Bel Sisters – Episode 1

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Bel Sisters – Episode 1
#Iso ‘s POV

‘Isobel, Iso, wake up! We’re going to be late for school’ Ama yelled exasperatedly as she shook me vigorously

‘Leave me alone’ I groaned lazily

‘Stand up now or else I pour water on you!!!’ Ara yelled angrily, I sat up grumbling and she hissed. ‘To the bathroom now!’ She said sternly, I stood up and plodded to the bathroom still grumbling

My name is Isobel Chaney Leigh, the second daughter of my father (Lawrence Drake Leigh) the two girls that just woke me up are my step sisters but you can never guess that

Why? We were born on the same day but different time and bear identical names, cool coincidence right?

My dad was married to my mom, Annabel but somehow he impregnated her best friend Christabel, they fought for a while but later settled it and he also married Christabel. Unfortunately, Christabel died immediately after giving birth to her daughter Arabel and my mom died three days after I was born

Ouch for my dad, I know

When we were seven, dad moved to France to take care of his new company branch there, that was where we met Amabel, she was our class teacher’s daughter, her dad died before he even knew she existed.

Miss Mabel (her mom) was really nice to us, she treated us like her daughters, we were like sisters. Arabel is two hours older than me and I am three hours older than Amabel

My dad came to pick us up from school himself one day and that was when he met Miss Mabel, I can vividly remember the look on his face, She’s a very beautiful woman you know but of course, then I didn’t understand that look

He made taking us to school himself his daily duty just to be close to her, Ara who had always been the more exposed one kept telling us that dad was trying to woo Miss Mabel but I didn’t believe, Ama as usual didn’t care

To cut the long story short, dad married Miss Mabel making Ama our sister, we later moved back to Seattle and she had the quad (you’ll meet them later)

Now dad moved us to Switzerland to take care of his new company branch there, I know I’ll fit in perfectly, I always do. Ara is upset about our constant moving but Ama don’t care if she’s even moved into a wall, she lives a really nonchalant life

Brief info about us so you’ll understand us better

Arabel Jeanie Leigh is the bossy, slightly proud, stylish and cheeky one, she’s a tremendous dancer and gymnast. A little bit flirtatious but not promiscuous and a showoff. She is very bad and easily tempered and crazy, (don’t dare her, she knows how to fight)

Long ash blonde blunt bob hair, violet eyes, snow white skin and pointed nose, a total replicate of her mom. she was the co captain of the cheerleaders back in Seattle, she would have been the captain now if we didn’t move

Me, you know my name already, I’m the fashionable, extremely girly and classy one. My main speciality is laughing at anything I see or hear, I’m also the slightly lazy and frail one tho I can defend myself a little, I’m good at mocking people I don’t like.

When it comes to make up, hair styling, tap dancing and ballet, I rock, and I’m a fantastic actress, also the loquacious, sometimes mean and childish one.

I have Mustard curly hair, jade eyes and cream skin

Amabel Heamie Leigh, the genius, quiet and perceptive one, she’s more mature minded and motherly, fearless but doesn’t let it show, she sometimes changes personality in a way I don’t understand but she’s always nice and caring

Ama has a really terrible anger, even worse than Ara’s but she’s very slow to anger, she barely gets angry and when she does get angry, she’s good at controlling it unlike Ara. She’s quiet belligerent and only free around us. Music is one of her niches, I can’t think of an instrument she can’t play

She knows how to dance too, hip hop and break dancing to be precise and spends most of her time on her phone or laptop, she’s weird in a sort of way

Now you know about us, let’s move on to the story

#Iso’s POV

I skipped to Ara’s lilac Jaguar XJ Luxury car, she stopped and cleared her throat, oh what now! Ama chuckled clearly understanding my frown

She was wearing her usual flamboyant flare wool skirt and Cardigan, her golden honey and chestnut hair in it normal bun style and her big lavender puppy like eyes shaded by nerd glasses, she doesn’t even need those glasses, why wear it?

