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The Cold Female – Episode 24

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The Cold Female – Episode 24

© Bunmi B Gabriel

#Theme : Travel set (1)

#Raquelia ‘s POV

The students rushed into the meeting hall frantically. All looking neat and well behaved. They all sat in total silence. None daring to bring out any technology, except Lyn and Krystal of course. Krystal had her ears plugged and Lyn was chatting. My sweet little boy found eating nosily to Valerian’s ear more fun and Frost and Raf were lost in their own world. Where’s Aida? Oh, there she is, shoving ants into a boys pants secretly

They weren’t looking meat and obedient because Jena and I were coming to make an announcement, no, they were like that because of Aaron. He hates bulls*** and give bulls*** to those who dare. He’s just too serious

I leaned on the balcony which stood tall above the half facing the students. No one could see me because of the big curtains. I smiled at my baby girl, grinning and giggling to Frost’s teasing. It wasn’t easy letting her go through pain without teaching him a lesson. I can’t interfere in the lives of others just because I can see it that’d be wrong

‘Good morning Mrs Morgan’ the student greeted immediately Amabel walked in. Her heels clicking the marble floor melodiously. She waved them off and went to her seat. Her eyes never leaving Krystal. She smiled and looked away. Kevin climbed on the podium and cleared his throat, stealing glances at Krystal

‘Good morning Mr Lee’ they greeted

‘Mm hm. Lady C is here’ the curtain pulled apart exposing me. They can’t see my dace because of my white mask.

‘God morning Lady C’ they shouted happily but quickly cupped or bit their lips as Aaron stepped out from behind me. He wore a blue mask to cover his face. He’s known too well as the first son of Arthur McKnight in the outside world. Good thing I used a spell to cover the eye of people so they won’t notice the different between him and Aidan. They are identical

‘I’m sure you all know why y….’

‘Hi mom!’ Aidan shouted waving his hands boyishly. Aaron scoffed. I waved at him. ‘I love you’ Raf kicked him. ‘Leave me alone’ he whined

‘Aidan’ Aaron snapped

‘Yes dad’ he replied cutely

‘Love you too Aidan. Now can mom talk?’ I asked smiling to prevent a Aaron and Aidan show down

‘Proceed’ he said with a princely bow. I laughed

‘Moron’ Aaron murmured. Jena slapped his head from behind joining us. ‘Ow! But aunt…’

‘Shut up’ she commanded. He’s afraid of her. He looked down like a scolded puppy and I chuckled

‘You’re late’ I whispered

‘I was having sex’ she whispered back. Aaron groaned and I rolled my eyes back to them

‘As I was saying. You all know why you are here so I’ll make this fast. I have somewhere to be. Amabel, please call the names’ Ama nodded and walked to the podium with a book. Jena came beside me grinning

‘What?’ I whispered

‘Raf is no longer a virgin’ she sang childishly. I nudged her. Aaron can’t hear that

‘The first set will go with Aaron’ Amabel Announced. The whole place broke into a frightening and panic cry

No please, don’t pick me

I don’t want to die


Please not me

Ah! We are finished!

Aaron? No way!

Just throw me into a volcano now

‘Am I that bad?’ Aaron murmured. I lifted my hand. Everyone quiet down

‘Mila Wood. Daniel Bells…’

‘Yes! Together!’

‘Karon Rock…’


‘Blossom Horace…’

‘I’m finished!’

‘Mark Cooper…’

‘I had an accident so I can’t go’ I bent my head and laughed silently. The chosen students for Aaron wept bitterly. They are overreacting

‘The next set goes with Aidan….’

The joyful scream and jubilation that followed made me flinch

Pick me!

Please me!

Aidan I love you

Please let me come!

Me me me me me me!

Please Lady C let me follow

‘Wow’ Jena purred. I chuckled as Aidan blushed burying his face in Rian’s shoulder

He’s so cute!

Please me!

