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ANJIÁLA – Episode 24

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ANJIÁLA – Episode 24


© Bunmi B Gabriel







I flipped through my book in the cafeteria. Students sat around waiting for me to flunk so they would be the first to announce it. That was the problem of being a celebrity. I sighed and flipped again, I wasn’t concentrating anyways. I shut the book and massaged my temples.


‘Hey White cat,’ I smiled and raised my head, it was Daniel and his brother whose name I was still yet to memorize. ‘May we sit dear majesty?’ He asked with a playful bow. I laughed and nodded. He sat down with his bro and took my untouched burger. ‘So what you doing?’


‘Trying to read.’




‘Why why?’ I asked back confusedly.


‘It’s lunch time, not read time.’


‘Anytime to me is reasonable considering the fact that I barely get that chance.’


‘True,’ he agreed. ‘So what’s up with the scandal with you and J-Quest?’


‘Rumour, we’re not dating.’ J-Quest was a rock star dude trying to get into my pants.


‘Why? He’s nice and good for you.’


‘I don’t like him one bit and he’s only nice to outsiders’ view, he’s as ass personally.’


‘Okay, what about Cain? He confessed his feelings out for you.’


‘In a broadcast, he’s a coward and a fool. He was with me all through the video shoot of his song but he never said a word to me. The next thing I knew, he was going live and confessing his ridiculous feelings for me and telling fans to beg me to accept. He can date himself.’


‘And Oscar?’


‘Oscar is too old.’




‘Too fat.’




‘Urgh! He has really bad breath and his love for raisins is sickening.’




‘Too bossy and arrogant.’




‘Too thin and a bisexual.’




‘Sex freak.’




‘Are you a monitoring spirit? Do you spend your whole time monitoring the guys asking me out?’ He chuckled.


‘You do realise you have a problem, right? A serious one that deserves spiritual assistant?’ I rolled my eyes, his brother laughed. ‘You alone have J-Quest, Cain, Oscar, Ian, Medal, Toby, Richard, Dave, Clement, Christophe, Nevin, Freddy, Zack and Black Hornet. Those are the ones I know, what about the secret ones. Can’t you just pick and date one?’


‘I can’t date, trust me and I don’t want to. I’m waiting for someone.’


‘You mean the imaginary boyfriend of yours?’


‘He’s real.’ I said calmly.


‘You’ve been dating your imagination for five years now Anji, move on.’ I inhaled and looked away. ‘Anjiála.’


‘What,’ I snapped. ‘My life is none of your…..forget it.’ I packed my books and stomped out to the next class. The class was empty when I got there, I sat down and kissed my ring. ‘Sure no one believes me, but I do. You’ll come back for me.’


I felt better like he was beside me.


Later on, lecture kicked in. Halfway through, Maria Valentine cat walked in. She was an actress and model, very proud and snooty. She ignored the teacher and walked to my seat


‘Ahem,’ she cleared her throat and folded her arms. I ignored her. ‘I said, ahem!’


‘Can I help you Maria?’ I asked irritably calm. She twisted her nose and covered it.


‘You have bad breath. Geez! Don’t you brush your teeth!’ She was searching for the anger I was trying to lock up. ‘Anyways, this is my seat, stand up.’


‘Maria, first of all, I don’t see your name written on it. Second of all, you know I always sit here, bug off Maria.’


‘I also don’t see your name written on it.’ I inhaled and stood up, I packed my books and moved to another chair. Some students got it on video as usual, I’ll be seen as the humble girl and she the troublemaking b****. I focused on what I was learning


After class, she came again and sat on my desk


‘So, legend have it that you’re a slut sleeping with so many guys. Who **** you best Clement? J-Quest? Medal? Ian?…oh wait! Definitely Black Hornet since he have a fat long ****.’


That’s it!


‘And how did you know he has one?’ I asked with a sweet smile. She cleared her throat.


‘You know, if I were you, I would pick one and stop confusing everyone. The world already knows you’re a whore so stop exaggerating it.


‘So says the thing sleeping with men old enough to be her grandfather, so says the stick her own mother reported for sleeping with her husband.’ I stood up, her face was red. ‘Before you try to advice someone, look at your own life first. Stop testing my patient Maria, don’t take my silence for stupidity.’ I grabbed my books and walked out.


I met the girls at the last hall out of my faculty. They were laughing about something.


‘Hey girls, what are you doing here?’


‘Done with school for the day, wanted to say bye.’ Abbie smiled.


‘Just looking for Daniel.’ I smirked at Arie. ‘Don’t even start, Dan is just a friend.’


‘A friend you get wet dreams about…’ Abbie whispered.


