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Unbreak My Heart – Episode 3

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Unbreak My Heart – Episode 3


© Miriam Edem


Fummi dressed up and visited Jumoke at her place of work. Jumoke seeing her was so elated, “hi, I am so happy you finally left that house. You sure would had killed yourself with boredom,” Jumoke said ushering her a seat.


“Yeah my uncle just left the house, so i thought it wise that i needed someone to talk to,” Fummi replied.


“So what had they say about your the burial, i mean your fathers burial? Because i personally think he should be buried quickly,” Jumoke added.


“Yes thats right, my brother car has been sold so the money raised from the sale can go a long way in upsetting that,” Fummi replied.


“They had sold the car? Oh no, where will i stand to be taking pictures now? But why the car nau?” Jumoke said with a frown.


“I can’t believe you’re thinking of pictures now when they are pressing needs to take care of. At least its better if the car get sold than it remaining there with no one using it. But I’m kind of sad because it was sold so cheaply,” Fummi said.


“At what cost?” Jumoke asked.


“N250,000 naira only. Gosh that’s a year house rent for a new and expensive car, Fummi said and Jumoke sighed.


“You’re right, but if its to lay Baba to rest quickly then i think it worth it,” Jumoke replied and Fummi nodded.


“Sorry i am distracting you from work. I think i need a job, what do you think?” Fummi asked.


“Good idea because now you do have to take care of yourself which i know your uncles may not take care of you as they should because they have their own problems. Another thing is, the job will keep you company so you won’t feel too bored and lonely, don’t you think so? Jumoke chipped in.


“Yes i thought about that too, but what kind of job will i get with a just SSCE?” Fummi asked.


“They are many, but it sure will be minor jobs. And oh i just remembered, i over-heard my madam here talking about hiring cleaners for her school, “Maryland Grammar School” (Maygram), you remember that school along Oshogbo/Isokon road ba? Will you apply for it?” Jumoke asked.


“That will be stressful,” Fummi said.


“You definitely won’t be the only one there and the pay is N20,000 a month isn’t that a mouth watering offer for an School Certificate holder where most schools here pay degree holders N15,000 as monthly salary, that’s like N5,000 more to your pocket with an SSCE,” Jumoke replied.


“The pay sounds real good, i can use that to train myself and also add with my farming. I was thinking of cultivating a particular crop on my fathers land, what do you think?” Fummi asked.


“Well good idea, but why not do it a mixed farming were it will gain you more and the soil will be replenished in a way because of the mixed cropping you will practice?” Jumoke asked.


“That will just be for me, i just want to cultivate a particular crop and make the sales big, by that way it will bring more gain. Girl i need to go to school, i want to be a graduate oh,” Fummi said.


“I admire that and i wish you good luck. So do you have any crop in mind now?” Jumoke asked.


“Thank you, but i’ll think about it,” Fummi replied.


“Alright ma, i need to get back to work. By the way what should I get for you?” asked.


“Nothing, i’ll be going home now, Fummi said.


“That quick?” Jumoke asked and she nodded.


“Okay should I tell my madam you are interested in the job?” She asked.


“Yes yes, any need for application?” Fummi asked.


“I don’t know, but i’ll hear from her when she comes this evening. Please take good care of yourself,” Jumoke said.


“Of course i will, see you later bye,” Fummi said leaving.


“Bye,” Jumoke replied waving.



Nonso phone began to ring and it was his mom calling,


“hi Mom,” he said as he picked the call after 3 rings.


“What’s wrong with you? You hardly pick up calls nor even bother to call back,” Chinyere said.


“Mom i am always busy here and i had to run to a place that is less noisy that the Military men nor camp officials wouldn’t see me,” Nonso said.


“This is why i didn’t want you to go in the first place, anyway have you heard from Chioma, your Chioma? She told me you don’t pick nor return her calls either,” Chinyere said.


“Mom i have tried to make her understand that…………”

Chinyere cut in,” You have no choice okay, she’s just worried and concerned about your well-being. If she cared less won’t you think she’s seeing another man? is it now a crime that she’s missing you already?” Chinyere asked.


“I know i understand, but she has to.”

“I need you to call her now and apologize to her. I hope you’re not doing anything funny over there? Remember you have a girl here and don’t you dare disappoint her inugo!”Chinyere shouted and ended the call while Nonso heaved and immediately dialled Chioma’s number.


“Yes,” Chioma said when she picked up.


“Love I am sorry okay its just that you don’t understand me. Don’t worry when you will get here you will understand better and there will be a return match,” Nonso said laughing and apologizing at the same time.


“Nonso no matter how busy you claim you are, my friend’s boyfriend is equally serving at Kogi state, guess what, they talk very well and its like he’s just near. But you, you don’t call nor pick up my calls all in the name of “I AM SO BUSY”, how is that fair! Chioma shouted.


“I am sorry okay, i was tied up with some things that i had to do here in camp, the early morning drills, the lectures, games and everything all happening almost simultaneously following one another. But I promise it won’t happen again, how can i make it up to you?” Nonso asked.


“By coming back home,” she said.


“You know thats not possible love,” Nonso said.


“That’s the point because you’ve hurt me deeply and there’s nothing you can do about it,” Chioma said and Nonso smiled.


“I am sorry okay, don’t worry my calls will be the first thing you will see in the morning when Nigeria wakes up, afternoon and night after Nigeria has gone to sleep before you go to bed. Please just understand with me baby,” Nonso said.


“Which one is when Nigeria wakes up abi Nigeria goes to sleep again?” She asked and Nonso burst Out laughing as he explains to her that Nigeria wakes up by 6am with a beacon sound and sleeps with same at 6am by a way of hoisting the Nigeria flag as well as lowering it.


” Fine, okay fine, let’s just see how you’re going to keep up with your promise. I sent you something on Whatsapp but you haven’t seen it yet why?” Chioma asked.


“No time for that baby, if i had such time i should have called you with it right? Nonso asked.


“OK baby but i want you to check it out and please do me a favour,” she said.


“Okay what’s that? He asked.


“I want you to use it as your wallpaper, can you do that for me please? Chioma asked and Nonso rolled his eyes.


“Alright, alright fine if thats what you want and if that’s what will please you,” he replied.


“Thank you love and i love you so so much, Chioma said throwing kisses on phone to him.


“Alright babe i need to go now and i promise to call you later okay,” Nonso said.


“I’ll be waiting, bye, she said and the line went dead,” Nonso heaved deeply as his friends approached him.


“What’s wrong?” Frank asked.


“I feel like i’m stuck or in one kind of bondage or something,” Nonso said.


“That was your babe right?” Festus asked and he nodded.


“Don’t you love her?”Frank asked.


“Do I have a choice? Please let’s go,” Nonso said.


To be continued


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