The Cold Female

The Cold Female – Episode 29

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The Cold Female – Episode 29

© Bunmi B Gabriel

#Theme : misunderstood

#Krystal ‘s standpoint

‘There is absolutely no way I’m going to wear this’ I protested stubbornly

‘Come on Krystal we’ve been over this already!’ Frost exclaimed annoyingly

‘No! You are over it but I’m not. I look like a desperate b**** looking for a boyfriend’ I yelled again. We were in Aida’s room dressing me up. I already found a nice dress but then Frostelia, Aida and Valeria kidnapped me and destroyed the dress with claims that it’s not worth it. They wore me ten dresses in the name of sexualizing for Lyn. ‘Wearing a dress is hard enough for me but this…’ I trailed off hoisting the slutty dress up. ‘Is ridiculous’

‘How is it ridiculous?’ Aida snorted chewing her gum nosily

‘The split is too high up, it’s almost at my waist line. The back shouldn’t even be called a back and I’m not going there to advertise and boobs’ I listed complainingly. The dress was a shiny white dress that clung to my body way to tight and had a long split at the right side. ‘I can’t even breathe or walk well’ I huffed. The dress was backless and the stomach area was a net material and my boobs were barely covered

‘This is the type of dressing Lyn likes his girl to wear’ Frost pointed out

‘First of all, I’m not his girlfriend yet. Second of all, Lyn gets jealous easily and I don’t think me wearing this will please him at all’

‘He likes it on other girls’ Aida said with a eye twitch

‘That’s because he doesn’t like them! He likes Krystal and he won’t be please with this. That’s what I’ve been trying to say!’ Raf yelled exasperatedly. ‘Frost will you like it if I wear such a thing out?’

‘I will rip out any man’s eyes that stare’

‘See! Change it Krystal’

‘You have forgotten that we are in a universe of decent dresses and makeup’ Ria said for the first time. ‘What Aida is wearing is bad enough’

‘True’ Frost said scratching his neck. ‘I don’t think I can stand guys looking at you like that. My sister is not a whore’ I smiled. His sudden insistence to call me his older twin is sweet

‘Well, I’ve got to go find Rian’

‘What’s up with you and Rian? You guys are overly close recently’ Frost said peering at her suspiciously. Ria squeaked and ran out. He chuckled. ‘Come on Raf, we need to be downstairs to assist Lyn and the others to greet the guess’


‘I gotta go find Darrell before any old thing snatch him’ Aida said hastily and disappeared

‘No using of powers’ Raf yelled and disappeared too. Look who’s talking

‘What about me! I don’t know anything about fashion’ I cried miserably. First smiled and walked closer to me. He kissed my cheek

‘You’ll figure something out because you are mom’ he whispered into my ear and sauntered out. Weirdo. I stared at the mirror confusedly

‘What do I wear now? Aunt Jena must have left something for backup. Geez! Where is Lyra when you need one’ I mused. I snapped my fingers. ‘I have magic’ I slapped my head

I trailed my index finger from my toes to my chest. The dress changed along, it split covering up and the tightness loosen up. The backless and net material changed to velvet and the open chest a sweetheart necklace with flowery fur designing it. I added sleeves to the dress and a see through cape flowed down to the floor behind me it was simple and plain. A white dress that hugged my body lightly to my ankles and had split at the front up to my knees and fur sweetheart neckline and sleeves.

Do I need the cape? It makes me feel like a queen. Whatever. Now for my next challenge…


I settled for a icy blue knee high zipper boots with crystals around the top and foot area. I don’t know, a dress and boots. I tried, Didn’t I? Whatever. After an hour of struggle, I successfully styled my hair into triple buns and then put on icy blue makeup.

I walked downstairs holding the dress. Jesus! How do girls walk in this! The heels are so high and uncomfortable and I couldn’t open my legs freely.

