ANJIÁLA – Episode 5

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ANJIÁLA – Episode 5

© Bunmi B Gabriel

I turned my head with a groan, my heart was beating at an unusual pace and my breath was faint. I managed to peel my eyes open only to be greeted by the creepy wide grin of Arie. I screamed and flew out of the bed, falling off at the process

‘Good morning sunshine!’ She shrieked

‘What the f**k girl! Why you do that!!!!’

‘For fun, duh’

‘Ariana, didn’t I tell you not to do that creepy grin thing to Anji?’ Abbie sighed walking out of my bathroom. I huffed

‘What happened?!’ I exclaimed

‘You passed out after the rituals or whatever that was. The ladies said it was unusual but then there must be something more to you than meet the eyes. Anyways, we are in the next day and your mom is out on a date again’ Arie explained bouncing on the bed. I stood up and flexed my shoulders before giving my waist a nice hard twist. My bones cracked and popped making the girls cringed. ‘Ew!’

‘Shut up, now what’s the news? What school are we going to in Spain and is there any obstacle we must know about?’

‘Yeah, we ought to attend St Amaranto Gema Alto, It’s a top school there and lucky for me, my cousin goes there. As for what we should be worried about, they said the evil behind his imprisonment will use powerful creatures and beings to stop us, no specific class could be given but we must be careful and always think first. Trust each other, love each other, show no weaknesses, and trust no one but ourselves. Your enemy might be your friend, your friend your weakness and your suspect a victim’ Arie chirped

‘I don’t understand’

‘Neither do I but they said with time we’ll understand. We must follow the clues and look for nine powerful gems, the pieces of the heart of the peace bearer. I really don’t understand but we are to figure out how to get the first clue from here’ she waved a old wrinkled piece of paper

‘Solaria said, break of dawn, light that shone, look beyond the mirror break’ Abbie said with clear confusion enfolding her voice

‘So now the main problem, how do we get our asses from USA to USE? My mom will never let me’ I said hitting my forehead

‘I already thought that through. My Uncle lives in Spain, he’s a widower and he has a son, my super hot cousin, Zino. He’s a friend to the principal of St Amaranto Gema Alto, so I’m sure he can work it out. I already called and lamented to him that I want to get away from my mother and annoying siblings and my friends want to too. I added some nicely done lie and he promised to see what he can do’

‘And the leaving?’ Abbie asked rolling her eyes

‘It’ll be easy. Once you can get a scholarship from the school, your mother will have to let you go after you tell her it’s what you want. She’ll have to understand that you’re no longer her sweet little girl or whatever, we have a mission here’

‘Or I can talk to my dad. He have been complaining about how his branch in Spain is going down because all the managers he hired keep duping it. if I introduce your mother to him and suggest he hires her, she’ll have to move to Spain’ Abbie suggested

‘Good but mom have a new boyfriend, she won’t leave him for anything so I guess I have to try Arie’s idea. Let’s wait for the reply first’ I said softly, my stomach shunned at the feeling of leaving my mother all alone

She’s not a baby

My subconscious reminded me

I guess so


I smiled as I watched Anji’s mother hugged and kissed her allover. It didn’t take up to three days before everything was set and she was shocked on how easily her mother agreed to her leaving. Our passports were cleared fast too, guess it’s magic speaking

‘And remember to call me every night or answer my calls when I call, is that clear my baby?’ Anji rolled her eyes with a smile. I wish I was her, being loved and cared for but all I was given was a harsh mother, business and skirt freak father, three older sisters who inherited their father’s promiscuousness and two annoying younger brothers

Well, when you live too long with something, you stop caring

They didn’t even know where I was

‘Teamo mi babé’ Ms Delgado cooed crying on her shoulder. Anjiala smiled more and kissed her hair

‘Love you too mom’

‘We’re gonna miss our flight and then trek to Europe’ I said jokingly. They laughed

‘We’ll die in ten minutes’ Anji laughed. She gave her mom the final kiss and we left

Europe, here we come!


After long and funny hours of air travel, we finally arrived. The gurls and I stood outside waiting for my cousin to come pick us up. That biscuit head is always late and we find each others presence annoying.

