ANJIÁLA – Episode 6

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ANJIÁLA – Episode 6

© Bunmi B Gabriel


I sat on my bed after talking to mom with my head tilted backwards in thought. I was thinking but not thinking, it was confusing. Abbie’s loud laughter could be heard from Zino’s room and Arie’s chattering from hers beside mine.

What will it be like?

How would we figure out the clue in the helpless wrinkled paper?

I was thinking now

I sighed and sat up then wiped my face with my palms. Next was the new school where all the things will be, It was a mix of confusion. My door opened and Arie’s uncle came in

‘Sorry I didn’t knock, can I come in?’

‘You’re already in’ I said smilingly but I was wondering what the hell he wanted in my room. He got in and shut the door

‘I’m really sorry for this but I just wanted to talk’

‘About?’ I asked shifting uncomfortably, he chuckled and walked to my vanity

‘Don’t think so fast. You remind me of someone, your face that is’ he said thoughtfully. I arched a brow at him. ‘You remind me of my high school girlfriend, Jada. I don’t know but what’s your mother’s name?’ I blinked

‘Jada?’ I said like a question, he smiled at me and looked away

‘So she did get married to him’ his tone was bitter and cold, his smile faltered a bit and his eyes glinted with sadness. He forced a smile and looked at me. ‘So how’s your mother?’

‘She’s fine, very fine’ he nodded. ‘You didn’t ask after my father’ I said suspiciously

‘I don’t think I need to know’ he murmured

‘Who do you think my father is?’


‘Hezekiah’ I corrected.

‘Isn’t he dark and tall?’

‘No, he’s white and tall’

‘Oh’ he mouthed. ‘She married someone else?’ He asked with a even greater bitterness

‘You’re a widower with a son’ I scoffed. He smiled

‘You won’t understand. Be ready for school early tomorrow, the law there is strict. Goodnight Anjiála’ he smiled and walked out.

Well that was weird

Meeting my mother’s ex and living with him

This might get creepy

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next day, Arie woke me up with her loud and incessant singing. Zino drove us to school in a fancy car, Abbie sat in front with him and Arie and I sat at the back singing to any songs that came on. He drove into a building, really big one painted all yellow and cream

‘Awesome! It’s even more awesome than the pictures online’ Arie chirped. Zino pulled over and most attention turned to the car, followed by screams. ‘Biscuit head, are you popular or something?’

‘Yup! I’m hot’ he popped

‘Yeah, as hot as a whinny’ she scoffed

‘You suck’

‘f**k you’ she hissed and got out of the car, the murmurs was stupid. I followed and Abbie too, she jogged over to us and linked her arm with mine. ‘Let them watch their gorgeous new queens’

‘Hell yeah’ Abbie agreed and flipped her hair. I felt like the outsider because they were smoking hot in their mini skirts and crop tops. Even their heels looked expensive and classy, their parents were f****ng rich and I only had a mother trying to survive with me. I wore a gray jumpsuit short and sneakers


And Arie said it was the best I had

‘Bia…’ Zino called jogging to us, he stretched his hand to her and she took it blushingly. ‘Come on, Mateo will be waiting’

‘Who’s Mateo?’ I asked as we walked away

‘My best friend’ he smiled

‘Another idiot like him’ Arie said in disgust. ‘He’s always trying to prove that he’s hot and awesome’

‘He’s not bad Arie, you’re the one with the psychological problem’ he huffed

‘Abbie can you give me a better answer’ I sighed

‘Mateo is Zino’s best friend from childhood and the one person Ariana hates more than Zino’s face. He’s always trying to flirt with her and prove he’s super cool and good enough but she find him disgusting’

‘Wow’ I breathed. ‘How many people do you hate?’ I asked chucklingly

‘My mom, my sisters, my grandpa and the two golly idiots’ she said coldly punching him. He winced

‘That was years ago, we’ve both changed which means you can’t beat us up anymore’ he said smugly rubbing his punched arm. I laughed

‘Ariana beat you guys up?’ I laughed

‘She’s a bully’ he defended

‘Mmmm’ she stuck her tongue out to him. We halted at the hallway filled with lockers, there was a guy shutting his locker. My heart flipped a little but I shook it off and steadied my breathing. ‘Is that Mateo?’ Arie asked in shock. ‘Please tell me that’s not him’ she said fanning herself with her hands. ‘How could my two rats become so hot’

