The Cold Female

The Cold Female – Episode 28

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The Cold Female – Episode 28

© Bunmi B Gabriel

#Theme : it from old

#Krystal ‘s POV

I sat on the snow rock in front of the castle. It had been two hours and the witch champion was still testing his agility and strength. I sighed for the umpteenth time, it was getting dark. He finally stepped forward

‘Finally! I thought you were going to die there’

He glared at me, his blue eyes flashing with green and yellow. He had white hair allover his body and he was really tall with fat legs

‘Are you ready?’ He asked with his deep voice. Is he kidding me! I’ve been sitting here since forever!

‘Are you that dumb’ I scoffed folding my arms as I walked to the middle of the big compound. She sat at a balcony staring at us. I should use my guns but that will be no fun

I tilted my head and watched him circle me, sizing me up with his eyes and looking for any weaknesses. I sighed already bored. I miss Frost and Raf and that big head Lyn

‘Krystal’ Wynter yelled alarmed. I zoned out, I was able to recover in time to block off his hand hooks. He teleported to my back and gave my left ribcage a hard foot hook, he teleported fast to my front and gave my chin a uppercut and then to my back again, attacking my spine. I was flung and crashed on a pillar

‘Okay wasn’t expecting teleportation and sharp reflexes’ I groaned

‘You underestimated him. Too much easy fight is making you weak’ Wynter whispered. ‘Merlin always said the worst way to be defeated is by overconfident and pride. Never judge someone’s skills by their looks because a book is not judged by it cover’

‘A warrior falls because of pride. Never undergrade your enemy because the strongest victory can come from the frailest soul’ I completed the motto. I arched my back like a runner as I calculated his teleportation speed. He appeared in front of me, I rolled out of the way to his back, I kicked it but groaned

His back is made of silver steel

‘What sort of creature is this!’ I yelled to Wynter

‘Beats me. Everyone have a weakness, look for the one thing that makes him vulnerable’ he attacked me again, I blocked and chopped off all his punches. I kicked his leg open and kneed him

One weakness in every man

He tilted his head and ended up crashing on another pillar. Great! Another Lyn. He waved me around whipping me on all the pillars and recovering. I chose not to use my powers because it made more sense not to. I like fighting with just me

I played dead on the floor when he finally let me be. He teleported to my front with his really big blade, I clapped it against my hands before he drove it into my heart and awake a trouble he doesn’t wish for. He stared at me bewilderedly. I chopped his swords, shattering the beautiful worthless metal. Taking advantage of his nonplussedness, I cleared his feet but the smart ass flipped backwards until he was far from me

I stood up and cracked my knuckles and backbones, tired of the play game

‘You are weak. You depend on your powers and strength. You are no champion and I don’t have time for this’ I said though gritted teeth. I packed my hair up so it won’t cover my face and smirk. ‘Now let’s end this fast. I have a mate to torment’ I shifted one foot back and winked at him

He growled like an idiot and teleported to my back, I ducked before he kicked me and punched his left shin. I dashed to my feet and gave his shoulder some corkscrew punches, he still tried with his weak short range punches. I sighed and caught his fist and overhand his jaw. I twisted his fist nonchalantly with a yawn and kneed him again. He hollered in pain, not satisfied by what I’d done. I kicked his ribcage multiple time until half his bone was broken

He scampered back holding his chest and coughing. He bent my body with his telekinesis trying to wring me like a wet cloth. I removed the dagger strapped to my arm and threw it at him, piercing him right at his collarbone. I didn’t give him time to recover before I delivered three dubs to his stomach area. He fell and grunted weakly.

‘Is that all you’ve got?’ I taunted. My wristwatch beeped. sh*t! I’m late! I grabbed his leg and twisted it around, turning his knee to his back and breaking most of his leg bone. I whipped him on the ground like a rope and threw him at the door of the castle.

I sighed with satisfaction at his agonizing cries and smell of his blood and tears. I left him

I’m merciful, yes!

I leapt up to the balcony she sat and landed in a crouch. She scoffed

‘You spared him’

‘Yeah I’m merciful’ I said proud of myself. Merlin and Ling should see this, I rock!

‘You paralyzed him, broke almost all the bones in his body and left him to die. That’s not called mercy’ I shrugged

‘But I tried! Do you think it’s easy’

‘You are cruel’ I shrugged. I was too happy about my second mercy to reply her. The council will be so proud of me

I’m changing!

‘You almost killed him’ Wynter chuckled. I tried already!

