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ANJIÁLA – Episode 23

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ANJIÁLA – Episode 23


© Bunmi B Gabriel





‘Sacré bleu!!!’ I screamed as my eyes met the clock. ‘Ariana!!!!’ She was in the other room. I threw my blanket away and ran to her room, she was romancing her teddy who she named Chris Bieberlaker. A combination of her crushes, Chris Hemsworth, Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake.


She’s crazy but I’m sure you already know that.


‘Ariana!!!!’ I screamed in her ear, she screamed to her seat and panted. ‘Good morning.’ I grinned.


‘Are you crazy! I was just about to say I do to Chris Bieberlake!!!!’ She screamed. I rolled my eyes. ‘He held me in his arms as the priest asked if I would like to marry him, I was going to say yes. Chris Bieberlake was describe like this. Justin Timberlake’s head on Chris Hemworth’s body and Justin Bieber’s eyes and voice. Her perfect man.


‘We’re late for class.’


‘What! Why didn’t you tell me!’


‘I just did,’ I sighed. She flew out of he bed and dashed to her bathroom. ‘Where is Anji when you need one.’ I heard her cry.


An hour later we’re were running down to see what food we could manageably fix up.


‘Why aren’t you the cooking housewife,’ she groaned, I rolled my eyes. Anji was the one who always woke us up every morning, made us breakfast and have us set for school. She was always so caring and loving.


‘She’s the perfect housewife!’ Arie would always shriek. ‘A mother material.’


I’m lazy, I don’t want to stress myself


‘Anjiála!’ Ariana exclaimed, she was there frying some eggs with her hair netted. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at us. ‘My wife came back!’ She ran to her and hugged her from behind. ‘I’ve missed you.’ She whined.


‘I was only gone for two days,’ she said chucklingly. I smiled and went to sit for breakfast. ‘I came in late last night, sorry I didn’t wake any of you up. You both seemed like you needed the long rest.’


‘But I have an important project to defend,’. Arie whimpered moving away from her. ‘I would get an F’


‘I already called him and made up something believable. You are free for the next one hour.’


‘Awwwwwn, that’s so sweet of you….’


‘And me? Did you help me?’ I asked hoping she did. She nodded.


‘I saw your laptop open so I finished the assignment for you and sent it via email to your Prof,’ I applauded for her. ‘Yeah yeah I know, I’m cool.’


‘How were you able to finish my zoology assignment? You’re a social student.’ I asked already knowing the answer.


‘It was a report on one of the almost extinct animal on earth. You chose a lynx, I pretty much know a lot about a lot of almost creatures….’


‘Plus, you make us watch National Geographic channels every time on your movie night.’ She chuckled and turned off the gas. ‘What sort of egg is that?’


‘Are you blind?’ I snapped, Arie stuck her tongue out childishly.


‘Okay kids, let’s eat.’ She dished our egg sauce and put down some slice of breads. She poured the hot milk into our glasses and dropped the plate of peanut butter cookies for desert. She sat down too and dug in, she sipped her drink and dished out a separate meal. ‘Here’s your food Aris, good morning.’


She did that every morning, noon and night.


It was weird.


She began eating in silent, staring at the ring he gave her. The ring was old and ancient but had this mysterious beauty to it. She finished eating and ate his, she cleared her dishes and smiled sadly at us.


‘How long will you do this?’


‘How long will you remain single?’ She asked back.


‘You’re playing smart again, don’t avoid the topic.’


‘Ariana, I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve warned you gurls to not bother me.’


‘Why can’t you share your relationship life with us? Even if it’s not much of a relationship, you should share.’ Arie said softly.


‘Not sharing helps me swallow up my emotions and keep my patient calm. I know it’s not easy but I’m determine to wait for him, he promised he would return…’


‘And even gave you an engagement ring, we know.’ Arie scoffed, she glared at her. ‘I’m sorry, what I mean is that the guy is a f****** a****le,’ Arie spat. Uh oh. ‘I thought he was a honorable king but now I know he’s a foolish man whore taking advantage of you like that. He f****** took your virginity, tied you down so you won’t date again and ran off. He’s a ****!’


