Devil In Red

Devil In Red – Episode 37

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Devil In Red – Episode 37

© Goddy Francis


” Elna , I’m not pregnant.” I repeated for the fourth time.

Why would I be pregnant ?

I can’t imagine making love to Jason without protection , so where’s the pregnancy coming from ?

” I know , just wanna confirm. Condoms are not guaranteed.” She smiles raising a tube upwards.

” You’re not a nurse..” I whine.

” Don’t care , you’re lucky. It’s fever.” I scoff and shake my head sideways.

” Why are you acting like Mitch has never done anything sexual with you. ” Aunt Elna says grinning at me.

” I didn’t say that. There’s always protection , he’s not ready for a baby. The redhead likes to have fun and he’s not ready..” I smile.

She Chuckle and get rid of the tube.

” I’ll get you drugs and you need a nap. Your health is really precious to us and you need good sleep. A sleep that doesn’t involve thinking of Jason Mitchel..” she wink and I smile.

She walk out and I sigh. Imagine being pregnant for real ! What’s gonna be Jason’s reaction. I don’t even want a child, not now .

I missed my job , I miss my car and of course I missed my boyfriend. I sigh and slump on my bed heartbroken.

” Gold.. drugs ” she smile and drop it on the nightstand.

” You’re about to fall sick , just take your drugs and try to think proper. We’re going to Malibu , I want you to be strong and not this weak state of yours .” She smiled and walk out.




I sit opposite the swimming pool and sigh endlessly. My life’s been complicated since she left me.

I gulp on the wine and look at her number on my phone. I wanted to call her but I can’t.

* Don’t stalk me , don’t bug me either…*

” Hey Mitch…” Tobie said from behind me.

He walk down to the deck and glance at me.

” You’re looking miserable.” He says and yeah he’s right.

” Thanks..” he Chuckles and sit close to me.

” Dad postpone it , says tomorrow night..”

I chuckle silently and drank the wine.

” Everywhere is gonna be bloody.”

” Why did you say so ?” Tobias asks.

” Because , Andrew Cooper will definitely will everything to Tionna. I can’t wait to watch.”

” Dad is not that heartless..” I shake my head and smile a little.

” I don’t feel like going anyways.”

” You have to , it’s your father’s will.”

” I don’t need his money. Goodnight..” I stand up and climb upstairs.

God I’m drunk , cause I was dizzy. I plump down on my bed and sooner as i expected I fell asleep.




The cab halt outside school and I alight the car. I sigh and walk into school premises. I missed class for two straight days.

I’m so ****ed.

” Hey Gold..” someone waved at me.

I smile and wave back.

” That’s new..” I mutter.

And i don’t even know her.

” Hi gold..” another person wave at me. I feel uncomfortable.

What’s up with the recognition ?

” Ayo , Gold…” I fake a smile and walk faster in order to get to class.

I walk into class and everyone turn to look at me including the professor. This is unusual , maybe because I’m late. Maybe.

” Sorry I’m late..” I said to the professor and sits down.

She nods and continued teaching.

” Hey , I’m Lissa.” My next seat mate introduce and smiled.

” Thanks , nice to meet you..”

” I love your video , it’s so emotional. And you must be lucky to have him..” she tease and i smiled a little.


” Thanks.” I brought out my note and pen down what the professor is teaching.

Few minutes after , she rounded up her lectures and walk out. I gather my stuffs and walk out of class.

” Hey , Gold , I love your video..” some people shouted.

” ****..” I mutter and walk to School’s Library.

Exam’s near and I need to study hard.

” Golden..” I heard Perkins voice.

I turn to look at her and she’s standing next to Carol.

” Hi guys..” they smiled and sat down. Perkins sit opposite me including carol.

” Hey..” Carol says.

I smile and nod.

” We’re sorry about your video. I’m sorry actually..” Perkins says.

” Why ? I mean it’s not like it’s your fault.” I smile and exchange looks with them.

” I know , you thought we wrote it and…”

” Guys , come on it’s okay. I already sort the issue out and I’m fine.”

” Okay..” Perkins nods and sigh.

” Seriously , I missed you okay. The house was bored and I totally missed the three of us always hanging together.” Perkins said.