Let’s go. You will have to fave the second test’ she said with a frown. I followed her to a big room. A single pillar stood in the room like a round altar, a white thing curled up on it. ‘What you seek is in there, pray the viper hunter don’t kill you’ she said and I’m sure she wants me dead. I might have paralyzed her best warrior and bed mate. Whatever

The ancient viper witch hunter was a white boa like snake with blue and red markings. It was created to hunt and kill witches of dark hearts but they all went extinct. Seems like this world still have one. It’s bad. One bite from it and I’ll die

I tried to be confident as I walked to the pillar, my hands were trembling and my heart beating fast. Is this what fear feel like? Apart from that night, I have never faced fear before. I sighed as I eyes caught the glowing thing, must be the thing from old. Normally you have to fight the snake to get it but I decided against it

For the first time in my entire life, I knelt at will and bowed in respect

‘My name is Krystal Stones like I’m told. I’m an orphan according to what I was told. My parents were murdered and those who did it still seek my life. I know that’s not the whole story, I know I’m being lied to but there’s nothing I can do to find the truth since it is blocked by someone with greater powers. I really want to avenge my mother and yes I know vengeance is bad and wrong

I hope you can see through me and understand that I have no idea what is going on. I came at the orders of the vessel, I have no say. I need the it from old for a reason she said I’ll know when I touch it. Please grant me this request, give me this wish and trust it to me’ I ended my heartfelt pleading.

The white hunter crawled out of the pillar and wrapped me up, I was shivering with complete fear. Is this how people feel when I kill them?

‘Wynter Moonstone’ I heard his voice in my head. Who’s that? It hazed up and entered my hair. I jerked to the floor rolling and screaming in pain as it merged with my system. Like I didn’t have enough creatures in me already

The witch probably thought I was being killed because she was laughing. I knelt up, feeling a while new power run through my veins and heart. I felt light, I felt new and different. I stood up, my veins popping out in beautiful sapphire and icy blue ombre. I walked to the pillar

‘This is impossible’ she said incredulously. I smirked and looked at her over my shoulder ‘you are a winter witch!’ I turned back and carried the thing from old. My head spun and I fell into a trance


My body ripped out of it haze form as I passed through the door of my room. I returned to my human form, remembering my vision. I smiled and took off my top. I heard a lustful whistle and cheer

I sighed. Forgot I shared a room with him

‘Were you waiting for me to walk in and strip?’ I asked flatly

‘I’m sitting on a piano, think it through hot ass’ I chose to ignore him because that will make my life more easier. I walked to the wardrobe to search for what to wear to the party that was up in an hour. He cane behind me. ‘Won’t you take the bra off?’

‘Leave me alone Lyn’

‘I can help you take it off’ he flirted with a wiggle of his brows. I scoffed

‘I’m too tired to answer you’

‘Where did you go to? I searched for you’ he whispered hugging me from behind. He kisser my neck. ‘Why play so hard to get? You know you want me. Don’t you feel the heat like I do?’ He said in a husky whisper nibbling on my earlobe. I sighed and smirked

‘Heat and I aren’t really in good terms. We don’t agree because in case you have forgotten, I’m a block of ice’

He moaned pressing my butt on his hardness. He has serious libido issues

‘Krystal I’m trying here. I haven’t touched any girl since you conditioned me. Isn’t that enough? I want you so badly’ he hoarsed on my neck. I sighed. He grind me on himself enjoying the pleasure it gave. I was too weak and tired to respond. He continued grinding me as he left hickeys on my neck. ‘Krystal you’re not responding’

‘I’m tired Lyn. I don’t need this’

‘Just this once please, I really need you. I’m not use to being sexually starved. I beg you Krystal’ he pleaded desperately. I couldn’t even feel me again. The vision drained me

‘No’ I deadpanned

‘We have got to be the weirdest mates ever’ he said chucklingly. I laughed in agreement. ‘At least let me feed from you. Your blood is delicious’

‘No way! There is absolutely no way I will let y…’ He sank his fangs into my neck. I sighed. I think his fang is my major turn on switch.

My hands trailed up to his hair, I moaned as he sucked my blood erotically. He’s really cunning. He unhooked my bra and slipped it off and then his hands slid into my short. I moaned louder when I felt his fingers there

‘Ha! Live porn’ Frost laughed. sh*t! I quickly turned around and hugged Lyn to cover my breasts while Lyn tried to cover the blood I’m his mouth. ‘This is hot!’

‘Don’t you know how to knock!!!’ I yelled. He grinned

‘I do but I wanted to witness the show’

‘Get out’ Lyn hissed not turning to look at him

‘Save the sex for tonight, we have a party to attend to and everyone have been looking for you’ he said with a teasing smile. I chuckled and my eyes caught a beautiful and familiar necklace on his neck

Where have I seen that before?

To be continued


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    Pls, dont make wait so long like yesterday ooo.

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