‘Silent’ Ama snapped.

‘Mom are you sure you want to send your brainless son because no offense, he’s annoying’ Aaron whispered

‘Exactly’ I winked at him. The place I’m sending him to needs his personality

‘I will never understand y…..hey Frost! Get your hands off my sister before I come down there and break all your bones!!!!!’

‘**** you’ Frost mouthed and gave him his middle finger. He’s a goner

‘Did you see that mom? Frost to….stop kissing my sister you wild skirt!!!’ Frost issued sign language to retort to him

“I ****ed her already”

Aaron gasped crushing the rail. I tapped him to calm down. He used his hand to slit his throat as he glared murderously at Frost

‘Vena Kris’ the girl screamed excitedly and fainted ‘Are you sure you don’t want to send only makes with him?’ Ama sighed. I winked at Aidan and he blushed. ‘Thomas Reign, Levi and Leah Burns’

Another round of scream. It went on like that until she called all the names

‘The last set goes with Merlyn Miles’ this time the scream was worst. The whole building shook from their scream. Many clapped and stomped, jumping with excitement. Even boys. I seized everyone’s voice. ‘Thank you’ Amabel sighed cheesily. Lyn winked at Krystal, she rolled her eyes in disgust but I could see her cheeks heating up. ‘Rafaelia C, Aida J-Heat, Frost Moonstone, Victor West, Darrell Bells, Valerian Parker, Valeria Shutter. Joe Shipman, Linda Tailor, Cosmos Bush and Krystal Stones’

‘I knew it’ she said cheesily. ‘I knew this was a plot against my sanity. There is no way I’m going anywhere with that…that…that…’ She pointed accusingly at Lyn

‘Handsome Greek god’ he completed

‘Exactly! No wait! I mean with that annoyingly and stupidly….’

‘Cute and sexy’ he completed again.

‘Yes…I mean no! Urgh! Stop confusing me! He’s a prick and I won’t go with him, full stop’ she said blushingly. Her mask covering her cheeks. Lyn raked his hair seductively. The girls would have screamed if they weren’t voiceless

‘For you cold shine, I’ll gladly be a prick’ he said winkingly. She understood what he meant and huffed angrily while blushing

‘You are…’

‘Too glorious, I know. Thanks babe’ he said putting his hand dramatically on his chest. ‘She loves me’ he cooed wiping off imaginary tears. Whose idea was to pair this two together again? They will kill themselves one

‘Krystal’ I cooed. She looked at me. ‘You are going’

‘But Aunt…’ I looked into her eyes. ‘But…but…b.

..fine’ she said defeatedly. Lyn grinned

Like father like son

‘You shall all leave through the jets I’ll provide. You leave in three days time so be ready. You can talk to your captains and arrange yourself. You are all dismissed’ I said calmly returning their voices

‘People going with me, meet me in the gym in an hour. I have a nitwit to kill’ Aaron said smirking menacingly at Frost while cracking his knuckles and neck. Frost gulped

‘Krystal, see me now’ I stepped back knowing how crazy she is. Like I predicted, she leapt up, landing her feet on the half destroyed rail. Some students gasped

‘Hey Aunty Hot’ she smirked at Jena. Jena smiled cockily. ‘What have you been up to?’

‘You know me, I’m never stable’

‘Whoo’ I said unenthusiastically

‘Jealous much’

‘Humph’ I shrugged and walked away. Krystal followed.

‘So what’s the catch?’


‘You won’t send me there without a reason. What is it you really want?’ She asked calmly nibbling on her nails

‘When you get there. You must find the winter witch of that universe. Tell her to give you it which existed from old and do not let her know you are a witch too’

‘What is the thing?’ She asked curiously

‘You’ll know when you touch it’ she clicked her tongue. I know what she wants. ‘Yes, it’s dangerous’ I said rolling my eyes. ‘You will have to fight her champion for it and he’s strong’ she grinned widely

‘Now that’s what am talking about’ I chuckled.

