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The Cold Female – Episode 23

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The Cold Female – Episode 23

© Bunmi B Gabriel

#Theme : mated

#Raf ‘s POV

I snatched my hand away and folded them. He cursed under his breath and sat on the wooden floor

‘I knew I shouldn’t have sang that stupid song. I should have sang something more romantic’

‘Trust me honey, even if you sing the most romantic song, your voice will still murder it’ I said cocking my hips

‘It’s not that bad. I try’

‘Have you heard a donkey sing?’ I asked with arched brows. He pouted and laid on the floor holding my legs. He started singing again and I swear this is the worst torment anyone could take. I’m sure a criminal will prefer am electric chair then listening to him. Getting run over by a truck made more sense. ‘I swear Frost, if you don’t stop singing, I will turn you to dumb sheep’

‘Will that make you forgive me?’ He asked looking up at me with puppy and glassy eyes


‘Ohhhhhhhh my love for you is strong…’ He continued

‘Please I beg you, stop singing. Forgive me my sins and have mercy on me’ I cried

‘You have to forgive me’ he sang. I sighed

‘Only on four conditions’ he knelt up quickly and stared at me expectedly ‘you are not allowed to flirt or sniff or stand anything more than three feet away from a unmated female. No matter what’ he nodded boyishly. ‘Good. Two, you can not strip a girl mentally or even imagine of sleeping with her or I’ll know and kill you’ he swallowed hard and nodded. ‘Three, I demand your full commitment, no lies no secrets’


‘Frost’ I snapped. He nodded still holding my knees. ‘Four, if you mark me, you will always be with me. Not always but you understand and must mark me now’ he nodded happily to that one. ‘Five…’

‘But you said four’

‘Don’t interrupt me Eric’ he groaned at the sound of his middle name. He thinks him being called that means he’s a baby. He’s mad. ‘Frost please, I want you to look at anyone but me. I’m enough for you. My body can be enough for you. I’m beautiful, I have a nice body, why don’t you want me?’

‘Is that the fifth condition?’

‘Yes! For pit sake Frost! Why don’t you see me as a girl worth loving!!!’

‘Loving you is not the problem bit hurting you is’ he yelled. ‘I’m not afraid of loving you, I do love you and that is why I resist from touching you because I fear I’ll hurt you. Once I ate with you, there’s no going back. Hurting you she we weren’t official was less guilty but…but..but.

..but…I don’t know, my logic is stupid but I’m just scared. I don’t want to lose you like I lost mom. I don’t want to chase you away with my own hands. I’m co fuse and afraid and I don’t know what is wrong with me’ he cried. I knelt down to his level and held his cheeks. He was crying like a baby, one thing I love about him. He’s not afraid to show his true emotions anytime, anyway

‘By trying to not hurt me, you are. Anything that make you push me away is hurting me. You are losing me and you don’t know. Stop letting your silly fear blind you. Frost, if you really love me then you can fight yourself and suppress that fear. I really love you and if you love me, we can do this together’ he sniffed

‘I’ll make mistakes along the way. Promise you won’t leave me, promise you won’t hate me. Please forgive me in advance’

‘I will. I always will. Now stop crying’ I whispered pressing our forehead together. He pulled me for a hug

‘Thank you, thank you so much’ he cried on my shoulder. I patted his back gently

‘It’s okay. Now tell Frosty, do you love me?’ I asked smirkingly. He nodded

‘Say it’ I sang. He cleared his throat

‘I love you my darling Raf…’ Oh not again! He pulled back with a smile. ‘You are the best thing that have happened to me

I can never let you go again

I can never let you er…something something…’

‘oh I can n….’ I shut up him up with my lips. I finally got to kiss him.

He Kissee back taking over, his hands grappling my waist. I let my hands lace his hair happily, glad that after years of dreaming and wishing to be in his arms, I was finally there. He lifted me up with him effortlessly, my feet touching the floor. I jumped circling my legs to his waist. He walked backward until we both fell on the little bed there. I could perceive the sweet smell of sweet peas and lavender but his cinnamon scent was stronger.

He rested my back on the bed and hovered over me. He broke the kiss and stared at my eyes, love shining in them. I smiled back breathing heavily. He zipped my gown down and helped me out of it and then my shoes. I was left in my underwear but I didn’t feel shy at all. He had seen my whole body countless of times. He kissed my earlobe and bit it. I moan clinging to his shirt which smelt like me by the way

Wait! He’s wearing my shirt!

I forgot about that first and moaned as he marked me. I’m finally his. He moved back to my lips, kissing me passionately while his hands removed all the clothes left in my body. I took off his shirt and helped him out of his belt and trousers. He trailed kisses all over my neck, sucking and nibbling, no doubt I’ll be wearing turtle neck dresses for the next few weeks. I couldn’t do anything bit moan and ask for more.