‘A friend you monitor to make sure he don’t date anyone.’ I added


‘No I don’t.’ She lied


‘Last week, Dan went on a date with his long time crush. You followed them around and made sure to ruin everything so they’ll think they are not compatible.’ Abbie scoffed and folded her arms.


‘I was only protecting my friend from a bad girl.’


‘You’re a bad girl! I said to annoy her, she huffed and looked away. We heard screams, frightful screams and soon students were running everywhere. Bodies slumped dead at interval, some hit walls and some passed out. ‘What’s up?’ I could feel it, something was heading our way and targeting me. ‘Gurls, jump left in my three.’


‘Three…’ Arie and Abbie shouted and we jumped out of the way. Something dashed pass us, the speed sending the thing crashing on a set of lockers. I got a glimpse of the thing thanks to my quick eyesight. It was tall with the body of a tiger and spot of a leopard. It head was of a bull with a elk’s horn and lioness’s teeth. It tail was like a snake’s with spike and a hawk wings was attached to it back.


It dashed off


I heard a loud familiar scream next


‘Daniel!’ We shouted simultaneously. We ran to the direction of the scream. At the end of the hall, no more students were there except Daniel’s brother who laid unconsciously on the ground and Daniel covering a girl.


‘Get away from my b……est friend!’ Arie yelled at the creature. It turned and it eyes instantly went to me.


‘Why do I feel like it hates me?’ I mused stepping back. It slowly crept dangerously to me. ‘Move out of the way,’ I ordered the gurls. The thing roared and ran to me, I crouched and plunge myself over it body, landing behind him or her. It swished it tail, I jumped and used my mind to whip it away. The weird thing growled and stood up. It red eyes glared at me evilly before it ran away.


‘Daniel!’ Arie screamed and ran to him. ‘Are you okay?’


‘Davis took the blow,’ Dan said worriedly. Yes! Davis!


‘I’ll see.’ Arie went to him and secretly healed him.


‘You okay Polly?’


‘I’m terrified,’ the girl said shakily. ‘What was that thing?’


‘I don’t know but we have to catch it before it hurts more people.’ Abbie said walking away, Arie helped Dante up…damn! Forgot his name again.


‘How do you plan to do that? That’s a mon….oh my God! You’re White Feline!’ The girl shouted, I smiled faintly and followed Abbie out.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Daniel, Donald and Polly insisted they follow us so we let them. I mentally tracked the beast down to an abandoned warehouse. I parked my car and killed the engine.


‘You guys stay here, we’ll go check.’


‘How did you find it?’ Davis asked suspiciously.


‘Tracker.’ I answered simply and opened the door.


‘Daniel don’t move.’ Arie pleaded and got out of the car. I locked them in and we walked into the warehouse. ‘They aren’t scared, who’s suspicious?’


‘I am.’ Abbie replied.


‘That doesn’t matter, let’s find that thing.’ We walked around the warehouse which seemed to have an upstairs too. I searched mentally and sighed. ‘The monster was behind the building but is now in and it’s ending straight to the trio.’


‘They followed us.’ Arie snarled.


‘And are about to be sitting ducks,’ I added and ran out. We ran downstairs and as expected, they were at a corner while the monster approached them. ‘Hey monsterino!’ I sang. ‘Tell me what do you want from me?’ I sang on.


It turned and surprisingly used it speed. It tail whipped us to a wall. I moaned in pain.


‘Hey Beastie,’ Polly called, it turned to her. ‘Check thus out.’ Her body turned to fire, oire fire. Blasted the beast with a powerful flame. The beast crashed on another wall.


‘Whoa, wasn’t expecting that.’ Abbie said not surprise.


‘Arie keep it down!!!’ I shouted, she nodded and her eyes turned blue, she whipped and tied the beast down with her electricity. The beast howled in pain.


‘Ariana?’ Daniel said in shock.


‘Abbie roast it heart.’ I said calmly, Abbie nodded. Heat ray blast from her eyes and pierced into the back of it heart. The monster’s pain was almost felt.


‘My laser isn’t burning through.’ Abbie panicked.


‘Maybe I can help.’ Daniel suggested nervously. He closed his eyes, the metals in the warehouse bent and pulled out until they were floating in the air in a sword form. ‘I’m letting go now!!’ He let it go and the swords fell and thrust into the beast at every angle. ‘Did I kill it?’ He asked opening his eyes. I nodded.


The monster slowly changed to human.


I walked to it and checked the naked person’s face


‘Maria! What the hell!’ I exclaimed. Something red came out of her chest and entered my ring.


What the hell!


To be continued


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