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I Want A Home – Episode 88

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I Want A Home – Episode 88
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© Ireti Adedipe

An immediate flash of turmoil ran through Joel as the bullet flew above his head instantly. Even though he didn’t make any reaction or tried to move, he made a short rumble as the echo of the bullet sounded very close to his ear.

“Who the hell are you?” Valentine shouted at him with rage after he released the trigger and stepped more closer with a mean expression.

“Joel Reagan” Joel shouted back almost instantly and lurk his face confidently with Val whose whole focus was on him.

“Who do you work for and where are your others?” Val asked him.

“I work for no one old man” Joel answered.

Chairman Kim swim out from the pool and grabbed a towel neatly placed some distance away from the handpoll.

He unfolded the towel and began to clean himself before he looked up at Doss who was standing and staring at him.

“Is everything fine?” Doss heard his father asked as he stared at the old man nakedness. He watched him wrap the towel round his shoulder and nodded.

“We need to talk” Chairman Kim heard his son and noticed the seriousness as he used the towel. He looked at Doss face just about time the young man quickly walked to have a seat at the other section of the big apartment.

Prosecutor Colan heaved a sigh in frustration after answering the phone call and turned behind the office desk after pointing out to the two officers before him with a middle aged man standing between them.

“I want his immediate release Colan, no argument and you do as you’re told” The phone conversation had took less than two minutes and the call ended after the caller gave his last instruction.

Colan heaved a deep breath and relaxed comfortably on the office chair, he gently kept his phone on the desk and turned to the man between the officers.

“Mr. Douglas, we may have to release your father but you will stay here to answer few questions no matter the measures in place” Colan announced to him.

He heaved a deep breath and placed both hands on the office desk, he signaled to the officers and nodded.

“Follow the officers please” he told the young man whilst the officers stands to do as instructed.

“I hope you do as you’re told Colan, I do not have much time to spend with you” Douglas said with a smirk and stand up to follow the officers. He turned backwards at a point and made a funny chuckle at the prosecutor before they could get to the door.

Colan watched the officers escorts the young man outside, he heaved another deep breath and picked his phone. He navigated to his saved contacts immediately and scrolled up to dial one of the contacts.

He waited few seconds before the call was answered from the other end.

“Hey Detective” He called.
“Mr. Colan, I hope you saw the contents I sent you?” the receiver asked from the other end.

“I did, Detective I think we’d have to follow your opinion from now, I have orders to release Chairman Harrison without persecution or conduct further investigation… Where are you?” the prosecutor asked.

Few minutes later..

“I had no option Son, I simply had to do what I have to do. Metlife was going down and I had to succumb and follow their orders” Chairman Kim said sharply without regrets.

He stand up instantly and walked to the other section of the apartment, leaving Doss on seat.

“Son, this is business done in the old ways, its something that can’t be undone. To survive in the old world, you have to be strong and persistent, make enemies, make friends… I have lived to this very moment because I had to do what I have to do and all of this wouldn’t have happened if you’d stop a simple trace. All of this is your fault Doss”

“How the hell have I caused this father?” Doss flared up in anger. He stand up instantly and looked at his father who had turned the other way round.

“You caused it because you failed to stop an ordinary leak from the company most secured data”

“There were too much records of illegal transactions, mostly from drugs dad. Money from illegal businesses, fraud, taxation and activities I could never reckon you with, top most secret in the world and especially their traces all lingering in our records”

“Shut your mouth Doss” Chairman Kim barked likewise and turned immediately.

“No Father, I will not stop as much as I’ve tried to protect you except you tell me what you know about Seth, the number one top most secret organization in the world” Doss shouted with rage.

Abu waited no time to battered Joel’s face entirely and the continuous punch was getting immense.

Valentine and the rest of the men were behind, watching.

Joel’s face was full of blood and his mouth and nostril bleeding rapidly. He had become totally unrecognizable and Abu had dully punch him with rage.

