The Bel Sisters – Episode 2

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The Bel Sisters – Episode 2

© Bunmi B Gabriel

#Ama’s POV

There I was with Iso trying to stop Ara from crying but nooooooo, she won’t stop, this is a waste of time

‘It’s just too hard on me, first I caught Taylor cheating on me with a girl I called my friend, then I moved here a month later just when I was getting close to Bryan, I had to leave my girls, my squad, my destiny, MY LIFE! And now I can’t be a dancer or a cheerleader again, how could this day get any worse!!!!’ She screamed in tears

‘Just forget them Ara, you are Arabel Jeanie Leigh, you can’t let anyone make you feel less’ I said softly, she looked at me thoughtfully

‘They are just jealous of your….of your…ehm…eh

m…’ Iso stammered thinking on what word to use

‘Flair, talent and style’ I completed for her

‘Exactly! And they know you’ll be a threat to their….to their…ur…ur…Ama help me out here’

‘Captain hood?’ I added unsurely

‘Yea, and your beauty is extravagant and real, not like them, they are all artificial’ which was true by the way. Those very words clicked on Ara’s proud button

‘Yes, you are right’ she said confidently. ‘I don’t need them, I’m me, I’ll show those blonde b****es’

Iso and I sighed with relief. ‘That’s the spirit!’ We exclaimed


‘So girls, how was school today?’ My mom asked lowly with her eyes digging holes into my dad’s face

‘It was heart breaking’ Ara said lowly

‘Fun’ Iso chirped

‘Not monotonous’

‘Hmm reasons?’ My dad asked keenly with her eyes still on my dad

‘I got rejected, I can’t be a dancer or cheerleader anymore’

‘I got into the drama club and I laughed a lot today’ Iso squealed and dad chuckled

‘Iso, you’re always laughing’ he said with a smile

‘I know!’ She shrieked excitedly and giggled

‘I saw something breathtaking….where are the quads?’ I blunted changing the topic

‘They went to bed early’ Iso replied giddily, dad scoffed

‘Kelvin and Bevin, go early to bed, impossible’ he said incredulously

‘Well they did, at least I think Kelvin did’ mom shrugged

‘Mom, what’s with the ‘dig a hole in my husband’s face’ stare?’ Ara asked jokingly

‘She’s checking me out’ dad joked and mom rolled her eyes, I’ll leave you to conclude on what Iso did

I ate the rest of my food thinking of that guy while mom and dad entertained Iso with their argument about dad’s handsomeness, Ara just stared on with adoration

‘Mother!!!!’ Oh no, Bevin, she stomped into the dinning room, what is she wearing? Now I know her problem. ‘Mother just look at me, what is this?!!!’

‘Ur…a dress duh’ Ara scoffed

‘I know it’s a dress but can you sense what’s wrong with it?!’ She asked controlling her loud voice exasperatedly

‘No’ mom said blankly

‘It’s pink!!! I hate pink!!! You all know that, I can only wear something that looks like the blue sky, sea, baby blue, China blue, electric blue and blue MOON!!!!’

‘Bevin the moon isn’t blue’ Iso laughed

‘Not my problem!!! Why did Iso buy this ridiculous dress for me? I said I was going to a birthday party not a royal ball, how am I suppose to walk in this big dress?! It’s so fluffy and uncomfortable, my six years old tiny legs can’t carry them’ she cried yelled

‘Isobel?’ Dad questioned

‘It was pretty and I bought it for Vevin, not you’

‘Oh really? The other one is worst than this!!!!’

‘Bevin shut up and go to bed, I’ll buy you a new one’ dad said sternly, she sighed

‘Can someone carry me? My feet are tired’ she said tiredly, I stood up and went to her, she lifted her hands like a cute baby and I carried her. She’s cute when she’s not yelling


‘So class that is the formula for today’ the chemistry teacher yelled, he’s always yelling, just like Bevin. ‘See you all tomorrow’ he yelled again after packing his books then left. Weird teacher

I averted my gaze to Blake and caught him staring, he beamed at me and I smiled nervously before pulling a skedaddle, phew!

But why was he staring at me?

I went to my locker and opened it, after keeping my books inside, I looked at myself in the mirror attached to it, there’s nothing pretty about me, why will he stare?

‘Maybe he just wants to be your friend he’s really genial you know’ my mind reasoned, yea, maybe, I closed my locker and screamed a little when I saw him leaning on a Iso’s locker which was beside mine, his hands in his pocket

‘Heeeeeey!’ I exaggerated in a ‘what the butt!’ Tone

‘Heh heh, sorry, hi’ he smiled

‘Hi, how may I help you?’