‘So many extra hot boys’ I chirped after long minutes of checking all the….almost all the boys out. ‘If this was London, I would have been seeing a lot of extraordinary white boys with long heads and necks’

They laughed at my honest words

‘I know right’ Anji laughed. She always get my jokes better then Abbie. I love her and one day, we’ll get married

‘You have a sexy laugh’ I said winking flirtatiously at her. She laughed and nudged my side, I laughed too. People kept giving us this astounded look, you know because we are literally the three alluringly enchanting beauties.

I’m so gorgeous

A black luxury sedan pulled over few metres away and soon a black guy stepped out

My mouth watered at the juicy dark boy

He was tall, above six feet and his chest muscular enough to enchant his athletic legs. His lips were plum and apparently soft and so pink. Oh me Gosh! His eyes were chocolate, two big chocolate pools and a nice nose. His hair was black and curly and side shaved, he was so wow!

‘Oh my peetank’ Abbie murmured her weird interjection. ‘Arie, can you see what I’m seeing?’ She whispered yelled

‘If you’re talking about that heavily black boy, then yes’ I whispered back. We squealed silently

‘He’s so hot!’

‘And dreamy’ she purred. He scratched his head and brought a board from his car

‘Please, he’s not that hot’ Anji said scoffingly. We scoffed at her. I saw the name on the board as he walked pass us, his knee length short showing me his hot legs.

Ariana Jacquelyn Anloine


‘Hey!’ I called waving at him. He turned and walked back to me. ‘That’s my name, how c….’ Then it clicked, those chocolate eyes and… ‘Ew!!!!!!!’ I screamed. I was drooling over Zino!!!! ‘Oh my God! Zino?!’


‘Wait! This is Zino?’ Abbie asked shockingly. He smiled at her, his cute dimples coming to life. She looked away blushingly and sucked her lip. I felt my throat closing up, I ran off to throw up

That was yuck!


Arie ran off in a hurry and Abbie giggled

‘Hi Zino, I didn’t know it was you. You’ve really grown’ she said clearing blushing

‘Speak for yourself, look at you!’ He exclaimed holding her hand with his free hand, he threw the board away. ‘Sorry about the coma thing’

‘Well I’m fine now as you can see’ she blushed. ‘You really look cute’ she gushed. ‘When last did we see? Two…three years?’

‘Five’ he smiled and hugged her. ‘I’ve missed you Bia’

‘Me too’ they pulled apart and stared into each others eyes clearly lost. I kept shut staring at them until Arie staggered back to us with a sore look. She huffed but they were still staring

‘History?’ I whispered

‘They’ve always had this annoying and love sick vibe. Forever crush’ she whispered carrying her bag. ‘Let’s ditch them, I still have the address’ she whispered evilly. She stole the car key and dragged me to the car. I laughed and put our bags in before we got in. She laughed out. ‘Oh Zino’ she shouted in a singsong. They turned their attention to us. ‘Happy trekking!!!!’

‘No no Anna don’t!’ He shouted. His voice is deep. She drove us with us laughing and cheering our wickedness

‘That was epic!’

‘I know!’ She squealed. I turned the music on and Ed Sheeran’s Galway girl boomed out. We sang along as she drove off

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We didn’t have the keys to the awesome house but we passed the security because they knew her somehow. I picked the lock and we got in, chose our rooms and made ourselves comfortable before they arrived

‘Hi cuz’ she said gigglingly

‘Jezebel’ he cursed. She blew him a kiss and he rolled his eyes to me. ‘You are?’

‘The third gurl, Anjiala’ Arie replied, I winked at him and he chuckled

‘Welcome to Spain. Espanol?’

‘Si’ I smiled. He smiled too. I love his dimples but his smile is somehow bendy and creepy. He’s ugly ‘Your rooms?’

‘Selected. By the way, I threw your things in the garbage can for fun. You’re welcome’ Arie said grinningly. He gasped and ran out

‘Arie can you be nice…’

‘To your boyfriend? No’

‘He’s not my boyfriend’ Abbie huffed sheepishly

‘That’s what they always say’ I sang. She turned tomato in the cheeks. We laughed at her

‘ARIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ He roared from where he was. She sighed satisfyingly

‘I’m gonna love my stay here’ she cooed. I couldn’t agree less

To be continued

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  1. To be honest, the story started picking shape from chapter 4, now I know where we're heading.
    It's going be a very nice and interesting ride. Thanks man, and more wisdom.

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