‘Hellooooo!’ Ara drawled waving her hand ‘talking here’

‘What is it Ara?’ I sighed

‘I wanna be popular in the new school, I can’t be the cheer captain again so I’ll gain a single popularity’

‘Meaning?’ I asked softly

‘We’ll be known as the Bel sisters, I’m your leader, you’ll change your dress code to suit mine and your personality too, am I understood?’ She asked authoritatively, I was busy staring at her makeup, it’s too much

Too much lilac eye-shadow, blush, lipstick and everything! It matches the lilac mini skirt and white handless top and heels she wore but still

‘Earth to my sisters!’ She shouted

‘Sorry, you lost me at popular’ Ama said nonchalantly

‘What did you say again?’ I asked confusedly, she growled and glared at us. ‘Your makeup distracted me, its too much’

‘And your dress is too short and expose’ Ama added

‘I’ll wear a mini jacket but the skirt stays this way and my make up is fine’ she said lowly

‘Arabel reduce it’ I said calmly, she waved dismissively and got into her car, Lex, our younger siblings’ driver was driving us to school to show us the way or something

Ama poked her tongue behind Ara mockingly and I giggled, Ara was too busy giving us orders to notice, plus, her gaze was directed at the window

Ama mimicked her silently as she made duck mouth gesture with her hand, all I did was laugh silently until I accidentally laughed out loud

‘Why are you laughing?’ Ara asked suspiciously

‘Ara you are such a genius!’ Ama exclaimed, changing the topic

‘Extravagantly’ I added and she smiled proudly before returning her gaze to the window, Ama rolled her eyes and I chuckled

The school was really really big and beautiful, flowers everywhere and awesome cars. Ara jumped out of the car joyfully with a wide smile but Ama had a mischievous smile playing on her small cerise lips

‘Remember what I told you girls this…’ She cut herself off with a gasp, Ama ran away laughing. ‘Amabel! Come back here!!!’ Ara screamed

‘See ya!!!’ Ama screamed and disappeared into the building, I ran away too

‘Wouldn’t want to be ya!!!’ I shouted amid laughter and ran into the building leaving Ara to bark at herself

I sat comfortably in my first class, Ara and I had the first class together, she’s a commercial student and I art. I was writing in my diary happily when I heard shrieks, probably some cute boy passing by

Geez! What’s that sweet scent? I looked up and my eyes met a pair of angry cerulean eyes, what did I do?

‘Did you intentionally sit here so I can notice your disgusting self?’ He asked derisively, I opened my mouth to speak but I couldn’t, cute boy alert! ‘Can’t you talk!!!’

‘Er…ehm…’s…it’s… M…m…my first day here, I…I…didn’t…didn’t…know that this seat was occupied’ I stammered, he scoffed

‘Just get your over used ass off my seat’ he hissed, I glanced at Ara who was already bristling with rage (remember that I said she’s crazy and easily tempered) I slowly packed my books into my bag, he dragged me up and pulled me out of his seat

‘Ow!’ I cried, did he just fling me on the floor? Ara took off her heels and stomped to him, before he could snap at her, she bashed it on his head

‘Don’t you dare lay your cursed hand on my sister again’ she said angrily, when she’s angry, she don’t reason cute guy

‘Are you crazy’ he yelled angrily rubbing his tousled brown hair

‘Oh I’m not just crazy, I’m a complete mad woman’ Ara retorted angrily and hit his head again, he moved threatening to her but she didn’t move

‘Hit me again and you won’t like me’ be warned, she hissed and pushed his head, he staggered backwards almost crashing on his desk

‘I hate you already you moron’ she spat, he stood up abruptly but she kneed him and elbowed his head, he fell on the floor groaning in pain, she hissed and went back to her seat muttering

I was still seated on the floor laughing like I’m born to do

#Iso’s POV

Ara and I walked out of the noisy class, she wore a woebegone expression on her face as she stared at the floor

‘Ara what’s wrong?’ I asked softly

‘You girls really disgraced me today at the parking lot’ she said sadly. ‘On my first day I’m already known as the crazy girl’

‘That’s not true’

‘Really? I yelled at myself at the parking lot and beat up a hottie in class, doesn’t that spell crazy?’ She said sarcastically, I chewed on my lips. ‘Always moving is really hard on my fabulous social life, how will I cope here?’

