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By Francis Agamah

~Blue Angel restaurant @ 7.00 P.m~

“Can I keep you company tonight? ” I turned round to see the owner of the voice. I saw a beautiful lady behind me, smiling.

“You haven’t answered my Question, Mr. …”

“Curtis Macelinus, “I helped her with my name.

“Nice meeting you Mr Curtis. I’m Jane Cole-Craft but You can simply call me Jane,” She continued.

“OK, errr Jane. Have a sit. I’m grateful you wanna keep me company. I’m really feeling bored.”

She sat down and before I say jack , ordered for food and drinks. It was quite unusual especially in our part of the world for a woman to buy drinks for a man.😊

I was flabbergasted and excited as well. It had been a very long time since I went on a date, not to talk about an unplanned one. Jane fitted into my criteria for choosing a lady perfectly. Curvy figure, full- round breast, Kissable lips and amorous eyes. For the thirty minutes that I was in her company, I never felt bored.

“I like You, Macelinus. You are cute and gentle,” she said.

“Well, thanks for the Compliment,”I said ,a bit shy.

I realised she kept staring at me in a way that suggested she was not only looking for friendship but an intimate romantic engagement.

I needn’t wait for long to conjecture the scenario. She said, “can we have some fun after the drink?”

“Well, yeah, emm, which kind of fun are you talking about?, ” I said, pretending not to know what she was taking about.
She looked at me quite surprised at my utterances and said, you don’t look like an unintelligent person. I’m sure you understood me.”🤣🤣🤣

“Yea, I understand what you are saying,” I admitted.😐

After another round of drink, I was boozed. I followed her to a small apartment closer to the restaurant.

Janes’s eyes glowed like a hunting cat’s in that dimly lit room, and her mouth was red as a berry. We undressed each other and began kissing and fondling each other’s body parts.

My heart was beating faster my thought. I felt I was en route to heaven. “You can come “in” now,” she said, fitting her mouth against mine. I climbed on top of her, sucking in my breath, the end of my “joystick” becoming as solid and delicate as a daisy, and then catching fire in the fierce warmth of her flesh. We made love, for the first time, the SWEET scent of our bodies’ juices mingling with the perfumed bouncing mattress as the moon gazed at us in consternation, its light pouring on us like golden rain😘😘😘

Before I left home that night, I wasn’t only happy because I had fun , but also because I was rich by Ghc 2000.

I asked her why she gave me such an amount of money after spending on my drinks. She just smiled and said,” you will need it soon.”She handed an envelope to me and asked me to open it only after I reached home.

She was quite reluctant to give me her contact number when I asked her but later told me it was in the envelope she gave me.

Without much thinking , I left for home , feeling proud of myself, secretly congratulating myself of playing a smart game on the strange lady I met at the discotheque.

When I reached home , I opened the letter she gave to me. It reads

Dear friend,
I was very happy you helped me fulfill my last wish before I die. I know you don’t know what I am talking about so let me make it more simpler for you. About five years ago I meet a man in the very restaurant I met you today. One thing led to the other and we ended up making love. Six months later , I tested positive for HIV/AIDS. I was shocked. When I consulted him about it, he told me, “a lady that can have sex with a man on an unplanned date is not fit to be alive.
After uttering those painful words, he left. I never saw him again until I saw his obituary, pasted on a wall.

My heart sank. I knew I’m going to die soon so I also said made a wish that I will infect any man who tried to sleep with me on our first encounter because such a man is also not fit to be alive.

So my dear friend, I’m sorry to break your heart but I have infested you with the HIV. If you have anything to ask me, call me on the number behind the letter or come to Twin Town Residential area, HighSpring road,
Street,17, House number 379.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Your one night stand friend

Jane Cole-Craft

My heart was bitter. This lady had deliberately given me the disease. I rushed to my room , picked my licensed gun, entered my Highlander and sped off.

I promised myself to shoot her on sight. Flames of anger burnt deep into my soul. Soon I reached twin Town, turn to HighSpring Street, number 17 and then ended up at House number 379.
The house was too quiet when I passed though the gate which was left unattended to. The security man seemed to desert his post.

I reached the door and knocked but no one answered. I turned the knob and the door opened. No sooner had I entered the room than an army of flies started attacking me. I gazed at the source of the flies and when I saw it, tears trickled down my face. I saw Jane’s body hanging on a rope, with a tight loop around her neck. She had committed suicide. Flies were singing hallelujah around her body which had started giving off foul smell.
I estimated she died 6 hours ago
My desire for revenge suddenly melted into thin air. Now I must think of myself. I left the room and returned home.
A few days later, I went for HIV test. I was amazed I tested negative for HIV. Six months later, I retested myself and still, the test result was negative.

Dear Reader, I was very grateful to have escape HIV though I had unprotected sex with an infected person.(Jane Cole Craft)
You may not be as lucky as me so don’t jeopardise your life.

I have learnt my lessons. I’m now a devoted Christian, following the principles of Christ.

In 1Peter 3:13 a thought provoking but inspiring question was asked ,” And who is he who will harm you if you become followers of what is good?

Perhaps, it’s time to change the course of your life too and follow what is good.


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