Two Faced Demon

Two Faced Demon – Episode 6

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👽Two faced demon ❤
🎠searching for my mate💝
written ✍ by kindness
Episode 6

~ Dean ~
“Let her go, leave her, she is my wife, please leave her. He screamed and wake up from his nightmare.

“What this dream about, he was still trying to know what the dream means, when James barged in with the priestess.

“My king are you okay.

“Am fine James.

“Your highness can you tell me about the dream you just have. With that he told her all that happened in the dream.

“Your mate is already connecting with you.

“What do you mean.

“She have same dream with you.


“Yes your highness.

“She was looking so beautiful in my dream.

“So was how you were also looking dashing and handsome in hers.

“I can’t wait for the red moon to come.

“Just two days remaining my king.

“You guys can leave.

“Okay your highness.

“James stay behind.

“Okay my king.

“Have you see Roy.

“No my king, he has not returned yet.

“That boy is crazy.

“I think he went to the witches coven to get his wife.

“Did he go with any guards.


“Okay you can leave.

“Goodnight your highness.

“It morning James.

“Okay my king.

“I can’t wait for the red moon. He said and drift off to sleep.

Next morning 🌄.

“Good morning brother.

“Morning Roy, I heard you went out of the palace in the middle of the night.

“Yes, coffee please.

“Here my prince.


“Can you tell me, what you went to do.

“Dean, can you stop this question.

“Roy I’m your elder brother, what if something have happened to you.

“Okay, I’m sorry for leaving without your permission.

“Forgiven, so were is your mate.

“Reuniting with her mother.

“I thought she is a witch.

“She is not.


“Yes, she is the daughter of the priestess.

“You mean sally is the priestess lost daughter.

“Yes, she is.

“The priestess might die of joy.

“She was really happy.

“Let go see her.

“No need my king, we are here already.

“Greetings my king. Sally greeted.


“We meet again.



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