‘You should be more like Ama, she don’t care about reality’ I laughed, she chuckled

‘True, but I still need to be popular, that’s the only way I’ll survive this’ she said lowly

‘In that case….’ I jumped in front of her. ‘Ara has a big head, she really really loves it, its as big as a house but there is nothing inside’ I sang shrilly and ran away from her reach laughing, she threw her heels at me but I caught them and ran away

#Ara’s POV

‘Isobel!’ I screamed exasperatedly, she ran away with my shoes, this is so humiliating, I didn’t plan my day to start like this

I brought out my white flats from my bag and wore it, it’s a good thing I always carry a spare


I sighed for the umpteenth time as I stared at Ama who was typing on her laptop, her red headphone on her head and a black finger cots gracing her slender fingers

Iso was drawing, she’s really good at that. My gaze shifted to the guy I dealt with earlier in class, why is he staring at me like that? Do I have something on my face?

He averted his eyes to a half naked girl, mtcheeew, I’m ten times more prettier than her. My gaze shifted back to Ama

‘The cafeteria is for eating not rubbish, don’t you gals haves anything better to do?’ I snapped, Iso giggled and Ama chuckled, witch, she heard me

Urgh! So bored, this sandwich taste like butt, who cooked this poison?!

Why is this place so noisy?

Why am I so bored?

What is Ama listening to?

I shifted closer to her and tried to take her headphone but she smacked my hand and gave me another one, finally! Something to do.

‘Nice beat Ama!’ I exclaimed and she smiled. ‘Iso you’ve got to hear this’ I said taking off the headphone but I accidentally knocked Ama’s hot coffee and it spilled on her laptop


‘sh*t! Arabel!’ She exclaimed, she dusted it but it exploded, oh boy!

I grinned nervously as she glared at me, the laptop sparked and she dropped it on my laps with a frustrated smile, she patted my shoulder like a father to his son and left

I eyed Iso who was busy laughing, someone need to remove her voice, she laughs too much, now I have to fix or buy Ama a new laptop, nay! She’ll fix it herself

#Ama’s POV


I sat on the ground in a criss crossed position screwing the nuts back into my laptop meticulously, something hit my head and fell in front of me

It was a toy plane

‘That’s mine’ a silken Britain accent said possessively, I raised my head and looked at the owner of the voice

It was the guy that made class fun with his jokes (you probably don’t know him) I blinked awkwardly as his cologne sang kumbaya with my nose

‘Can I please have it back?’ He asked impatiently, I looked at the plane and studied it

‘Did you make this?’

‘Something like that’ he said lowly

‘You didn’t set the digital metal core properly, the wing flaps are slightly out of their position and some nuts are missing’ I said intelligently as I gave it back to him

‘But I made it wel….Drake!’ He said to himself. ‘You’re so dead’ he said through clenched teeth, is it me or is this guy freaking handsome

He sighed and beamed at me exposing his dimples, yep! I’m right, totally handsome

‘Thank you’ he said flashing me his Mr cool smile, I grinned stupidly and quickly closed my mouth

‘You’re welcome’ I said nervously, why am I nervous all of a sudden?

‘I’m Blake, Blake Logan’ he said stretching out his hand for a handshake, if I shake that hand, I’ll never let it go

‘I’m tired of this conversation, can I please go back to my laptop?’ I asked politely, okay that was rude of me

‘Oh okay, see ya later then’ he said disappointedly and left, what just happened?

‘Amabel’ Iso shrieked as she skipped to me, her yellow fluffy skirt bouncing along with her hair, she acts like a doll sometimes. ‘Guess what????’ She squealed

You got added to the drama club’ I said lazily

‘Obvi’ she giggled. ‘Now who’s that guy that just left? He’s so cute!’ She squealed

‘Just some guy from class’ I said nonchalantly

‘Just some guy? You two seemed really chummy’

‘Don’t even go there girl’ I snapped and she laughed, laugh freak. Ara stomped to us

‘My first day in school is ruined’ she cried and got into her car ready to leave without us, thank God Lex is the one driving

My guess is that she wasn’t accepted into the cheer team or dance class, okay today really didn’t go as planned

To be continued


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