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The King Who Never Spoke

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Written by Tosin Iyanda

There was once lived a King, who never spoke or talked with his servants. In his opinion “they didn’t deserve to hear his voice.” Whenever he wanted to issue an instruction, he will either beckon on his servants through hand gestures, claps or eye contact. So the servants continually found it hard to adapt to his style of leadership.
On a particular occasion he needed food and gave a hand-gesture to a servant occupied with cleaning. Because, the servant couldn’t receive of his hand-cue on time he was punished severely.

“Why wouldn’t the King talk to us by speech?” – The servants continually asked. They all knew the King had no hearing or speech disability.

A curious servant decided to go to the King’s Chambers and listen behind closed doors.
“Can you believe those infidels, they can’t even receive my hand cues” – The King said
“But my Lord, it will be better if you spoke with them” replied his mistrel
“They are not good enough for my voice. As a King my words are too valuable for them.”

“But don’t you think you will lead your Kingdom better if you spoke?”

“My Kingdom shall be ruled this way.”
After the servant heard all this, he was astonished and understood the mindset of the King.

On a faithful morning, while the King was at breakfast table, he signaled for his food. The servants lovingly brought it to him. He then gestured for his servants to leave because he wanted to be alone. As he ate his meal, he had difficulty swallowing all and begun to choke. He began to tap his hands but no one came to his aid. He continued to tap as his normal gesture was but no reply. The servant who had heard him speak the night before saw him from a distance but was determined to make him talk before responding. Then finally he cried “HELP.” The servant then came to meet him. He saw him choking on the floor and asked sir what can I help you with?

And he told him “water.” The King was given water and finally he was alright.
The servant then told him with a good sense of respect “Sir, how much better was your need met when you spoke?”
The King humbly admitted “The bridge between life and death was in my communication.”

Imagine if he had to chosen because of “his status” to restrict himself to the means of communication that seemed only suitable to him?
He would have died like a fool.

The greatest barrier in relationships is clear communications. No matter what status you occupy and what level your relationship is with others, you ought to communicate. Communication is what makes us have fellowship with God and have mutual fellowship.
As in the King’s case, pride makes people only communicate at their convenience.
Humble people always communicate properly and lovingly.

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1 thought on “The King Who Never Spoke

  1. and what if people choose not to communicate with you? People you want to communicate with, but take you and your words without regard!

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