After several punches in the belly and face, Joel was unable to move his head anymore or made any sound, blood was all over him and the more Abu punch him, the more blood rushed out.

The two men behind Valentine took a glance at themselves as they all watched Abu brutality while Valentine himself watched on in silence. The men couldn’t speak nor stepped forward in fear but its was obvious from their looks that they counter Abu brutality.

“Enough” Val shouted at Abu and stepped forward finally after what seemed like a long moment. He maintained his stern look as Abu stopped and stepped backwards after cleaning the blood on his wrist with the tore part of Joel’s cloth.

“Tell me what I need to know” Valentine shouted at Joel and held unto his neck almost instantly. He tightened his grip firmly and got more closer.

“Tell me” he snared and began to choke life out of Joel.

“G.. G..o go to hell” Joel managed to mumble out weakly and painfully. Blood weave out from his mouth the more he tried to speak and the more he tried to conceal the pain and the choke on his neck.

“Tell me” Valentine repeated and tightened his grip harder. He pressed his fist on the same position to make the pains more painful.

“G.. o. go to..” Joel was still try to mumble out despite the pains when Val released his grip. He fired a bullet into Joel’s left lap instantly and Val rushed away from him. He ran towards Margot and point the same gun on her forehead, snaring like a mad wide tiger.

Margot was extremely shock on seeing him move, she was yet to see the quick movement towards her when a sound slap landed on her face.

Val followed it with two quick punches and grabbed her hair. He’s movement from Joel to Margot was so fast none of them had anticipated such movement or gunshot as Joel let out a terrible yell.

Margot let out a loud yell as he pulled her hair as well, she tried to stop him despite the fact that she couldn’t move any part of her body except her head but she couldn’t, instead, she fell down with the chair while trying to get off Val grip.

“Get up.. Get her up” Val shouted out to the two men behind him and pointed the gun directly on Margot forehead immediately she was carried up, blood was weaving out from her lips instantly and her face had turn real bad.

“Its your turn” Val shouted as Margot already began to breathe profusely with the tip of the gun directly touching her head.

Val made a smirk immediately, he kept his finger on the trigger just the moment his phone began to ring in distraction.

He hesitated for a moment but point the gun away and stepped backwards to answer the call after picking it from his back pocket.

“Hello” He uttered.

“Hey Val, I just confirmed Harry was released. The minister had demanded to see you, I think he might want to help the situation” the caller said from the other end.

Ruiz got out from the halted vehicle and closed the door, he took a glance at his wrist watch and walked towards the bonnet of the car.

Cyrus was standing few distance away in the dark and he stepped closer, he took a glance around and began to approach Ruiz who had stopped at the bonnet of his vehicle.

He pocketed his hands and stop walking when he got close to Ruiz.

“Good day Lord Ruiz” He greeted and made a sigh, he paused and continued..

“I have something to show you but I came with someone you need to see first” Cyrus announced and watch him look around.

He paused again and looked around him just the moment Steve appeared behind the vehicle Lord Ruiz brought.

Steve stepped forward and began to approach them.

45 minutes later

Steve was driving and Cyrus seated at the passenger side as the car speed off.

“Do you think we can trust him?” Cyrus asked Steve with uncertainty reflecting in his tone.

“No we can’t but he’d do just as I’ve told him” Steve replied without taking off a glance off the road, he was on a high speed and wouldn’t need to be distracted.

Cyrus looked at him and mumble out some words, he nodded in agreement but he couldn’t find himself at ease. He was about to speak again when Steve phone rang.

Steve took up the phone instantly and answered the call.

“Jason” He called out after receiving the call.

“Steve, we find Joel’s Location” Jason’s broad voice sounded on the phone.

To be continued…

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  1. The story is really getting tough, please author do us the favour of posting constantly because you have readers who check the blog frequently because of this story.

  2. Yh
    Margot is a good ally and please post constantly even if its once a week, let us know at what stagnant time each week it'll be ready

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