I Want A Home – Episode 86

I Want A Home – Episode 86
18+ SNVL
Ireti Adedipe

“How do we rescue him?” Derrick asked immediately he sat down while looking at the exit of the room they were seated after a glance at the drinks one of the Maiden had brought to them.

“For now we could only assume the attackers are the men Cyrus told us, we have no strong link yet to be sure” Derrick added almost immediately he turned to Steve.

Steve was on his feet, adjacent the chair Cyrus was seated. He had his hands crossed behind him and held his phone in his right hand. He took some steps forward and some backwards in a deliberating manner.

“Cyrus’ !! He called Cyrus attention after Derrick spoke and suddenly stopped walking.

“How long have you been been working for Lord Ruiz?” He asked and folded his arms.

“Uhum.. About two years” Cyrus answered sharply and nodded to proof his certainty.

“And does he relate to you directly or he relate to someone else?”

“He relate to someone else, Michael acts like his baron all the time and we get whichever information Ruiz wants to get across from him”

“Michael !!” Steve rephrased.

“Yes. He’s name is Michael Joran, he’s always around Mr. Ruiz and he’s the drug lord second man”

“Yeah. I think I might have seen him once, I met him talking to Ruiz himself sometimes ago” Steve said and nodded like he recalled. He made a faint sigh and crossed his lips, he paused for a moment and continued again.

“Since you’ve been working for Ruiz, has he made any direct orders to you?” Steve asked again.

“Yes but it was three months ago, the instruction we had was to finalize a drug deal with some Chinese people, I didn’t get the full orders but I participated mostly in the execution” Cyrus answered again.

“Good. Do you know any top security officials or cops that secretly works for him during any of your deals?”

“Yes but I only know few of them. Some of the cops who assists us majorly are always disguised. The ones I know are the ones that comes for the share of the drug money after the deal”

“After the deal?” Steve repeated instantly.

“Yes. We’d make arrangements for their part of the bargain in a different location” Cyrus answered him.

“Hmm. That’s unlike Lord Nathaniel, he would ki*ll all the cops including the business partners that do not seem fit to him after the deal” Steve commented and dropped his arms, he formed a smile and turned to Derrick who was listening to them.

“Mr. Ruiz makes use of the cops in all cases, the cops are better off to his advantage in case any thing goes wrong at the exchange of the deal, especially if he was dealing with untrustworthy Drug Lords or Barons” Cyrus added and followed Steve’s direction who walked to sit opposite Derrick.

“And do you know if Inspector Kelvin is among the cops?” Steve asked as he settled on the sofa comfortably.

“The same inspector?”
“Yes. The same Inspector Kelvin”

“I have no idea about that” Cyrus answered.

“The Inspector told us he was getting his information through you until recently he was no longer able to be updated”

“Through me !!”

“Yeah. He was an undercover agent but what I don’t know is if he was working for Mr. Ruiz or He was truly acting under cover” Steve phrased.

It took Doss a minute and five seconds to get the books on his desk back to the previous shelf he had taken them. He was about sitting down again when the door opened and Prosecutor Colan entered the office.

He scrutinized the Prosecutor and waited till the man got to him before he sat properly and extended an handshake.

“Good day Mr. Doss” Colan greeted and received the handshake.

“Please do have your seat” Mr. Doss ushered him and he did.

“I’m aware of the instances here in your company Mr. Doss, but it saddens me to hear you are hiding few things from me and this investigations”

Doss didn’t wait for him to land immediately the Prosecutor sit down when he frowned instantly, he looked at the prosecutor with a mean face and placed his hands on the desk with seriousness.

“I do not understand you Mr. Colan. May you buttress?” he asked.

“Apart from the late director who we couldn’t get ordinances from because he’s late, I found out that your father, the Founder of this company was involved in this whole theft and these secret details were kept in your company servers”

“Excuse me Mr. Colan, mentioning my father’s name is out of ordinances here. The codes and conduct of this company were in my decisions including its affairs. My father never gets involved in record keeping nor has he get involved in any of our data’s” Doss alarmed instantly, almost the same seconds the prosecutor stopped speaking. He’s voice was higher than the normal pitch and his brow was gathered, given an instances that imply annoyance.

Baffled, Colan stared at him. He leaned back and frowned too before speaking without minding the high pitch coming from Doss nor his reactions.

“There were signs of your father’s involvement in this theft Mr. Doss and we discovered this from your company data. Taxation, money meant for public use and different illegal money moved into this company account and I have one of the documents where your father signature were captured on it”

“Mr. Colan I hope you realize the levity of your statements” Doss fired in a stern voice straightway.

“Yes I do Mr. Doss”

“Good. And I hope you know the stakes on ground?” Doss fired again.

“Yes I do” Colan answered.

“Wait. Rewind the video about five seconds” Inspector Kelvin instructed the man showing him a footage on the laptop.

He was behind the chair the officer sat with a bunch of keys strapped between his fingers. He was still dressed in his previous cloth and he looked exhausted and tired.

“Wait.. They entered this church?” He instructed and asked the officer.

“Yes they did”
“And has any team visit the church to investigate?”

“Yes sir”

“Then where are their reports?” the inspector asked.

Admist the loud intensive music, the room was filled with smokes of different kinds. A small television was hung at the center of the room and a live news was going on.

Lord Nathaniel tucked the last of the cigarettes pack away and took up the handkerchief placed on the stool. He cleared some dust stained part on his arms and threw the handkerchief away.

He relaxed on his chair and brought out his phone from his side pocket. A message had just entered and it displayed ‘We have the doctor and we’ve confirmed” the message bodly displayed in higher letters.

He mumbled out the message and returned the phone back into his pocket a moment later.

He returned his focus back to the television and concentrated on the news which lasted for 10 minutes before it eventually ended.

“My Lord, we found something you need to see now” a voice sounded from the entrance.

13 minutes later.

“Listen up Cyrus, you would have to contact Lord Ruiz and make him an offer” Steve was back on his feet and was now standing opposite Derrick and Cyrus.

“Offer, what offer?” Cyrus waited no seconds to ask with a formed brow.

“You’d tell him you have information about what the disk, but you have some questions to ask him personally and he’ll have to meet you himself” Steve answered.

“I don’t understand Steve” Derrick enjoined instantly before Cyrus could utter a word. He shifted his seating position and sat up straight.

“Take the Food quickly and get done with it” The man shouted on Margot again and sip the alcoholic sachet he held, he spat the liquid out like he had done two previous times when he entered some minutes ago with two separate plates of food.

He shake out the alcohol and made a groin as if there was something else he took aside the alcoholic drink. One plate of food was placed on Margot laps and only her right hand was freed while her left hand and her legs tightly tied to the chair.

The second plate of food was placed on the ground before Joel but his hands were tied as well as his legs unlike Margot. He was awake and now fully conscious though he could feel pains all over the joint of his bones.

“I’m getting impatient b***h” The man shouted more louder on Margot and walked forward instantly, he carried the plates of food on her Laps impatiently and stepped back, he dropped the plate and stepped forward again to tie Margot’s right hand.

It took him less than a minute to tie her hands and stepped back again to carry the plate still containing enough food, he walked straightaway to Joel and carried his plate on the floor too since Joel had refused to eat.

He took a glance at Joel and hissed, he carried both plates and turned back to walk out of the room.

“Hey Dude !!” Margot called out to Joel immediately the man shut the door and was out of the room.

To be continued…


  1. If it is one episode per week! Authos should let us, i also know that it not easy but atleast we FANS will know? Pls help us to amend d delay. ( THANKS??????

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