has gone mad, dangerous rogues hang around the corner and now our child is missing!’ She was more worried than I was, she hated the feeling of helplessness.

‘Frost! Yes! Frost!’ I shrieked. He could certainly find her since he had a stronger connection to her. Somehow I wonder why me the mom don’t. I closed my eyes and inhaled. ‘Frost, if you can hear me, Luna is missing again. She sleep walked away at night and I can’t find her. Help me, please.’

I felt the normal sting in my brain, my head spun a little, my breathing seized.

‘She’s outside your boundary, southern east borders. Deadly rogues heading her way.’ I gasped.

‘How far?!’

‘Far enough for me to say run!!!!’ I removed my hand from Lumi’s.

‘I found her, I’ll be back.’ I dashed off, Wynter trying to force her way out. I let her out because her speed was much more faster than mine.


I cried as I looked around the forest, I was scared. Zain got lost, I got lost trying to find him. White Pemline wasn’t here to help me. I’ll get eaten up.

‘Mommy,’ I sobbed. ‘White Pemline.’

‘Daddy! Daddy where are you?!’ Someone shouted in tears too. I followed the voice to a set of crook trees. A girl stood there crying and hugging a doll. ‘Daddy, where are you?! Can’t you answer me and come home? Mommy misses you so much, she’s always crying and angry. I miss you, Lumi miss you and Kris too. Please come back!!!’

‘Hello?’ I called coming out from the trees ‘hello.’

‘Who’re you? What are you doing here?’ She asked with a stern face. ‘Don’t come closer or I’ll….. Why are you crying?’

‘Why are you crying?’

‘I got lost, I can’t find my puppy.’

‘I came here to find my dad. He ran away from us.’


‘Mommy, brother and sister. I want to find him so mommy would be happy again.’

‘You’re lost too, right?’ She nodded. ‘Maybe White Pemline is coming to find me.’

‘What’s that?’

‘My sister. She promised to find and protect me anytime I’m scared.’ I wiped my tears. ‘She’ll come.’

‘Something’s coming.’

‘What?’ I asked struggling to walk to her, the ground was rough.

‘I don’t know, it seems li…..’ We both screamed at the howls of wolves. She jumped on me and held my arm as we both screamed. Scary giant brown wolves came out, our screams increased. ‘Rogues!!!! Mommy!!!!!!!’

‘White Pemline!!!!!!’

‘Daddy!!!!!!!’ One ran to us, I screamed louder and covered her. No pain was coming, I opened my eyes and saw the wolf in the air, stiff. We were shaking. The wolf flew away and hit a tree. The others looked confuse. All of them got off the ground into the air trying to escape what was lifting them. ‘Are you doing this?’

‘No, not me.’ I moved back. Auntie Abbie ran off from behind some trees and then another wolf ran in. This one was extraordinarily tall and huge with white and icy blue fur. She roared at the floating wolves. Auntie Abbie screamed and fainted.

‘Mommy!!!’ The girl shrieked and ran towards the white wolf. The wolf was staring at the floating wolves confusedly. She shook her head, her beautiful white mane shaking. Huffed, her breath flew up and froze all the wolves. They fell down frozen. ‘Mommy!’ She hugged the wolf. The wolf licked and nudged her gently with her head.

She looked at me and tilted her head. The girl looked at me too.

‘He got lost too…..’

‘Zanny, are you okay?’ I heard White Pemline in my head again. I nodded. ‘I’m coming, hold on and don’t worry about that white one, I feel she won’t kill you.’

‘Hurry.’ The wolf ran away before I could blink, a woman ran out later and carried the girl.

‘Luna, why did you run off again? You scared me!’

‘I was looking for daddy so you’ll stop crying.’

‘I’ve told you to not bother, I’ll be fine. I’m just glad that you’re okay. Who saved you? Him?’

‘No, me.’ I turned and squealed. She came! I ran to her, she carried me up and hugged me. ‘Sorry I left you alone, are you okay?’ I cried and buried my face in her neck. Everything is so scary.

‘Who are you and what are you doing here?’ The white haired woman asked coldly.

‘My name is Anjiála Delgado, I came here to shoot a video but my brother got lost.’

‘How did you do that?’

‘Psychokinesis, you’re a werewolf?’

‘You don’t seem surprise.’

‘I’ve seen a lot already.’ White Pemline closed her eyes. ‘The last stone is here….have you perhaps seen a black stone once?’

‘With holes and licking darkness?’

‘Yes? Where did you….’

‘That freaking stone possessed my husband and made him lost his mind!!!! My husband roams around this forest ready to kill anything that cross it path!!!’ Pemline gasped.

‘And he’s a werewolf, right?’ She asked shakily.

‘Strongest Alpha. The whole werewolf world is in chaos because of this. I can’t fight my own mate and neither can my brother fight his best friend. He can’t be killed either because he sucks the soul out of every living thing….’

‘Oh crap.’ Pemline murmured.


To be continued



I’ve introduced characters from one of my previous stories titled “The Cold Female”. It’ll be available for you to read here soon.


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