Two Faced Demon

Two Faced Demon – Episode 7

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👽Two faced demon ❤
🎠Searching for my mate 💝
written ✍ by kindness
Episode 7

Continue POV.

We meet again.

Priestess is she your daughter.

Yes my king, any problem.

Dean is there a problem.

Yes a serious one.

What do you mean.

She was the girl, who came to me, in the forest and claim to be my guarding angel. He said and scoffed.

Sally did you do that.

I’m sorry mom.

I can’t believe you deceived a king, do you no what that means. The priestess asked.

Death penalty.

No, you will become his slave for life.


And you might not get married to Roy.

Sally why did you do that, tell me it was your evil mom ideal. I said with tears sliding down his cheeks.

I’m sorry Roy, it was all my ideal.

Shut up. He yelled at once which made me flinched.

Roy calm down.

Dean how do you expect me to calm down, when my mate is going to become your slave.

And who says, she is becoming a slave.

Dean it the tradition.

She don’t know it was an offence to lie to the king.

My king, she need to serve her punishment.

No one is punishing her, she is my brother mate…… I can’t hurt my brother.

But your highness.


My king the villagers might think you’re weak and incapable to rule them.

Priestess. He yelled.

Sorry my king.

As I said before no one is punishing her.

Okay my king.

Dean, even if you forgive her, I won’t. With that he walk out.

Roy come back here.

I’m sorry my king, I was only doing it, at of ignorance.

I know sally, but you also lied to my brother.

What do you mean.

You like me right.

I’m sorry my king. She said and bow down.

Sally, if Roy get to find out,you’re good as dead. The priestess said.

I’m sorry mom.

You should be saying that to Roy not me. She Said and walk away.

My king.

Go to Roy and tell him the truth, okay.

Thank you my king.

Enough with the king part, you’re my sister in law to be, so feel free to call me Dean.


Yes dear.

Okay Dean.

Go to him.


Your highness.

Yes James.

I can see you’re in good mood today.

Off course I’m, by tomorrow my mate will be in my arm. He said and chuckled.

Did you just laugh.

Yes I did, is there a problem.

No your highness.

What are my schedules.

You have a meeting with the council today.

By what time.

Oh my gosh, it time my king.

James, let go.

~ Roy chamber ~

I can’t believe sally will play with Dean innocence…. Gosh I feel like killing her, that moment, Dean pump out the truth.

She should thank her stars, she is my mate…. If it was someone else, she would have been dead by now… I was still pacing around my room, when I suddenly heard her voice.

Roy I’m sorry.

Come here, I gesture her to come in with my middle finger.

She walk towards me, looking scared.

Sally. I called.

Yes Roy.

What should I do to you, for deceiving my brother.


Anything you say. I asked with a smirked on my face.

Yes anything. With that I super speed and locked the door.

Roy what are you doing.

You said I can do you anything I want with you right.


Sally I want you to strip of your cloths and give me a lap dance.

Roy, not this.

I hate repeating myself, now strip.

I hate you.

I know you do, that why you dare go against me.

Why are you angry, your brother already forgive me.

I’m angry because my mate like my brother.


Strip sally or I’ll do it for you.

No need, with that she strip off her cloths and was standing naked.

Gosh you look sexy, now come give me a ride. He said and lie down on the bed.

I walk towards him, looking nervous and shy…. I have no done it before. I confess immediately.

I know, now kiss me. With that I kissed him, the kiss was making me go weird, I was moaning so hard…. All I could think off, was to feel this psycho inside of me.

Off me my cloths, he said the moment, he disengaged from the kiss.

What, do it yourself.

Wrong move girl.

What have I gotten myself into.

~Vampire council ~

The moment they saw Dean walk in, they started throwing insult at him.

Demon king, why are you killing your people.

Silent. James yelled.

Killer. One of the council member said, which got Dean angry the more.

Killer, you said right… Now you will know how it feels to be a killer.

My king I’m sorry.


Yes your highness.

Kill him.

My king i’m sorry, with that his head was cut off.

Any more insult. He asked.

Everywhere became quiet immediately.

Now, let start.


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