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Unbreak My Heart – Episode 1

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Unbreak My Heart – Episode 1

© Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)

“Are you sure you’re okay? Is everything packed and put in the car?” Chinyere asked in a busy mood that got her son smiling.

“Mom everything is set and I have to go now, Nonso said.

“Call me when you get to the airport and when you arrive there don’t forget to call me. Please don’t eat any rubbish they will serve there, I don’t want you to purge, Chinyere said.

“Ahh is it not people eating that food and have they died? Okoye asked.

“Our son is different, and if I have a way I won’t let him go for any service whatever, Chinyere said with a frown.

“Let him have this experience mom, that place is fun and he’ll learn a lot, Peter said.

“Yes and he’ll get to know more about the Yoruba tribe, there’s much to enjoy out there so just let him go, Uchenna added.”

And I’ll miss him so much, Chioma said entering the house and hugged Nonso tight.

“Is it now you’re coming? Chinyere asked her.

“Mom I.. I was…”

“Making up and making over at the same time! Nonso is leaving, and you’re just coming when he’s just about entering the car!” Chinyere shouted.

“That’s enough, please let’s go else you’ll be late for the flight Nonso, Okoye said and they all left the house.

Nonso hugged his Mom, Dad and Brothers who cheered him telling him to be careful and have fun while serving his fatherland.

He got into the car with Chioma and the driver drove off.

“I’m sorry babe, I woke up quite late and I had to look beautiful just for you before you leave,” Chioma said in the car.

“Really, so without makeup you won’t look beautiful right? Nonso asked.

“Babe what do you want me to do? I can’t stand another girl out there to snatch you away from me so I have to look this sexy and beautiful for you always, especially in that camp where you’ll meet a lot of them and that’s so heart breaking,” Chioma added.

“Are you really thinking about that right now?” Nonso asked.

“Babe I’ll miss you, please tell me you’ll miss me too and be visiting else I’ll storm into Osun state,” Chioma said and Nonso burst out laughing.

“Don’t even think about it okay,” Nonso said and pecked her.”

“But thats not assuring enough that you won’t do anything funny out there considering how life in camp is,” Chioma said and Nonso sighed.

“Babe you can think whatever you want to please, if you don’t trust me then that’s your own problem,” He said.

“Now he’s angry huh?” Chioma asked.

“Do I have such time? By the way why are you following me to the airport? please its too early to get me upset,” Nonso blurred out and she scoffed.

“You haven’t left yet and you are already putting up attitude, thats interesting,” Chioma said nodding.

“Please switch on the A.C,” Nonso told the driver.

“Sir, the it’s on,” the driver replied.

“Increase it then,” he added.

“But that is the maximum,” the driver said.

“Gosh its so hot here,” Nonso said while Chioma looked at him surprised.

Nonso arrived the NYSC Camp at Ede, in Osun state and in the process of his registration two guys tapped him from behind.

“Christ! What are you guys doing here?” Nonso asked when he turned to see who tapped him.

‘We should ask you the same man, what’s up?” Frank asked shaking hands with him.

“I’m cool, you guys are looking good. Is this where you’ll be serving?” Nonso asked.

“Yap, guy carry on with your registration we’ll talk later okay,” Festus said.

“Let me have your number please,” Nonso said bringing out his phone and Frank typed in his digits.

‘I’ll call you,” Nonso said.

“We’ll be expecting, bye.” they chorused, cheering him and left while Nonso smiled to himself, “at least this place won’t be boring anymore, he smiled saying to himself.


“Dad, Dad sit up I’ve brought your medication,” Fummi entered the house keeping the basket on her head down.

She fetched water, took out the tablets and went close to her father who was laid in the bed, “Dad get up its time for your medication,” she said but got no response from him.

“Dad! shouted again, and this time shaking him vigorously without any response either. Then, everything became clear to her.

“Dad! Mr Adeyemi!!” She shouted shaking him violently and rushed out crying for help.

Neighbours came and confirmed him dead. Fummi couldn’t help but cry her eyes out.

The pain was too unbearable for her, she lost her only brother a month ago who was involved in an autocrash. He was the family’s bread winner, his death caused Mr Adeyemi sudden ill health deteriorating.

All efforts were put in place to bring him back on his feet but finally he passed on, leaving Fummi to the mercy of his brothers, her uncles.

That evening Mr Adeyemi brothers gathered in his house while she sat quietly with her swollen eyes.

“Ermm once again I am sorry for your loss and our loss, we lost him too but right now there’s no need to cry too much because he has gone to rest. We should think of how we are going to lay him to rest peacefully,” the eldest uncle said.

“Ese sir, I agree with you sir,” Fummi replied and sniffed.

“Good, how much had he left with you?” Her uncle asked and she looked at him.

“Who?” She asked.

“Who means what? How much did my brother leave in his account so we’ll begin from there,” her uncle said.

“Uncle I don’t understand, we all know how much was spent when my brother died in giving him a befitting burial, a lot of money has been spent on Dad’s treatment too so nothing is left now,” Fummi replied.

“Oh but I can see his land, house and car packed outside, isn’t that something? Your brother was a rich man and he died without getting married nor having a child, so where are the wealth he has amassed?” Your father took all of it didn’t he? One of her uncles said.

“My brother was a rich man? Was he richer than Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Otedola or Ogbeni Senator Adeleke? He was just managing a private firm just for a year which they only supported in his burial with 300,000 naira. Didn’t you people emptied his account saying he’s a rich and as such, his burial should be befitting his status because my Dad was sick and he cared less about what was going on. I only got his car from all he’d owned, so is that what you people want?” Fummi asked in awe.

“Young woman you better watch and caution your tongue before I cut it off from you!” Her eldest uncle angrily said.

“Just leave her, she’s still a child. You see that car parked outside, we are going to sell, it after all i don’t know what young girl like you will use it for. Our brother must be Buried well and there’s nothing you can do about it,” another of her uncle said and got up looking at her.

“Ahhhh. How much will you contribute? But you know this is not fair, this is not fair at all,” Fummi said with tears streaming out of her teary eyes.

“You are still a small girl and I don’t know what you need all these things for as a female child. Don’t you want your father to be buried respectfully?” Her eldest uncle asked.

“My father is not that kind of man and i think he should be lowly buried rather than wasting money leaving his daughter with nothing,” Fummi said and her uncle laughed.

“Soon you will get married so don’t worry too much. You are a very beautiful girl and soon men will start trooping in to ask us for your hand in marriage,” another of her uncle said.

“Is that it? So you’ll suck him dry when you’ve done nothing for me nor assisted me with anything. The man that has suffered so much for me has not collected a kobo or drank anything on my head but he is lying straight there lifeless, don’t worry you will drink and get money on that day okay,” Fummi said and they burst out laughing at her.

“We will visit you tomorrow, don’t cry too much okay,” one of them said and they slowly left talking with themselves while Fummi bit her lips in anger..

To be continued


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