” Yeah me too.” Carol adds.

” Okay.. we’re good right ?” Perkins asks.

” Yeah , I’m not angry with anyone. I just thought I needed space.”

” Are you moving back ?”

” Not now. My aunt’s planning a summer break this weekend for me and her kid.” I utter.

” Wow. Aunt ?” Carol asks.

” I didn’t see that coming. You didn’t tell us and why ?” Perkins asks.

” I’m sorry , didn’t cross my mind.” I grin and they Chuckle.

What if they didn’t write it ?

What if one of them did ?

What if they both did ?

It’s really weird I have to act normal even after what they did to me. I truly trust Perkins and yeah Carol too. They’ve been really nice to me , especially Perkins.

Why would they be jealous of me ?

Perkins don’t date and she don’t even care.

Carol’s a nerd and after Brad left , she really don’t care about dating either.

I sigh and smiled. I really need to learn to forget things .

” I truly love your video , it was emotional. I just wish everything sort out well between you love birds.” Perkins said.

” You should give him a chance though. Everyone like you both together.”

Everyone ? And yet someone tried to ruin me.

” Thanks guys.”

” You wanna party tonight ?”

” Frat ?” I ask.

” No way. I’m not a frat freak. Just a normal party. Please don’t say no.” Perkins says and i smiled broadly.

” I’m in.” They squeal and I giggle.

” I’m buying new clothes for everyone. We really need to look hot.”

” I like free things..” I Chuckle as we laugh.

I really missed this clique chatter. We talked about different things and we went back to THE SPOT.

Perkins drove us to a boutique and we bought clothes. I changed into my dark blue dress with black stilettos heels as I perfectly comb my curls.

I’m not a fan of make-up so I just add a little. I’m missing Jason same time I really wanna have fun.

Carol was always trying to fit in with the dress because of it’s length. Perkins brushed her hair and we walk down the spot.

I sit on the passenger while Carol sit at the back. Perkins turn on the music player as we hum to the pop song.

We halt outside the club as we alight the car. Perkins ordered for drinks and we sit to drink. We drank and Perkins get up to dance with a guy.

I was filled with alcohol even if I’m not used to it. I get up and a guy approached me.

” You dance ?” He asks and I smirk.

He hold my arm and pull me to the dance floor. He hold my waist while I dance to the beat. We danced as his hands trail around my hips.

That made me think about mitch. I heave a sigh of relief and try to forget about him . Tonight’s my night and I shouldn’t think about him. Not tonight.

We danced as he touch my back since the dress revealed my back. My skin heat up and I really wanna make out. He kissed my neck and caress my hips while I dance slow on his body.

He lean forward to kiss me and I smirk. I wrap my hands around his shoulders and he hold my waist .

” Gold..” I heard a familiar voice as I flinch.

” God.. please don’t be him..” I mutter and turn around. Of course it’s him.

” What are you doing ?” He ask and I ignored him. I turn to face the guy I’m dancing with. Jason grab my arm and turn me to look at me.

” You , get the **** out of my club now.” He yell and he oblige.

Why is everyone scared of Mitchel ?

” You’re coming with me..” he said and pull me out of the club.

” Look , we’re not dating..” I yell at him.

” Yeah right . So you have to kiss a boy in a club ? How can you be this low ?” He yell and I got angry.

I slapped him and he’s more than angry. How can he call me cheap ?

” Did you really have to ?”

” **** you and **** your policy. You won’t call me cheap , you’re the one who’s cheap , you stupid , psycho b******..” I yell as he couldn’t make out words.

” What do you even see me as ?” He ask.

” A pathetic irresponsible redhead. What don’t you even understand ? You hurt me and you’re trying to hurt me more by calling me cheap because , I’m trying to forget about you. You thought I was joking when I said it’s over. Nigga , I’m done with you.” I yell and he smirks.

He take a step closer and smirk again.

” You’re done huh ?”

” I’m done with you , get that.”

” Deal , go **** yourself.” He says and showed me my number on my phone.

Good he deleted mine too.

” I’m done..” with that , he’s gone.

God why am I crying ?

To be continued

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