‘No one sent you to wear it’ Wynter scoffed. I ignored her. Just doing this for Lyn. I reached the ball room and blushed as everyone simultaneously turned their attention to me. Lyn was no where around. Leo winked at me I chuckled and walked to him


‘I swear I feel like stealing you from your boyfriend’

‘Ha ha ha, stop that. Have you seen him?’

‘He went out for a while’ Raf laughed behind me with Aida

‘Boots, really?’ They said sniggeringly

‘Don’t judge me. I tried’

‘Yeah you did’

‘Ignore them. Will you do me the honor of a dance?’ He asked with a gentlemanly bow. I giggled and took his hand with a playful curtsey which almost made me fall but he caught me. ‘If we weren’t from different universe and on love with others, falling in love with you would be worth it’ he said chucklingly pulling me up to my feet

‘I’m flattered’ I said with a duchess like accent. He laughed and pulled me to the dance floor. We danced as we talked and laughed about random things and the way the people were dressed like weirdos. He taught me some few foreign language which I learnt within a flash. He’s really nice and fun. ‘So what if I say I can make your father beg that girl to marry you?’

‘That’s not possible. He will never…’

‘Is magic allowed here?’

‘Are you kidding me! It’s adored’ he exclaimed. I kissed his cheek and grinned. ‘What’s that for?’

‘You’ll see’ I shouted and ran away to a place where no one could see me. I his behind a pillar and rubbed my hands together. Blue dust rained off my hands to the ground taking the form of a big eagle, my mother’s eagle. ‘Hey there junior. You need to do a little thing for me’

#Frost’s standpoint

A scream broke out. I looked and saw mom’s eagle? It landed on the throne, it giant size cracking it to pieces. What’s Krystal up to?

‘Spencer’ it called flapping it wings. King walked forward shakily and bowed. ‘I’m not here to harm anyone, just to deliver a message. Two hearts tied and become one, two hearts strong and in perfect sync. Do not break what is meant to be because the heart of his is pure and seek no pain. Be a father and not a king. Figure it out’ it flew away fast leaving everyone confuse. What the hell…

Krystal snuck in few minutes later with a grin. She sneaked to Leo and they titter over something. She left him and came to me

‘Really?’ I asked chucklingly. She shrugged

‘Where’s Lyn already?’

‘In his room I guess’

‘So I’m wasting my look for noth…oh no he don’t!’ She stomped off carefully so she won’t trip. Crazy like mom

#Krystal’s standpoint

I walked to our room holding the dress way up. I’m tired. I stopped and changed it to a black Jean jumpsuit short but left the boots, only that I flattered the heels.

‘Much better’ I looked around and hazed up. I love my new powers!

I was happy. Leo really made me happy and I planed on transferring that happiness to Lyn. If you know what I mean

I passed through the door and stumbled on the floor because of what I saw. Lyn was making out with the pink princess. They flew apart from each other while I gaped at them

‘Er…Krystal… It’s not…’

‘Sorry to disturb your moment. I’ll just be on my way’ I said with a sarcastic smile.

‘Krystal wait let me…’

‘Don’t’ I snapped. ‘Except if you want a pool of pink blood, don’t’ I snarled. I walked to the door, ripped it open and stomped out. I walked to a window and jumped down. I went to the stable and sat down on a rock. I sniffed pressing my eyes inside to stop myself from crying ‘men are so annoying’ I said quaverly

‘Krystal’ Frost called worriedly. I looked up at him. He squat in front of me and held my hands. ‘What did Lyn do to you?’


‘Please don’t lie. I can feel you hurting’

‘I hate love!’ I yelled kicking off the stupid boots. He arched a brow. ‘Lyn was with the pink princess, they were making out’ I sobbed

‘I can’t judge him. I’m like him’

‘No! You never wanted to hurt Raf and that’s why you didn’t mark her. He don’t care, he cares only about himself. He marked me, he made me like this but he’s so mean’ I cried, letting the tears flow out. ‘I’m tired. This is why I didn’t want it, I didn’t want to get hurt’ I cried hugging him. He hugged me back sniffing too. ‘I hate this’

‘I know. I’m sorry you have to go through this’ he whispered. I cried on his shoulder for over an hour before I dozed off.