I flipped us over wanting to take charge even though I knew nothing. This is Aida’s job. I nuzzle his chest as I grind against him. He moaned holding my hips and helping me move them to the exact speed he wanted. I leaned forward and kissed him still grinding hard against his tarse. He fkiooed us over again taking off his boxer but then he stopped


‘I wasn’t planning on doing this today so I really didn’t bring any protection’

‘So?’ I asked frowningly

‘So I know you more than you know yourself’ I rolled my eyes knowing what he was referring to

‘I won’t get pregnant’


‘I’m seventeen, I’m not ready to become a mom’ he peered at me suspiciously, I smiled innocently. ‘Cross my heart’

‘Are you sure?’

‘I swear, I won’t get pregnant yet’ he still looked unconvinced, I sighed and pulled his face close and kissed him. He forgot what he was saying and dipped his finger in me. I hissed pleasurably and squirmed a little moaning into his mouth. He used his fingers to guide himself in with a gentle Frost. I snatched the pillow and covered my face to suppress the scream before it catches the attention if the guards roaming around

‘Sorry babe’ he whispered removing the pillow. I inhaled and nodded biting my lip. Mental note, don’t come as a woman in your next life. He stayed still for a while letting me get use to the pain before he continued and this time it was better, a nice bittersweet feeling. I hugged him tight moaning fainting and crying at the same time

After few minutes, he pulkee out toet me be because honestly, it was getting painful again. He laid beside and hugged me while I smiled proudly. I have right over him now. Anyone girl who tries to touch him will see how powerful I really am

(Sorry if it’s lacking. I’m distracted by the noise and movie playing. I see light so I had to post so I can charge my phone back. Don’t know when they will being it again if the light goes off)

#Krystal ‘s POV

I screamed as I punched the silver wall soaked with wolfsbane and blazing with fire. I was furious. How could a whole me, Krystal Stones fall for his trap like that! I thought I was heartless. I f****** belong to someone now and it was pissing me off. I destroyed the wall and reeled back to a good wall. I rested my forehead on it and slid down, breathing heavily

‘Hey mate!’ His voice rang in my head. He have been pestering me since. We can now have telepathic conversation but I prefer to ignore him. I share a mind with a **** head. ‘You left with out saying bye’. I blocked him. He pestered me to accept the link back but I refuse

‘Krystal can cry’ Merlin said amusedly behind me. I sniffed

‘I’m not crying’ I sobbed

‘Mm hm. So what is it?’

‘Check the side of my neck’ I said softly. He knelt down and moved my hair aside. He chuckled

‘You let him mark you?’

‘He’s a f****** vampire! He compelled me’

‘Lyn is as cunning as his father but did he really compelled you or you compelled yourself?’ I bit my lip. ‘Krystal. I watch you grow from when you were just a kid. I’m nurtured you, I trained you. You are not heartless my dear so stop trying to be’

‘I am!’ I shouted distraughtly. He turned me around and wiped my tears

‘What exactly are you afraid of?’

‘Everything! Love is wicked and cruel and I don’t want anything that will.make me more heartless than I already am’

‘Love isn’t all bad. Sure it has it ups and downs but it’s the soul of existence. If there was no love, your mother wouldn’t have sacrificed herself to save you’

‘That is different!’

‘It’s the same thing. Your father loved your mother so much. If he didn’t you wouldn’t have been born. You love your mother, you love the father you don’t know and you love me even if you won’t say it out loud’ I smiled. ‘Sure, you were mated to an a****le…’

‘And a ****ed up tarse’ he nodded

‘You can change him, love can do that’

‘This conversation is weird. I don’t want to love. What if he doesn’t move me back? What if he doesn’t care? Love can become my weakness…’

‘And also your strength. You are not mated to a weakling girl. Know that’

‘So what am I to do? Just start loving without a back up plan, it’s makes no sense!’

He smiled and gave me a look. I smirked

‘I’m Krystal and I am a Queen. I always get want I want because Queens don’t beg, they take’ I said confidently

‘That’s not what I thought you’

‘Thanks grandpa. Love you’ I kissed his cheek and stood up. ‘If he doesn’t love me back, then I’ll kill him’ I said seriously

‘You are missing the point he…’ I ran out on him. I heard him sigh. ‘She’ll never listen’

Wynter pestered me for freedom. She wanted to be free to run and hunt so I let her. She howled joyfully running away from the temple and into the woods. Her paws hit the ground, crushing everything in her oath. For the first time in her life, she was fully happy

I’m not

To be continued


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