Two Faced Demon


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Two faced demon ❤
🎠 Searching for his mate💝


Everyone thinks being seen as demon king actually makes you one.

The answer is No.

I am Dean the king of all vampires and also the prince of light.

I was born with a two face demon, which was actually the fault of my mother. I hate her for that.

A prophecy revealed that I must search for my mate to get my healing. What if she rejects me?

What if she hates me for taking the lives of innocence people? Will she still love me?

I am a monster, I know but I can never give up in searching for her because she is my mate. The only light to my darkness.

Will she ever understand and see through me? Will she see that I’m a king with a pure heart, not the demon the people know?

What will become my fate, if she rejects me? Will I still love her?


A Story By Kindness Odianosen


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