#Lyn ‘s standpoint

I sat on the bed thinking about Krystal and how to make her trust me. I can’t keep fighting with her, I don’t want that anymore. We are both stubborn and that’s what makes her perfect for me.

I thought about it. I’m just like my dad and I hate my dad. He hurt my mother so much with his promiscuous ways and hurtful words and I hated him for that but now I know I’m like him. I don’t want to hurt Krystal too, I don’t want to live like him anymore and only she can change me. It’s working, I spent days without touching anyone, starved but scaling through

Isn’t that progress?

Once she realize I’m not at the party. She’ll come find me and then I’ll tell her my mind. Just hope she’ll listen and agree to help me. The door creaked open, I sat up sharply thinking it was her but sighed disappointedly. It was that barbie doll

‘What are you doing in my room?’ I asked coldly laying back on the bed

‘I was worried. You left the party too early, I thought something happened to you’ she said nervously. What does she want? The bed pressed down, she sat down

‘I’m fine, you can go’

‘But I was also thinking that maybe you can…’

‘I’m not in the mood to talk to anyone doll, get out of my room’ I snapped. She scoffed

‘In a princess. You shouldn’t talk to me like that’ she huffed. I ignored her and kept quiet, thinking of nothing else but Krystal. Please come and save me with your harshness or something. I heard some scrambling and heavy breathing, I should have looked in time but was lost in thought. The next thing I knew, a naked princess hovered over me

‘What do you think you are…’ She kissed me sliding her hand into my pants. I was weak and sexually starved so I easily fell for it, kissing her back immediately. Flynn growled warningly in my head like he always do but my mind was crowded by the naked girl hovering over me

I flipped us over licking to her neck

My mind shouted Krystal. I pulled back and knelt up

‘I can’t’

‘Because of the pretty masked girl?’ I nodded. ‘Don’t worry, I won’t let her know’ she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in for a kiss, I was about to push her when I heard a thud. I pushed myself away from her


‘Er.. Krystal… It’s not…’

‘Sorry to disturb your moment. I’ll just be in my way’ she said with a sarcastic smile. Her eyes glinted murderously. I stood up and walked to her

‘Krystal wait let me…’

‘Don’t!’ She snapped. ‘If you don’t want a pool of pink blood, don’t’ her voice cracked. She sniffed and stomped out, ripping the door. Flynn whimpered

‘You hurt mate’ he cried. I inhaled

‘Get out’

‘I’m sor…’

‘JUST GET OUT!!!!!!!!!’ She screamed and ran out naked without her clothes. I took them and threw it out. I destroyed the piano in anger. I’ve messed up


My hands were on my head as I sobbed. Now I’m fully like dad. I’m just like him. The room turned dangerously cold and eerie. I knew it was Frost and in his furious mode. I didn’t bother to raise my head

‘Why did you mark her if you were going to hurt her?’

‘It wasn’t intentional. She misunderstood the scene’ I said soberly. He squatted between my legs and grabbed my head, his claws digging into my temple. His claws were silver so definitely it would poison me.

I let him, I deserve it

‘Have you ever felt frostbite before?’ I kept mute. Any wrong words will snap him and a bloody battle with my best friend is something I must avoid. ‘My mother didn’t call me Frostbite for nothing Merlyn. Don’t make me change again or I’ll push our friendship aside and show you the deadly side of Frostbite Moonstone. Is that understood?’ I hummed. He laughed humorlessly and sighed heavily, his cold breath freezing mine. He pushed my head and stood up, blood leaked out of the part his claws dug in. ‘Stay away from my sister Lyn. I don’t care if you are mates but I will never let her get hurt again. I won’t repeat this message’

He dashed out, his cold wind piercing into my skin and freezing my blood stream

‘Pain number one. Gets ready to feel mine’ Flynn Growled

To be continued


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