‘Ariana!!!!!!’ Anji roared, the glasses in the kitchen all shattered. Her eyes turned pink and violet, her breathing tensed. She folded her fists tightly and snarled. Arie smiled and slurped her milk. ‘Stop calling him names, you know I can’t handle it. Why do you like tasting my patient Ariana?’


‘Because that is the only way to see you use your powers, it’s cool.’


‘Ariana,’ I sighed. ‘Behave yourself.’


‘Sorry Anji, you know when I was born, my stupid father with no brain named me annoying fox queen. I love you.’ She grinned, I laughed as Anji smiled.


‘You’re very stupid.’ She said chucklingly. ‘We’ll be late for school.’


‘Come here you,’ Arie went to her and enfolded her in a hug. ‘Don’t worry, your pineapple head king will come back at his own foolish time.’


‘Arie,’ I laughed, Anji laughed too. ‘Come on.’


‘I’ll fix that.’ Arie snapped her fingers and the glasses mended itself. We cleared the rest dishes and went to school in Anji’s car. She drove as usual with loud songs, hip hop most. ‘So, Anji, have you been planning on how to use your powers?’


‘I haven’t even figured out how we got powers again. The last time I checked, Aris left me with no powers, you with your animal communication and Arie with her healing powers. Nothing more, but four months ago, we got bitten by snakes and viola! We have powers now.’ I smiled and bit my lip. ‘Now Ariana can’t take a bath without taking careful caution because she’s now reliving live wire. Abbie can’t go close to cold, she’s like a f****** mini sun.’


‘Come on, calm down.’ Arie chuckled. Anji sighed.


‘I just feel like there’s a purpose to our powers, we can’t just have it like that, it’s strange.’ She reasoned, I nodded.


‘I guess we’ll only have to wait and find out.’ I said happily. My phone rang, I brought it out and answered. ‘Hey baby, how are you?’


‘I’m fine love, guess who’s horny.’


‘Better buy a sex doll and don’t disturb me, I don’t like stress.’ I said playfully, he laughed and clicked his tongue. ‘I’ve missed you so much babe.’


‘I have too but I can’t do anything about it, you’re far away. Do you want to come over for the weekend?’


‘No, you’ll try to get me pregnant again, I barely escaped the last pregnancy.’


‘I said I’m sorry, I just really want a baby.’


‘And I told you that you should give me time to finish my study, I can’t cope with a baby and two courses at the same time. Can’t you wait?’


‘I can, I’m still sorry for the other time’ he said sadly. I smiled. ‘I still feel bad that we lost our first child, thank God Anna was there to treat you.’ I got pregnant six month back but had a miscarriage which almost took my life, good thing Arie was there to heal me.


‘Zino, don’t feel bad, I’m fine.’


‘So, you coming?’


‘Maybe, I’ll check first, bye for now love?’


‘Yes, bye, love you.’


‘Kisses.’ I hung up and glared at Arie who was laughing at me silently. She laughed out.


‘Mommy Zino!’


‘I’ll redirect that to my mom….’ Anji said jokingly.


‘Sorry, I forgot my brain turned upside down yesterday, I’m not okay.’ Arie said playfully, I chuckled and looked out of the window.


‘Let’s sing!’ Anji shrieked. We laughed and started singing our made up bestie song.


♪ see the way the guys are looking


Lookie the way they are hooting


We’re the top girls in the town


Moving faster we are sexy


Swaying harder we are foxy


We’ve got our royal hot crown


We’re bringing it down


We’re shaking it high


Feeling the sharp vibe


Oh, we’re pretty and smart


Nothing can pull us back


We’re the clouds in the sky


We’re Triple A squad


Nothing close to a quad


But we’re the greatest


There is to be


We’re lioness’s cubs


Make that with poisonous dubs


We’re fierce and undefeatable….’


We arrived at school and soon enough, Anji’s fans were outside waiting to scream at her. The school gave a rule, no one was to attack her in anyway. They must approach her like reasonable human beings and not animals.


Being around her makes us popular, I like that.


To be continued

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