Thirty Minutes To The Wedding

Thirty Minutes To The Wedding – Episode 2

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By Francis Agamah


— 3—


Time for vows


We stood before the pastor, sandwiched by our Bridesmaid,

Cynthia and Best Man, Renee, respectively.  Pastor Matthew said, “Fellow Believers, we are gathered here today, to celebrate the joining together of Mr.Rudolph Kurt and Dompoh Dorah in Holy Matrimony.

Let’s remember that Marriage is a time where two people share their love before God and before men. Now between the two of you, is there any reason why you should not be joined together in Holy matrimony?


We both stared at each other. Sensual memories of the last thirty minutes came flooding through our minds.




10.15 a.m at Rudolph’s  house ~


[From Rudolph perspective ]


Dorah told me she was on her way coming so that we would go to the church together. I was waiting for her. A few minutes later, she knocked on my door. I opened the door and welcome her inside. She was dressed in her wedding gown. She looked radiant. I saw the way her gaze run through my body. I could see the lust in her eyes. She was my fantasy and my temptation.


Everything seemed alright. We started light conversations. I didn’t realize when I pulled her towards myself and lifted her wedding gown. It was involuntary. Her white underwear came into view. She didn’t utter a word.  I was emboldened by her taciturnity and decided to take a step further.


I removed my suit. She helped me out of my trousers. we headed upstairs to the bedroom. Once there I wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her towards me.

Our lips met. I grabbed the back of her blouse. Our lips parted as we did deep kissing.I put my fingers in her hair and her hands were moving under my singlet. She dragged her nails down my back and I heard a moan come from her throat. I trailed kisses down her chin to her neck.

She pushed me back to get my Singlet over my head and threw it in the corner. Then She kissed me. I shook with lustful ecstasy.


Pastor Matthew’s voice cut through my sensual Flashback.

“……Now between the two of you, is there any reason why you should not be joined together in Holy matrimony?  My heart began to beat furiously.

Should I confess now? That would be disgraceful. My parents, friends and Congregation members would be disappointed in us. I chose the easier way out…


“Rudolph and Dora?” The Elder reminded us of the Question, thinking we have not heard the Question well.


Finally, we both answered, “No.”


— 4—


{Narration from Dorah’s Perspective }


When I heard Rudolph also said “No” I was quite surprised. I thought he would confess our secret love affair but he didn’t

I nearly said “yes”

A “yes answer” could have distorted the wedding program and grind it to a halt with our family members and friends totally disappointed.


Well, I couldn’t help but continued to remember our love-making about thirty minutes ago regardless of my geographical location- the church.

It started when I went to Rudolph to finish dressing so that we go to the Church. Then he touched me, kissed me and I was fired up. He took me upstairs. We started kissing.I noticed him getting closer and closer to arousal.  He lifted himself up, rocked my back slightly and we began making love.




Pastor Matthew broke into my chain of thought though he was referring to my husband- to- be, “Rudolph, say this after me, then, ‘ I do solemnly declare that I know not, of any lawful or moral impediment, why I, Rudolph Kurt may not be joined in marriage to you, Dorah Dompoh.


The Pastor made me repeat the same thing.


We were made to face each other and as we were looking into each other’s eyes, the Pastor told Rudolph to say these words to me, “I call upon these persons here present, to witness that I , Rudolph Kurt , take you, Dompoh Dora, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold.I pledge to love you and respect you, with all that I have and ever hope to be. I will protect you and provide for you, honor and be faithful to you, as long as we both shall live on Earth, I give you this promise today.


My mind went back to the erotic s scene …

We swived happily and found fulfillment in satisfying our carnal flesh.


Pastor Matthew said ” Dorah, would you repeat this vow before the congregation?…”I do solemnly declare that I know not, of any lawful or moral impediment, why I , Dorah Dompoh may not be joined in marriage to you, Kurt Rudolph.


After that, we exchanged wedding rings and signed the marriage document after which a marriage certificate was issued to us.

We took pictures with friends and families.

We then left for refreshment. The refreshment was as spectacular as the wedding itself. A lot of drinking and eating, followed by the dancing of the newly-weds. We danced meekly amidst the cheers of the wedding guest, friends, and family.  After our dancing, the floor was opened for everyone.

A lot of people dance their hearts out. Eventually, the wedding ceremony came to an end and we left the refreshment ground, as the newest faithful couples in Town. (At least that was what people perceived us to be. I knew what was waiting for us at the Hotel.  Your guess may be wrong. It’s not sex.

Our driver drove the new Toyota Camry towards the direction of the Airport View Hotel.

When we reached the Airport View Hotel, we didn’t have sex that night.

Rather we lunged onto the bed crying.

Our consciences were disturbing us for indulging in pre-marital sex just thirty minutes to our wedding. We even stood before the Congregation and God and took a vow we knew was not based on truth, Sincerity, and faithfulness.

I had never cried that loud my entire life as I did on my Wedding night. Rudolph also cried

My Dear Reader,it would interest you to know that the great sex we yearned for on our wedding day never happened. After all, we did it 30 minutes to the wedding so what more could we boast of as great fresh sex again.


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  1. Just thirty minutes to the ceremony that will enable them to have sex anytime as they pleased after abstaining for so long..Now the wedding night is a mourning night.
    How come they were totally alone? Where were the groomsmen and bridesmaid?
    Well-done Francis

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