The guy was freaking muscular, well not…ah! It’s hard to explain but his muscles were bigger than his head. He’s beautiful

‘Matt!’ Zino shouted. He ran to him and they did a bro hug

‘Why does earth have to torment me with another hot enemy’ Arie cried. ‘Hey fish head!’ She shouted cat walking to him. He looked at her and tilted his head, Zino whispered something to him and he groaned

‘Not her’ he cried almost sinking to the floor. Arie kicked him up and smacked his head

‘Fish head’ she shrieked. ‘We meet again’

‘You’re still alive but way hotter’ he said, his eyes darted allover her body. She smirked and kneed him. ‘God!’

‘And I came with all my packages, get ready to be in hell again’ she whispered and licked her lip, she pushed his head and laughed before waving at us

‘Hey Matt’ Abbie smiled going to him

‘Future Mrs Downs’ he said in pain still hugging has kneed d**k

‘Stop that’ she said slapping his shoulder sheepishly. He chuckled and glared at Arie who winked at him

‘Now is there any hot boys I can flirt with here? I’m bored’ she said cocking her hips. He rolled his eyes. I walked to them and smiled nervously

That’s a first

‘Hi, I’m Anjiála Delgado and I’m a girl’ I said flushed. He looked at me like I had grown nine horns

‘Who’s this one?’ He asked with disgust

I pouted embarrassed

‘Show my new bestie some respect’ Arie hissed and kneed his head since he was bent down. He cried and held his victimized nose. Abbie kicked his side and pushed him down

‘Now be nice’ she added harshly. I blushed

‘Sorry, who is the pretty lady?’

‘Nevermind’ I said lowly

‘All these muscles are for waste’ Zino said disappointedly.

‘Shut up’ Mateo groaned

‘Baby’ someone shouted. The hallways echoed with the heels of some people. We all turned to the direction and saw four girls walking to us. There was only a white girl in front of three black girls, she was obviously the queen and the others the puppets. She wore a red halter neck crop top and green bum short and black triple straps heels

She was beautiful and mature with an extreme innocent touch

‘Babe?’ She asked confusedly staring at Matt on the floor, I scoffed silently. ‘What are you doing on the floor?’

‘Calculating the capacity of the marbled floor’ Arie said gigglingly

‘That makes no sense’ Abbie whispered

‘And who’s this?’ She asked giving me a once over, why me?

‘None of your business, have you ever heard of that’ Arie said with a sweet smile

‘Rude bitches I see’

‘Siobhan this is my cousin, Ariana, please don’t bother her because she’ll bother your life hard. Take it from me’ Zino said with a nervous shift. One of the black girl went to him, wrapped her hands around his neck, and kissed him

‘Babe, you didn’t answer my calls last night’ she said softly

‘Uhm, I was busy’ he lied miserably. I glanced at Abbie, she had her feign smile on.

‘We need to get to class’ I said quickly and interlocked our hands together. Matt was already up and trying to steady himself

‘I guess we’ll see in class’ Zino said pushing her off gently

‘We’re eleventh graders and you’re twelve’ I said with a frown. He laughed nervously and nodded. I pulled her along with me

‘I’m a girl, seriously?’ Abbie asked laughingly

‘What? I was nervous. He’s pretty something’

‘Tell me about it’ Arie agreed. I blushed and giggled sheepishly. ‘You okay Ab?’

‘I’m fine, not my first’ she smiled sadly. ‘Those girls will give us trouble later’

‘And we’ll give them double’ I smirked

‘Got that right babe. We’re the Triple A’s’

‘Did you just make that up?’ I asked with furrowed brows

‘I dreamt of it all night’


‘In my dreams, I also married a carrot and he was so hot’ she gushed dreamily. Foolish girl

‘We shouldn’t be bothered about boys, we are here for a mission and we don’t even know where to start from’ I said exasperatedly

‘We’ll put in more effort and thinking but for now, let’s adjust to our surrounding’ Abbie said reasonably, Arie giggled for no reason. ‘What?’

‘I just remembered how I ate my carrot husband in our wedding night’ she giggled, that was funny so we chuckled.

To be continued


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