‘Now you are done, I’ll borrow her’ Jena said out of nowhere and pulled Krystal away. She’ll never change

#Krystal ‘s POV

‘So a little birdie told me that you have a mate and he’s that hunkilious dude you argued with’ not this! I don’t want her love advise

‘Can we not talk about this?’ I pleaded

‘Oh we must’ she smirked. I sighed and looked away. ‘How long do you intend on not getting him?’ I cocked my hips

‘I was raised my you. If I want something, I know how to get it. When I’m ready for him, he’s going to beg for me’ I said confidently

‘That’s my girl’ she chirped ‘high five’ we big fived. ‘I’ll make sure I pack up your dresses to kill. Ready for that?’

‘Born ready’

#Lyn ‘s POV

Frost his behind Raf and Aidan as he scanned around for Aaron. We were laughing at him.

‘Frost Eric Moonstone’ his voice roared from behind. Frost gulped loudly. He turned with a grin. We all did. Aaron was ready to murder. ‘Repeat what you told me in sign language’

‘Me? I didn’t tell you anything’ he lied sweating seriously. Aaron stepped forward. Raf clapped her hands, a strong wave of pink and green light dashing to him. He turned to a kitten. She walked to him and picked him up

‘There there little kitten, don’t be mad. He’s my mate’

‘Turn me back’ he tried to shout but his voice came out tiny making everyone laugh. ‘Rafaelia!!!’

‘Promise to calm down?’


‘Good. You’ll remain like this’ she smirked

‘Raf turn my boyfriend back or I’ll turn yours to a snow leopard, a baby one’ Krystal said coldly walking to us


‘You wouldn’t dare’ Raf challenged. White haze emersed from Krystal’s hands

‘Try me’ she smirked. Raf smiled and dropped him. She changed him back. Krystal quickly jumped on him , squealing, hugging and kissing him! ‘Oh babe, I missed you so much’

Steamed puffed out of mg ears and nose

‘Er…OK, I missed you too?’ He said nervously. She smiled, her hands around his neck and his arms around her waist. ‘How have you been Killer Frost. The last time we met, you tied me to a erupting volcano’. He said frowningly. She grinned sweetly

‘You are alive aren’t you’

‘Wow, who so nice you know each other. Now if I’ll just…’ I trailed off and roughly shoved them apart. ‘Wow! This distance is so better for you too to talk’ I said with mock enthusiasm. They were six feet apart

‘Lyn, what is your problem’ she snapped

‘My problem is you being my mate and touching him like that’ everyone gasped. Who cares. She frowned

‘I’m not your mate’

‘Tell that to my bed you slept in last night’ I said smirkingly. Her eyes widened. Please Aidan turn on your annoying button

‘We did…’

‘Oi! Lyn have got a mate. You hear that girls, he’s taken!!!’ He shouted. Yes! Sorrowful cries broke out

‘We didn’t do any…’

‘Don’t worry, we understand’ he shushed her

‘But we…’

‘Uh mm’ she huffed

‘I hate you’ she said to me. I winked at her. She smirked. ‘Since I’m his mate. I here by say that any girl or woman that goes close to him will go say hi to Bobby Rose for me. Let’s see how you’ll have fun now’ she winked at me and left

‘This is the reason why I will never mingle with people. I’ll lose my mind too’ Aaron muttered and left. ‘Hey Krystal!!!’ He shouted running after her

Krystal have ruined me

To be continued on Saturday


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4 thoughts on “The Cold Female – Episode 24

  1. You said to be continued on Saturday, which Saturday oo?? Abi your thoughts are quarantined too??
    Thanks for the rapid updates… I'm really enjoying the story

  2. Well done Bunmi. However, it's confusing at some points when we don't know who the 'I' is that is talking. I have to scroll up to check whose POV but the words spoken do not correlate with the person.
    Pls try to be clearer. Thanks

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