Thirty Minutes To The Wedding

Thirty Minutes To The Wedding – Episode 3

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Thirty Minutes To The Wedding – Episode 3



Three days later


[Narration from Rudolph’s  Perspective ]


Dorah was looking very sad. She suggested we go see the Church Elders confess our secret sin. I knew what she said was right. We must see the Elders and confess what we did to them. We were not unaware of the consequences of confessing our misdeeds to the church Elders. These types of Confessions come with public ridicule, embarrassment, shame and loss of privileges in the Congregation.

The next day, we went and met the body of Elders. At first, they were overwhelmed when they saw as. They even cheered us saying,” look! Here come the newest couples in Town. What are you people doing outside? You should be indoor “playing”

They realized we were not laughing at their Jokes. They also noticed our swollen eyes. We have been crying.

They suddenly became formal and asked us to “have a sit.”

After what took like hours, we confessed what we did to them.

They were shocked, stunned, even disappointed but remained equipped. They explained the consequences of what we did to us(This is a mere formality because we already knew it)Then they told us what they would be doing and how we can reconnect spiritually with the organization.


The following Sunday


The General Overseer of the church made a heartbreaking announcement at the Church , ” We are sorry to announce to you that Brother  Rudolph Kurt and Sister Dompoh Dorah have been sanctioned. They are no longer members of this church.

We regretted our action; Lack of self-control. We hope to reunite with the church one day.


—- 6—-


—  Six months later —


~Rudolph’s Point of view ~


Though it was just 6 months since we had been Disfellowshipped

from the church for having sex thirty minutes before our official wedding, I have not forgiven Dorah. I accused her of luring me into pre-marital sex. (Even though it was a consensual agreement)

Whenever I blamed her, She would also defend herself by saying I should have stopped her if I really didn’t want her to have sex with her.

She even reminded me that I was the first person to initiate the sex move the day I came to her house uninvited to watch T.V and she resisted me.

I knew she was right but still, I blame her. In fact, I thought I hated her secretly. All the things that got me attracted to her suddenly disappeared.

Just six months into my marriage,I felt I made a great mistake. I wished I had not gotten married to her because she had made me an atimy in the church;A laughing stock.

I was fast rising to become a highly respected church icon but this incident had crippled my progress.  I hated Dorah.

After a bitter moon (My own word to connote the idea that we didn’t enjoy much sexual ecstasy during our honeymoon* because of the sanction given us for our sin) we returned to work.

It is against the policy of the media Company we worked for to have two lovers in the same working environment. The rationale behind this policy was the lovers would be seeing each other and not concentrate on the official work they are assigned to do. On the basis of that, I decided to move from that establishment to another one. In addition,I progressed from being a News Editor to a News Presenter.

With the new status,I was becoming quite famous since I always appear on planet Africa  TV. A lot of people began to admire me for my superb presentation style- I presented news with laced humour. It wasn’t long before I got a lot of admirers from both my new establishment and the outside world.

My phone could not stop beeping with admirable love messages, the most consistent ones coming from Tatiana- My New boss. She was appointed by the Board of Directors of planet Network Limited as the Chief Executive Officer.

Once your boss begins to admire you, you know you are in trouble.


I remembered how I felt when I met Dorah for the first time. As you already know,  I used to see Dorah as a decent, elegant, kind, graceful, beautiful and intelligent woman. I chose her, and not the others because I thought she had fine qualities than would make a good home… At least that was how I saw her until we had the sexual intercourse that led to our excommunication.

Now things were worsening. I hated it when I had sex with her. It wasn’t pleasurable anymore. Then, there was another negative development. My wife was becoming fat.

I naturally love slim women, and my wife was slim and appropriate

when we got married. However, she had started putting on weight, little by little.

She made countless efforts to lose a few pounds because according to her, she had caught me a few times – while in my car, checking other ladies out. It was a joke we both initially shared and laughed too.

As the months passed by, it became obvious that my wife was obsessed. I didn’t like obsessed women and quite subtly, the small love I still have for her began to drift from me. It was no longer clandestine, but vivid. I insulted her. “Hey, you elephant of a wife. Lose some weight, if you don’t want your future children to have a stepmother.”


I realized the verbal assault wasn’t achieving the desired effect so I decided to go physical. Nothing she did at that point ever pleased me again. I beat her at the least provocation. The once – homey love we used to share prior to our wedding soon disappeared. Our house changed into a quarrelsome home, more like a war zone. We quarreled, we broke things and we fought, and I usually emerge the winner. Every day in my matrimonial home was a bitter experience. We were either quarreling or fighting.


Day in Day out, Strips of bruises could be found on her smooth brown body, evidence of an aggressive encounter. Then she refused giving me her “natural feminine food .”That intensified the beatings and I forcefully got it from her whether she likes it or not. I virtually prepared a cane which I used to spank her.

I came home late from work one day, after being in the company of my boss.


~Rudolph,!!!, who is that? I mean that slut that has just dropped you, My wife screamed.

“Oh. She’s my Boss. We were just …..”

I knew she would soon throw an object at me. I was right. I ducked to the left in time before a wooden plank sped pass me, just three inches close to me.


“Idiot, which Godamn Boss you mean your mistress!!!,” she stormed.

A quarrel broke out again and as usual, we began to fight. Unlike the previous times where I usually won the fight effortlessly, she seemed to become immune to my aggression. Then she began beating me. I was so furious that I pushed her so violently. She jerked back and hit her head on the ball. Her skull was breached and blood spilled on the wall. She collapsed.


To be continued. Please drop your comments.

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  1. Ah! Wrong move o. Which Church is that o? The church is not for perfect people. The 'elders' should have led you to repentance, asking God for mercy as well as forgiving yourselves. Excommunication ke? Jesus was waiting to forgive and receive you back to Himself. This is so sad

  2. I will rather stay at home than attend such self glorified gathering…not interested in reading again…it portraits a lot of self righteous….and we all know what God said about self righteous pple.. though it a story but I guess the writer use this to express his or her feelings

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