I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 79

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I Want A Home – Episode 79
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“Why don’t you attend to your ringing phones first? We could talk about this later” Vivian made a faint sigh and pointed to the shelf where Steve’s phone were placed. She was seated on the bed just like Steve was, but her legs were crossed and a pillow was placed in between, she rested her left arm on the pillow and her right elbow slightly placed on the same pillow just as her fingers played with her hairs.

“I would attend to that later” Steve remarked after a glance at the shelf where his phone was placed.

“No. Attend to it now and go meet the others, they will be waiting for you by now” Vivian interrupted him and looked down, she took in a deep breath and raised her face.

“Vivian I want you to know I am dee..ply”

“Please attend to your phone first Steve. I’m right here and I think we could discuss this when you’re back” She interrupted him again and faint a smile..

She looked deeply into his eyes and lurk eyes with him for a moment. She faint another smile and tried to relax on the dashboard of the bed.

“Okay. I’ll be back soon” Steve phrased immediately and stand up, he walked to the shelf to pick the phone but it wasn’t ringing anymore. Two missed calls were displayed on the notification bar and it was from a saved contact.

He unlocked the security on the phone instantly and walked towards the door, he held the knob and opened it, he turned back to look at Vivian and nodded before walking out of the room almost immediately his phone began to ring again.

“Hi Inspector Kelvin” He greeted.

Vivian tucked the pillow between her legs away immediately Steve closed the door. She picked up the phone she had used the pillow to cover immediately Steve entered the room some minutes ago.

She swiped the phone and navigated to the dial pad instantly since the phone wasn’t password protected.

There was a log of mobile line already typed on the dial pad, she looked at the first figure and on to the last, she phrased the numbers to herself and added two different figure before she dialed the mobile line.

She placed the phone to her ear and waited few seconds for the call to be answered.

“Are you alone?” She spoke hurriedly into the phone immediately she heard the receiver’s voice on the other end.

“Who am I speaking to?” The receiver asked instead of answering her question.

“Margaret, its me Vivian”

“I am sure you know the gravity at hand Steve” Inspector Kevin’s voice came through as Steve walked out the only passage that links to the room everyone was seated earlier.

“Yes Inspector”

“Good. 24 street Minewell road. We meet at 9pm” Inspector Kelvin phrased and the call ended almost immediately Steve got out through the passage way to the room he was headed.

“He’s here” Derrick who was the first to have sighted him announced just as they all turned back to see Steve walking towards them.

The settings of the room remained unchanged and everyone was seated the same way but Joel was standing. They all fixated their gaze on Joel after Few glances at Steve who walked to one of the sofas to sit down.

Joel opened the dvd player placed below the only Tv set hung on the wall and insert the three disk separately into its compartment, its a kind of Dvd player that has separate disk log compartment but can only be controlled through its system remote.

He closed the inner section of the dvd compartment and picked up the player remote to play the disks. He walked back to his previous seat now occupied by Steve but was still enough to take two people comfortably as Steve shifted a bit. They all settled silently, watched and waited for a moment as they stared at the Tv.

Twenty nine seconds later, the Tv displayed a blank page instantly and a coloured background image followed. A stipulated countdown began from 10 seconds immediately and a voice transmitting image displayed on the screen after the countdown reached zero.

“This is a classified secret message of the SETH, it contained the organization top most secret and particularly details of the organization fund across the world. There would be no repetition and this message should not take no longer than 40 seconds.

For security reasons, the SETH divisions were divided into two, one of which led to three different consecutive instructions to further the traces and the location of its fund under the code name ‘Goaty’.

Whoever has access to this classified message must be a top member of the organization and must have meet up with the SETH individuality protocols. We are however cleared that it is the last sort of option necessarily to evolve according to the SETH rules and its code details.

Queens Library, ADy2370 box, 041 is the locker number. Maidenfrem University and the pass code is Xtra7.8x.4x..

The keys attached to this classified contents opens the locker and further Access to the funds lies in Mae Hong Son, Thailand. with the code name Goaty. There’s a small tomb in the dusk of skeletons, the tomb Xteria Willard was buried. The tomb has an ever undetected underground that leads to a small abandoned factory where everything about SETH, its controls and its full accolades across the world are accessible.

For security reasons and for clarity that this classified message do not get accessed by non members of the SETH or get accessed by the wrong hands. Access to the secret factory would not be stated in this message and it is the responsibility of the SETH members to get the fund finalized with due protocols.

Having Stated, This message is self disrupt and unaccessible ever again by anyone in the world. We hope the legacy of the SETH continues, powerful and strong like its has ever been. Good day.

Self disrupt sequence initiated”

The Tv went blank again immediately after the voice sequence stopped at exact 40 seconds and the same colored background follows. Its stayed on like that for another four seconds while they watch as the DVD player suddenly shut down automatically.

Valentine opened the door to his office immediately after the call. He entered with rage as Frank followed him.

He rushed towards the main desk in the office and scattered the whole content on the desk. He slammed his fist on the desk as all the books and the laptop on the desk crashed on the floor.

He smashed his fist on the desk again and kicked off the chairs properly arranged round the desk.

He walked towards the window side of the office as Franklin walked away from the entrance almost the same moment the door suddenly sprang opened.

Abu rushed inside the office without an official announcement, jerking off both men.

“I need 10 of your best men, I’ve got the location of the disk” He announced in strict urgency as Valentine turned to him inquisitively.

“I don’t think we need to waste our time, we’ll visit Maidenfrem University and find the locker straightaway”

“Not so fast Joel. We need to know what is SETH, who they are and their operations. We can’t just proceed with the information provided without deep knowledge of what we are into”

“We’ve heard of their operations two years ago at the arm forces. The SETH is a secret powerful organization that operates around the world. We know little of them though because our unit wasn’t assigned to fight them. All we know is they are in full control of government policies and they manipulate whichever to their advantage” Jakoby spoke in deliberation just as everyone of them began to give their suggestions.

None of them had changed their positions or move except Joel who walked back to the DVD player. He had turned on the DVD player and checked the compartment, the disks were still intact but it wouldn’t overwrite again no matter how he tried.

“I could file out more information secretly from our base. We’ve truly heard about the organization and the fullness of its members” Jason also put in.

08:34 pm.

Abu came out from the main entrance with three men immediately the automated door opened. There was a fast and quick movement as he approached the bus Valentine provided with 10 of his supposed men, which included his personal bodyguards and that of Franklin’s.

Most of whom looked muscular, tall and full of strength. He swallowed in and returned his phone back into pocket. He watched as the whole men entered through the back of the bus before he walked to the front door.

To be continued.

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