‘Don’t tell me you don’t remember me’ he said blankly with a pout

‘Okay I won’t tell you’ I said sarcastically

‘Ouch, you just hurt my cool’ he said childishly and I chuckled

‘Hi Blake’ I said calmly, he gasped dramatically

‘You do remember me, I’m honoured’

‘Sorry about the way I behaved the other day’ I said apologetically

‘I’ll forget it with your name’

‘My name is Amabel but you can call me Ama’

‘Or ham or Hammer’ he said drily, I smiled

‘I need to go now, for lunch’

‘Can I walk you there?’ He asked with a boyish grin, I bit my lip nervously, I heard my breath to stop my heart from bursting out of my chest

Say yes stupid! My mind was screaming


‘Then shall we milady?’ He asked gentlemanly with a bow, I giggled and walked pass him

Gosh! This guy can’t date a girl like Iso, he’ll kill her with laughter. I didn’t even know when we got to the cafeteria door

‘This is where I stop my dear Lady, I don’t want the jealousy of the maidens of my kingdom to tear you apart’ he was imitating a duke voice, I rolled my eyes and walked run in, missing his company already

#Ara’s POV

Ama was eating quietly, okay that is normal but she’s just too quiet, Iso gave me a look, she’s thinking the same thing

‘Amalove, are you okay?’ I asked softly, she shook her head negatively ‘what’s wrong?’ I asked holding her hand

‘Promise you won’t teased me’ she pleaded sadly

‘I won’t, but I don’t know about Isolaugh’ I said glaring dagger at Iso

‘I promise’ Iso said lowly, Ama pointed to a guy sitting beside that jerk face Drake, I know him, he’s Blake Morgan, the hottest and richest boy in the school

‘What did he do to you? Did be hurt you?’ I asked already angry

‘Chill girl, we both know that Ama can take care of herself’ Iso pointed out

‘I kinda, sort of, like him’ she said nervously

‘You like what now!’ We both exclaimed gaining attention to our self, I gave them a ‘get lost’ look, and they looked away

‘And he keeps smiling at me, isn’t that strange? I mean I’m not pretty or anything’ she said thoughtfully

‘If you think that glasses and weird clothes make you ugly, then you are wrong, you’re actually cute in them’ I said honestly, she blushed and pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear

‘Avoid him not my dear, if you like him, get him’ I said bluntly, she shook her head negatively, her problem

#Iso ‘s POV

‘Okay, you’ll now pick a partner for the single acting, starting with Thomas’ Miss Tess said strictly

‘I’ll go with Astra’ he said flirtatiously

‘I go for Ashley’ another guy said calmly, Lake, the drama president kept mute, obviously thinking about how Miss Tess is treating him

‘We had nine girls left’ she boomed. ‘Lake, you haven’t picked yet, you’ll act with Lucinda’ that’s her daughter, Lucinda squealed and I frowned, I wanted Lake

‘Sorry ma’am but I can’t act with Lucin, she’s terrible’ he said unequivocally and everyone laughed

‘Mr Lake proudson, don’t talk about my daughter like that’ she snapped

Lake is really nice and humble, his mom or dad (one of them) owns the school but he never uses it to oppress anyone

‘I’m acting with Isobel Leigh’ he said irrevocably, I bit my lips to suppress a loud excited scream

‘You can’t act with her, she’s inexperienced, you need someone with serious experience like my daughter’

‘The only one with serious experience here is Ashley, Astra and Mia, the rest are just experienced, I’ve seen Isobel act before, she’s better at acting here than anyone else’

Did my crush just defend me? He even knows my name! oh my God!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! This is so AMAZING!!!!!!!

‘don’t let me kick you out of the club Lake’ she warned, he rolled his eyes and gave her a knowing look, she huffed and puffed and huffed again. ‘Fine, suit yourself’


‘The rest of you, pair up’ she yelled angrily, I took in and out deep breaths like Ara thought me, her words rang in my head

‘Stop making it obvious that you like a guy Iso, just act nonchalant and you won’t scare him away or make him think you’re an easy target’

OK Iso, you can do this

‘Iso, we’ll be acting a kiss scene’ he said jokingly, I gasped but then I remembered AMA’s words

‘Don’t feel it, don’t let it in, don’t let it show, just be you’

‘Nice try Lake, the only thing you’ll be kissing is my foot’ I said confidently, he smiled and leaned closer to my ear

‘Foot of what?’ He said in a flirtatious husky whisper, my jaw dropped and I froze, he straightened up and smirked, happy that he had such an effect on me too

#Ara’s POV

I stood in a hidden corner at the basketball court getting ready to video Drake, that idiot got me into a three days detention with him, and I got laughed at

Ama was helping me, she installed something into the basketball so she can control it, they started practicing. Ama moved the ball anytime he tried to catch or pick it up.

At the last part, she move it between his legs in a way he ended up falling, it was funny to watch how he played so badly but he still looks super hot. The coach kept yelling at and insulting him

I left with Ama and uploaded the video on the school website, with the caption

“Epic fail: is Drake Wilson losing his touch or what?”

I smiled as the notification beeped on everyone’s phone, Drake is going to kill me



Drake walked in fuming, I smiled innocently

‘Hello legless cockroach’ I repeated what coach called him

‘You’ he said dangerously ‘you did this’

‘Whaaaaat?’ I asked innocently, he bit his lips angrily ‘easy dear, you’ll burst your lips’ I laughed

‘I hate you’

‘Not as much as I hate you’ I smiled, he sighed and sat down

‘Why are you so mean to me?’ He asked lowly

‘I don’t know, maybe you should think back to the day we first met’ I said sarcastically, he rolled his eyes, I looked away

‘At least let’s not fight in here for the rest of the detention days, I’ll lose’ he said lazily, I smiled and blew him a kiss, he chuckled and looked away too

This is going to be fun!

To be continued


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